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New Year's Adventure

Rope Swing Adventure
by snoweyes. I'm off in Texas for a few days for the New Year with Sam, Brian and Jes for some near-Mexican good times in fabulous, warm San Antonio. We got lucky and found a nice hotel tonight so I can hop on before I get off to sleep...The trip has been going very well and we are looking for some cheap campgrounds but we'll take what we can get until the New Year! I promise to take lots of nice pictures and have some really good and...responsible fun! haha

I resolve to stay focused on the huge tasks before me and remember to have fun the whole way. Last year was a bit chaotic for me so I'm looking forward to some positive growth in the year 2008. I also resolve to keep my room clean and, oh heck, my car too.

Happy New Year if I don't hear from you!


Branson, Cathy Rigby, Peter Pan, Smee and Me

Smee and the fine art of expression
by snoweyes. I don't know if you kids keep track, but last Sunday my friends and I went over to Branson to audition for a new big-theatre version of Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby.

Cathy Rigby was the Star of the most recent version of Peter Pan on Broadway and starred in the travelling show that came through Tulsa a few years ago. It was a brilliant show, so much that I saw it twice that year.

I wanted to be in this show, but what would it mean to be cast? It would run through the Summer and hopefully on through the next season, be a fairly well-paid gig and I would get to act with some very talented people in a venue I've never broken into; musical theatre! My work situation hasn't been very inspiring lately so I knew I should at least try for something new. Could I do it? It was worth a shot.

Sam, Jes and I all left around 4:30am last Sunday to get to the venue at 9am to Audition at 10am, which got pushed waaaay back to 4pm. We all w…

Mr. Busy Pants, awards and monkeys!

Quick Draw Derick Website Draft
by snoweyes. Hi everyone! I just got a call from Jeff Howard about my little show, Quick Draw Derick. I was working on this last week on my own. The image you see is a rough first look of the website and it's already changed from what you see. Without me telling him, Jeff registered the website, and asked if I was would like to use the domain. How's that for synchronicity? I hope to have something on that in the midst of the storm that is this upcoming week, and it's a heap.

Here's a list of what I'm up to this week...

I'm continuing my performance as Rick in a film I started on Saturday. I had a lot of fun and my bizarre, jerky character is all about being ridiculous. The Gypsy will pick up as the venue for the next three days so, with the exception of the Tuesday night Open Mic you won't be able to get in. Right after that I've got to zoom over to my real work and record the voice-over tracks …

Murder Mister Acting Fantasmas

Ultimate Murder Mystery
by snoweyes. See this? This is but a smattering of the nifty pictures I took for a new Ultimate Murder Mystery website I'm creating to James Fields, the kooky Columbo you see here. Just click on the pic and you can see some others in the same haunted vein. Recognize anyone?

This week is turning out to be a crazy one, and I've double booked myself twice. I am trying my best to get into the Drunkard this Weekend but I just got a message from the producers of the film I'm supposed to be shooting early December...they are wanting me Saturday! Drats, I hate to disappoint but now I've no choice if it goes through. I love acting and I'm not one to complain about getting too much work, so I'll take what I can get and try to do my best to work around the limits of time space. If the SAG film does take place, I may spend Thanksgiving at my brother's instead of Silver Dollar City, but family is a good thing too :)

Next Thursday (Dec 4) I found o…

Downtown Tulsa Panorama

Downtown Tulsa Panorama
by snoweyes. I uploaded some cool new pictures from Tulsa. Tomorrow I'll upload some nifty Ultimate Murder Mystery Photos I've been working on. I've got a crazy week, what with Thanksgiving and Shopping and Branson right after that. In December I've got a ridiculous amount of projects, with a SAG film, more Quickdraw, A murder mystery as Austin Powers and some other stuff.

If you knew Samantha's mom, please visit her memory website and get in contact with her about services for her beautiful mom.

Sue Woodruff Memorial Website

It's me, the canadian guy.


What a week!

The End of Spring
by snoweyes. This week's been a busy week. It got very hectic near the end of the week. I began the week with some videotaping around town for a special project I'm doing at work. Lots of technology and kids. I feel good about it.

Tuesday was Locker Room day. I produce a sports show here in Tulsa for Cox Cable channel 20. I'm not much for sports but I like working on the show, if only to work with JV Haney. He's a hoot and it keeps me on my toes.

Wednesday I...I...don't remember what I did. But I was busy!

Thursday I did a TON of cool little projects....I recorded a commercial for KTUL Ch. 8 here in Tulsa regarding the fancy Digital Change-over, using my "man With The Glasses: 1984" persona. I had alot of fun with that. Sammy B (sidekick Sam on QDD) works there and I got to work in their little studio B.

Later that Day I worked on the website for The Ultimate Murder Mystery. I've been tasked with creating a new functional website for th…

Ready for The Storm

Look, I sing! I had a fun time with Matt during this gig. All I have is the Youtube upload so I'll try to show you later, mom :)

Hope everyone has had a great week. I feel accomplished when I do some crazy creative thing. What gets you excited?


Mr. Goat Loves you
by snoweyes. I'm really tired but I wanted to update my little journal. I just got out of a fabulous swingin' murder mystery where I sang five songs like Frank Sinatra, heh. I am still in the fab grey suit I got from my favorite vintage store, Silver Screen and black fedora, fighting back sleep.

Yesterday I got the chance to perform with Matt Morton ( I sang, he played guitar) and I was very satisfied with the performance. I hope to more in the future. Matt was fun and the venue was great. We played the Garden Deva Art Show and I ended up buying a lot of lavender as a reward. My nose is happy and so are my sinuses, which have been having troubles since that pesky cold weather came creeping in. I', drinking water like crazy!

Tomorrow I think I'll visit Sam at her restaurant for Breakfast and then maybe I'll drive off into the sunset, I need the relaxation. I've been running and busy for so many days! I love being busy but I love a bit of time o…

I'm a singin'

Snow in elevator
by snoweyes. 11-07-2008 17:00 at Garden Deva
one block west of Utica Avenue on Trenton, between 3rd and 4th Streets, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cost: free

Come watch me and Matt Morton bring some fun music to a garden sculpture paradise. I sold art at the Deva party last year and I highly recommend visiting if not for the artistic excellence all over the place then for the free yummy organic food. I may have to leave before 7 but I'll be back Saturday, perhaps painting with some music if I'm lucky.

From my friend, Matthew Morton..
"Hey everyone! Derick Snow and I are playing an acoustic performance of mostly original music this Friday night from 5 to 6 PM at Garden Deva in downtown Tulsa! You should all come! I’ll be on acoustic, while Derick will be singin’. Word on the street is that sometimes at these festivals they have free wine as well..."

In addition, Saturday I'm performing in a Mafia-style Murder mystery so I'm pretty packed with projects. I hope …

Happy Howloween!

Happy Howloween!
by snoweyes. Happy Day, you crazy kids. I'm attempting to go trick-or-treating tonight and then Freaker's Ball tonight. I'm a Vampire, as you can see. Today at work we had a contest of wits and, er, horseshoes and I must say, I really stink at horseshoes.

This morning started out well. I recorded a voice-over for a nifty store called Bonbonierre...I had the most diffictuly time pronouncing it but I got through with several different accents. I started up as a Hugh Grant-esque fellow and worked my way towards Canadian, or as the director asked, to sound like an Englishman who's trying to sound American. Apparently I did that well! All in all that lasted for a half-hour and I had fun.

Tomorrow I've got the last Halloween Show for the Ultimate Murder Mystery ( ) of the year and tickets are still available! It's dinner, wine tasting, music and murder. Later next month I'm playing a singer who...dies? Or Kills? W…

Ewe Toobe Videyoh

Hi everybody!
I've taken the liberty to Upload my fancy, SCMANCY new promo videos to both YouTube and Google Video. If you click on one, you'll find the other on their respective video pages.

Youtube Promo 1 / Promo 2


Google Video Promo 1 / Promo 2

So get clicking you dorks! Hahahahahahaahaldhslfjkdx nbfkxj/b s'n' I'm tired of the internet. Off I go!

Wampire! I'm in a Halloween Show

Wampire! I'm in a Halloween Show
by snoweyes. Here's that article photo from The Tulsa World. I am in rehearsals tomorrow night for a Saturday Show at the Burnett Mansion, followed by another performance at a counrty club for a private club. Sorry, this one is sold out. I think there are some more tickets for a show at Whispering Vines winery off of old Historic Rt. 66!

Then, Friday I've got two things...a football game I've got to shoot, then I've HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! I'm actually missing the bulk of it but I'll pick up with the gang later that night, hopefully. We'll see how that goes, won't we? haha

In other news, I'm pretty much busy as usual, with a nice chance of accordion playing. Later this week I'll be putting up some fun Quick Draw promo commercials I made a little while back. They're GOLD, my friends.

have a great day

My Left Foot

My Left Foot
by snoweyes. That title's for you mom!

I can very much feel the change in the air for Autumn's time. It's feeling wonderful outside and I hope the colors become vibrant before the frozen winter catches on. I'll be outside playing accordion these next few weeks around Shades of Brown and the River, maybe even Woodward park. I hope to see my friends as I bounce about. Have a beautiful day.

I have a little update for that show I was hoping to get into at the Garden's already full up so I don't have space to place my paintings...buuut I will be singing with Matt Morton and I'll bring some work up during the set. Isn't that fun?

I went to Arkansas this weekend and I took some pretty cool pictures and as soon as I got back I went and saw a rather entertaining version of Rocky Horror at the PAC. I think it's awesome and several of my actor friends are in the show Notably Sam W, Sam B, and Anne.

This week's got a few gems for me to …

Continuing on...

by snoweyes. I'm back! So this week has been quite a busy one, but I've tried to take the energies into nice, positive territories. I finally took the time to go and get some prints today. There's something about making actual prints out of the digital images I have that brings a satisfaction to me. Now that I've seen some of my more impressive infrared pics, I've decided to make some larger prints for sale.

The upcoming Festival at Garden Diva should be a nice venue for my art. If you visited Diva Fest last year you'll know how incredible it will be! I'll also be showcasing some of my more recent paintings so please visit the first weekend of November for that....Garden Deva

I'm editing Quick Draw promos with the gand, I'll put some of those when I am finished with them!

Have a great day

Lord Xenu says hi

Lord Xenu says hi
by snoweyes. Hey all, I've been running around this weekend. I was in a murder mystery and I'm in another one in a few weeks. I'm going camping this weekend in Arkansas and I'll be in the newspaper maybe tomorrow about a Halloween show at a mansion in Sapulpa. Why am I writing in such a strange manner? I've got to pee! Adios

House of Sleep

House of Wheat
by snoweyes. It's late, I just got out of a wonderful performance of The Drunkard and I'm about to go to sleep, but I just wanted to say I uploaded new pictures to the website! Woohoo and goodnight!

I'm back!

I'm Excited 'bout NYC!
by snoweyes. Hi everyone!

NYC was a brilliant and fun expedition and I think I'll be going back pretty soon. I had loads of fun. I don't have too much time to rant about my many journeys but I'll be back for sure.

Today I've got a voice-over gig for a nice chunk of monkeys. I've always enjoyed doing voices. When I got into the game voice over business back in 1998 (for a Half-Life video game thingy) little did I realize how much I would enjoy being able to work for actual money! Woohoo!

I'm in a murder mystery on Wednesday and The Drunkard this Saturday. Acting mixed with music is my forte this week back to Tulsa. I hope everyone has a great week.

Good news. It's Sam's birthday, and by default her twin sister's birthday! Yay - good job on living so long! haha

Sad news, Quick Draw Derick has been postponed until November to make time for our move to another Studio. I hope to create some promo commercials since I've got …

Going off now...

Derick Snow Poloraid
by snoweyes. I've got a complicated night. I was supposed to get ready for my flight to New York but due to events I'm now shooting a football game tonight. I hope to be at the airport at 6 tomorrow and then I'm off to NYC!

Wish me a broken fingernail, 'cause I'd rather not have a broken leg, thanks.

Tomorrow night I get to sleep in a groovy place right next to the Empire State Building! How cool is that?! Then I'm doing an audition, singing a part from the 25th Annual Spelling Bee titled, "I'm Not That Smart." It's funny!

I got a couple of small maps and headshots and business cards and an updated resume'. It's all looking snappy! I'll take my camera with me and I'll show you some sights, yes?

Until then.


The Giant With The Accordion
by willowforlife. So I'm flying up to New York for a week this Satuday. If anyone wants to buy a painting this week before I go I'll give you a good deal so I have a little money for the trip. I really need to sell you a painting.

Check my website and click on the right side that says "Artist" to find paintings :)

ALSO, I'm looking for groovy people that may have a couch that first night. My convention/audition time is that Sunday and it would be nice to be somewhat near Times Square. Please get back with me if you want to help an actor....

Speaking of acting, I'm going to be a cartoon character! Petro Pete?! That's the game, oh yes and I'm recording Thursday morning. Hopefully it becomes a regular gig :)

peace and fluffy bunnies

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper
by willowforlife. I was at the park yesterday, painting and playing my accordion with friends. Early in the day these fun kids came up and I invited them to play the accordion. I've had a pretty good week, what with The Drunkard, Scottish fest, India Fest, Painting party at the park...and now I just found out I got a part as a cartoon character! I auditioned last week and I booked today, with recording sessions just before I leave for NYC. I'm happy! Yahoo!

This week I'm playing around, packing and looking for a place to stay that first night in NYC. If there are any people that know cool friendly types, I'd be happy to have a chat and figure out something. A painting in return? Please get in touch :)

Flying around

Flying around
by snoweyes. I have had quite the weekend. I kinda...broke my face, but I am ok
mom! I serisously bonked my eyeball into a chair while in a murder
mystery on Friday night. It made a MIGHTY squshing sound and I saw
lights! But the show went on and I got through the show and I got an
ice pack on my face pretty quickly, so I'm ok. My nose is still numb
but it feels very interesting to touch someone else's face until the
feeling comes back. I'll tell the story in more detail later for those
that enjoy that kind of gruesome detail :)

I was in another murder mystery Saturday and I'm working on SPORTS
shows and if you know me the you know I'm psyched for that! Haha. I'm
having fun creating fancy graphics and I'm using my BOOMing voice for
some commercials. I was out at a golf course today, driving around in
a golf cart, making with the fancy footage. It's all quite strange,
that television. I love it even though I'm not a big sports fan.

Anyhoo, I've …

The Accordion Player

The Accordion Player
by snoweyes. I love playing accordion by the river. Some groovy people say I'm pretty intense when I play, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The photo above is from one of those times when I went on a walk, playing and sipping in the night air.

I'm going away for a few days but I have another classic bit of poetry for you. And this is even more intense than my accordion.

Guitar Art, Music and Eggs

Guitar Art
by snoweyes.

My great singin' skills are once again available for your pleasure, this one titles "Eggs". I thought I was good with Tomaters but this is brilliant.

So Derick, what've you been up to?

I've been acting in a couple of productions, namely the Drunkard and The Ultimate Murder Mystery.

I'm also in the midst of sculpting some stuff and I painted the guitar you see. I'm quite happy with it, it even glows in the dark for those moody shows.

I've had a birthday and that was awesome with lots of cheesecake. I love it on a very deep level.

Speaking of love!

If you loved Eggs, you'll hate Sunday, a new song I've recorded with my accordion. This one is a bit more earnest. I hope you enjoy.

Eggs- a Country Song.


Happy ME-day

Derick with a smile
by snoweyes. It's my BIRTHDAY. YEAH!


I got a fancy new mixer last week from my old deceased pal Edwin! It's very nice and I'm playing with it every day. I hope to record some stuff he'd really enjoy. I was having lunch a few days ago and came up with the best song ever, as heard by listening to the song above. I'm not too humble to say this is the best song I've ever recorded.

I'm recording actual song stuff, too!

FYI, there's a place called Tuesday morning that is selling a reasonably nice stage (dynamic) microphone with XLR cable and stand attachment for $10! It's hidden away but that's where the good dealsl live.

Tonight I think I have rehearsal for a play.

Friday I'm in a murder mystery at Molly's, then Saturday I'm in that crazy Drunkard as Mr. Willie Hammond. I'm going to blow the house down. You should watch.

Monday's my birthday. Woohoo! Twenty....nine. Wow.

Accordiang to Derick

Accordiang to Derick
by snoweyes. Hey friends, I'm just popping by with a bit of an update. I acted in a weird little thing Thursday and Friday and completely blew my voice out. I'm back to a mild whisper today unless I'm screaming at you but let's not.

I've been just my usual crazy self. My birthday is Next MONDAY. Woo-hoo! Feel free to send any fine china, chocolate and wine my way. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for myself, and I may have to extend my personal birthday celebrations with friends to next weekend but that's fine. I think My fam is having my funday on Monday, cheesecake is in order. It's my favorite cake, ho ho ha ha.

I got new spectacles last week. For not spending more than $100 clams on both specs and new contacts I think they look fine and dandy. I've got a few new pictures up on my flickr to see a different angle on them, in addition to some groovy IR photos I took out at everybody's favorite religious school, OR…

Train Tracks

After a mere wait from September 2003 a sad little film I co-created is finally online....hope you like it.

Train Tracks

Quick Draw Montagerie

Hi, I'm Derick. I write, produce and edit this show. More info @

Here's a fun-filled montage from some of the bright moments on Quick Draw Derick that's fun for all ages. Don't have time for a 30-minute show? You'll smile - guaranteed!

Quickdraw and his friends, Sidekick Sam, Quick-Gallop Cody and the villain, ERASER DAN wish you a happy day!

You can find Quick Draw Derick in COX Cable in Tulsa every Saturday morning at 10am!

Show them to your friends and say, "I know that crazy kid!"


Google Video

ps I know I promised "Train Tracks" the other day but I had some conversion problems but I'll have that up hopefully tomorrow :)

The Secrets of Audio Mix-Mastering

"The Secrets of Audio Mix-Mastering: The story of a young boy with too many VST plugins"
- or -
"How to mix a record but not spend ten grand on just one album"

I was thinking of a couple of projects in the realm of audio production I'm going to be working on in the next month or two. Of course, when I think about the future I end up dreaming of the past and the albums I've had a bit of a hand in. I am going to say that six years ago the only audio production I was comfortable with was in the realm of Voice and Foley (sound fx) work for video games. Back in 1999 I created a fun site called Game StudioSound, which started out as an outlet for my own desires for getting work in games and blossomed into a fully formed talent clearinghouse for VO actors, sfx artists and musicians. I ended up making some actual money, but not much! Even though I worked with some nice companies on my own end with some music, at best I created some cool five second loops, so I did not…

About the good stuff

by snoweyes. In case you were wondering, Quick Draw Derick will be picked up again for at least six more episodes, we will begin taping the next rousing show on September 24th!

I've been creating some fairly colourful works if you've been keeping track of my last few paintings. The one you see here is a result of a show I painted at with Matthew Morton, Roger Jaeger and friends at the Gypsy last Saturday night. I am pretty happy with it. What do you think?

I lost my laptop for a few days. Rather, I accidentally abandoned it after I left a nice play called the Pajama Game at the TCC SE Theatre and was heading to Bixby to sell one of my paintings. I left it by the WHEEL OF MY CAR. How retarded is that? I shan't be doing that again. I didn't worry too much though when I left it. Does it help to freak out when something goes missing? I backed up all my data which was far more important to me, and I just felt it would come back to me. Someone picked it up and dropped…

Derick on Accordion


Mr Accordion Man

I recorded a little medley of some of the songs I've been working on. I hope you enjoy. This isn't the last of my silly recordings.

I'm using two mics on the floor to pick up both bellows so there's some pretty nice separation. I'm using my little usual recording setup and it sounds pretty nice. This is pretty obviously just a "I'm making it up as I go along" session, but it's fun to listen to and so I put it up for you friends.

This Saturday night I've got the show with Matt and friends, painting and whatnot. Gypsy Coffee House, round 9:30 or so.

Here's a story...a few days ago I was at Woodward park playing my accordion and walking about, when a guy comes over to me and tells me he'll pay me money to play for him and his girlfriend! So I just tool around for a bit for them and I get eight bucks! That's nice of people and I'm glad I'm really the only accordion player that's out playing, 'cause if there were…

Flower Power

Flower Power
by snoweyes. I'm painting with the fantastic musical dynamos, Matthew Morton, Roger Jaeger, and Sarah Hutchison at the fine Gypsy Coffee House, downtown Tulsa, behind the Spaghetti Warehouse somewhere around 9-10pm. Come on over, you'll love it. I'll splatter paint on you if you like.

Still No cell phenome! OK I'm tired. But Z is now N, if you know what I'm saying. The best part is that no one told me my phone was getting turned off until I tried to use it! Ah well, I think I have some old funky minute-to-minute cell phone.

While I'm here, this is probably the coolest music video I've ever interacted with. RADIOHEAD is too cool.

House of Cards


Quick Note

A colourful Smee
by snoweyes. My Cell phone has been deactivated, fyi. I'm doing a very interesting board meeting...

I saw Phantom of The Opera and it was fab.

Old Man on X

Old Man on X
by snoweyes. I decided to make yesterday a painting day. I started the day a bit late after some writing and recording, finding my way to The Cherry St. Coffee House when I knew some people were there (when people gather for a thing called "Stitch n' Bitch". I began to paint and talk for a small while, and then time blew by. My friends left and I painted and painted and after about six hours I decided my little 24x30 painting was finished!

I'm pretty happy with it. I decided to see how I could render hands in painting. I've never had too many problems drawing hands but in all of my paintings I've never had the chance to work hands into a tree or moon, but I did it in this character and it turned out just fine. I painted the work with acrylic. I painted this over two sessions. I began this on the second day of Mayfest in Tulsa and wrapped it up yesterday. Parts of it I flourished with metallic paint and some fine hidden bits of glow paint.


I'm for sale!

by snoweyes. Hey kids, I'm finally putting off the "selling my art" phase of my life and have put this very painting online for sale! If you are interested, or know anyone interested, please hop on your favorite email or messageing applications and tell them, "Hey bill or sue or nancy, do you remember that crazy artist who has a kid's show? And do you also remember that tree face thing you just loved? Well, I'm telling you, it's online! No, really! You can go...HERE and buy the darn thing! Well doesn't that beat all?"

Yes sir and/or ma'am. So please visit the store and if you have a favorite painting you'd like me to put there, please just tell me and I'll get the painting up.

Oh, I'm back in Tulsa. Did you know that? I hope everybody had a marvelous 4th of July, also called independence day! Yay.

Mr. SnowEyes

Tea Room Hunter

Painted in a Tea Room
by snoweyes. I'm about to leave for an adventure tonight. Either I'm going to a bonfire with friends and musicians, or I'm heading for a group of artists for some wacky circle dumming-poetry fun. Who knows? I sure don't :)

I painted the picture yesterday in the University District while sipping a Chai in a fantastic Tea room. It had good energy and by the time I caught my bus for home I finished what you see. I also put up a funny sleeping sketch I made a few days ago.

No matter what I do today I promise to make the most of it!


It Never Stops

Groovy Art Car
by snoweyes. So I can't stop trying to see everything every day until I simply melt. I visited the coolest part of Seattle I've found two days in a row. Yesterday Fremont held the Summer Solstice Parade and today they wrap up the Art Festival. I love this part of town simply for the crazy artists i've found and talked to. Also, on my way back I drew some sleeping guy on the bus. It was precious! Tomorrow I'm off to the University District.

Take care kids!

Summer Solstice in Seattle

by snoweyes. So tonight I look back on the Summer Solstice Parade with glee. It was a fun day and I love when things like this happen. I met groovy people, danced and played a harmonica, and just had fun. You should check out the new pictures, but remember that the Seattle Summer Solstice Parade is also known for it's naked folks :)

Yes, the Flying Spaghetti Monster made an appearance. In fact, every group (even Zombies) was included in the parade. Actually Ninjas were missing from the parade, as far as I could see. Or maybe they hid in shadows?

What will I be doing in the next couple of days? Seeing nature, mountains and figuring out what to do the next week in the region. Will I stay, go camping, or even take a train??? Good question :)

Seattle Pics

by snoweyes. I've put just a few pictures up for you. Take a look by clicking on the photo above :)


Wave on the Train
by snoweyes. Hey kids it's Quickdraw! Woowowowowoooo. The sound is very odd in this new episode but I can't do anything about that until I get back...

Ok, so I'm in Seattle.I'm looking for cool people and events for the last ten days I'm here. If you can hook me up with a gallery or photographer or some other thing I can work with that would be marvelous. Currently I'm painting with Fae at the Green Bean on friday and then I'm playing around (and hopefully playing accordion) at the Summer Solctice Fest on Saturday.



I'm having some issues uploading pictures but I'll get that sorted out today so you can see some of the sights I've experienced.

So now I'm off to go swim in a heated pool. Wish you were here!

Hello from Washington

Mr. Rainforest says:
by snoweyes. I'm just popping by to say hello from WASHINTGN! I'll be in the Seattle region for a couple of weeks staying with my lovely friends Captain and Fae. I'm looking for groovy artists to work with while I'm here. I've already worked on a fabulous film with my friend Captain. I ended up completely drenched and happy, with a bit of sunburn. I'll try to upload some pictures while I'm here. Feel free to send me money :)


or find my mom or something and give it to her, haha

The place is ridiculously beautiful.



jes lenee'...
by oh_the_weasel. To all of the fans of Autumn Shade, a new live album has been released. Apparently there was a mastering error on the first batch. I was unable to work on the album with the group, but since I love their music I wanted to help out. So I took the liberty of completely remastering the album so I'm happy to say COME AND GET IT.

Visit for the album and if you already got one please get in contact with Autumn Shade for a fresh new copy.

This album was released with the specific goal of getting Autumn Shade to the Netherlands. Please help with a purchase if you can, as SOON as you can! Her tour starts at the end of the month!

And yes, now you can hear every track without any issues :)

Tell others, yes? Thanks

Those wacky changes

Stop and look
by snoweyes. I've been listening to a new music sound called FLOBOTS. Whoa it makes me feel all funny. Yea the main guy kind of sounds like Emenem with a brain but it's actually smart and violins! Horns! It's like slam poetry and I love that.

Transitional sentence:
I'm eating a silly breakfast. Eggs and hotsauce!

Who knows what magic that will happen today. I've been kind of fighting against just a bit of anxiety the last few days (weeks off and on) but I basically refuse to let it control me. I think everyone has anxiety sometimes, but sometimes the stress can control and bring a good heart down.

Just thought I'd get that out there so I don't keep it inside. I try to stay proactive about being healthy. I eat well and stay active. And I bring good things to myself.

My therapy includes friends, my accordion, painting, actual group therapy and a ridiculously useful rubber band. It literally snaps me into the real world when my brain takes me into …

Do you enjoy art? LIVE ART WITH SNOWEYES

by snoweyes. Friday, June 13 I'm painting with Cellist Amanda Hardy at a lovely place called Alisee MoMo this Friday. Admiral and Memorial, right on the corner. It's just a skip away from Circle Cinema. They have great coffee and the tea is free with your food! How about that!

So if you have a bit of free time, I'd love to sell you a painting that's inspired by the marvelous Cello of the evening.

Secondly, I'm traveling to Seattle the very next day so I'll take tips, you marvelous rich friends of mine. Even better if you simply bring yourselves cause I love seeing people that appreciate art.

7PM 7PM come and get one free hug.

Shadows Are For Feeling The Light

Leah Dances
by snoweyes. A poem:
Between us and the fog
Where the willows live
Someone forgot how
How to give ****

Mirror cracked soaked
Simplicitly we shall all believe
Nobly as actors
Until we cease to grieve
Slow down and dance

Poetry! *Snap Snap snap*

So I misnamed the Cafe/Restaurant I'm playing at. It's called Alisee MoMo and I'm sitting here right now and the ambiance seems very nice with great wrap-around windows and wide-open space. My compadre Corey works here, and he helped me get the gig. I'm very grateful for the showing. I like the fact that one of the owners met me and then went outside to skateboard. That's cool folk.

Alisee MoMo, Admiral and Lewis, right down from Circle Cinema. Be there at Seven on Friday the 13th.

I'm very funny. I bought three more hats with a new paycheck. All used, and all very groovy. One of them looks like Insp. Jacques Clouseau from the Pink Panther, and another one resembles a very fuzzy muppet. It's crazy but they we…