My Left Foot

That title's for you mom!

I can very much feel the change in the air for Autumn's time. It's feeling wonderful outside and I hope the colors become vibrant before the frozen winter catches on. I'll be outside playing accordion these next few weeks around Shades of Brown and the River, maybe even Woodward park. I hope to see my friends as I bounce about. Have a beautiful day.

I have a little update for that show I was hoping to get into at the Garden's already full up so I don't have space to place my paintings...buuut I will be singing with Matt Morton and I'll bring some work up during the set. Isn't that fun?

I went to Arkansas this weekend and I took some pretty cool pictures and as soon as I got back I went and saw a rather entertaining version of Rocky Horror at the PAC. I think it's awesome and several of my actor friends are in the show Notably Sam W, Sam B, and Anne.

This week's got a few gems for me to pay attention to...I'm in that Vampire Murder Mystery at this very cool Mansion in Sapulpa...

And in a couple of weeks I'll be doing the same show in a winery called Whispering Vines on Rt. 66 west of Tulsa!


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