About the good stuff

In case you were wondering, Quick Draw Derick will be picked up again for at least six more episodes, we will begin taping the next rousing show on September 24th!

I've been creating some fairly colourful works if you've been keeping track of my last few paintings. The one you see here is a result of a show I painted at with Matthew Morton, Roger Jaeger and friends at the Gypsy last Saturday night. I am pretty happy with it. What do you think?

I lost my laptop for a few days. Rather, I accidentally abandoned it after I left a nice play called the Pajama Game at the TCC SE Theatre and was heading to Bixby to sell one of my paintings. I left it by the WHEEL OF MY CAR. How retarded is that? I shan't be doing that again. I didn't worry too much though when I left it. Does it help to freak out when something goes missing? I backed up all my data which was far more important to me, and I just felt it would come back to me. Someone picked it up and dropped it off yesterday, just like I expected it to!

I'm in the Drunkard this weekend and I'm working on some other fun projects I'll tell you about sometime ;)

I get to go swimming tonight and I hope everyone stays cool. It's shweaty out there!



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