What a week!

This week's been a busy week. It got very hectic near the end of the week. I began the week with some videotaping around town for a special project I'm doing at work. Lots of technology and kids. I feel good about it.

Tuesday was Locker Room day. I produce a sports show here in Tulsa for Cox Cable channel 20. I'm not much for sports but I like working on the show, if only to work with JV Haney. He's a hoot and it keeps me on my toes.

Wednesday I...I...don't remember what I did. But I was busy!

Thursday I did a TON of cool little projects....I recorded a commercial for KTUL Ch. 8 here in Tulsa regarding the fancy Digital Change-over, using my "man With The Glasses: 1984" persona. I had alot of fun with that. Sammy B (sidekick Sam on QDD) works there and I got to work in their little studio B.

Later that Day I worked on the website for The Ultimate Murder Mystery. I've been tasked with creating a new functional website for the Group. Speaking of UMM, I started work on my latest murder mystery, "Dead Dudes Don't Disco," and put I the finishing touches on the latest script for Quick Draw Derick, titled "Sidekick Sammy's Spectacular Soup or Reduce, Reuse and Recycle"; my ode to keeping the planet green. In addition, I directed a fabulous show for TPS, called Health Alert.

Oh and I finally got confirmed for the role I auditioned for ages ago. ( from snoweyes.com ) Back in April I wrote a long deconstruction regarding how I thought I did. Well, I got the role and I'm happy to say I signed contracts and I'm shooting next month. Woohoo!

That was Thursday. What a day!

Friday was just as interesting if not as busy. I recorded Quick Draw Derick all morning and into the day. Sidekick Sam, Cousin Annie and Eraser Dan all make an appearance! This one was a small set and we just got to play with ideas, a concept I really loved. We came up with some fun gags and I think you will all enjoy it.

As soon as we wrapped and I cleaned up the TV studio, we had a fire alarm at work! That was my exit to leave for the day as I went over on my hours. I took the time to go on a library bender and skimmed some titles I may read in the future. Later that night, Sam and I went down to Cosmo's and had some awesome chips and played everybody's favorite game, Trivial Pursuit! That game is ridiculous and the cards were printed in what had to have been no later than 1983. The inane-ness of it all was hilarious. Fortunately it seems both of us are well-versed in completely useless information!

And last night as I returned home, I found the painting you see above waiting in a ginormous box next to my door. It looks pretty fantastic and I'll take some proper pictures of it before putting it up for sale or exhibition.

Today I'm just taking a "me" day. I'm walking about and I'm painting right after I finish this up. I got a free canvas from Mr. Bruce and I'm going to use it very soon. It's about four feet high and nearly as wide!

Thanksgiving is coming up. I love that day! It's going to be a little different, new families, friends and food to eat. It's always been one of my favorite holidays, just for the fellowship. That week I'm also singing in my work's Christmas show as a young Bing Crosby. Bada boom!

So, farewell friends. Have a fun weekend!


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