Auditioning, a Deconstruction.

So I had an audition today for a small SAG film. I took the time to memorize the sides (lines in the script) and went over it with my coworker Dana. I honestly memorized it an hour before but thanks to those Improv Murder Mysteries it was really nothing. I'm a memorizing machine!

So the character's name is Rick. Rick may be a "dick". Rick is a very cocky person and very much into himself, so I pulled deep from the well of characterizations and found a double inspiration about four minutes before I did the lines on tape. I came up with three ways to do the character. One subtle one, one middle one, and one utterly, completely ridiculous one.

I did my hair just feathery-enough to look like Bo-Duke from Dukes of Hazard, added an unbuttoned shirt and my black fuzzy jacket.

Everybody knows I can do a spot-on version of Brian Rawson, I used to do it before the Jes and Brian craziness, so I carefully separated my emotions from that for this role, and I confidently combined him and a healthy dash of current day...Tom Cruise. You know, the crazy one who's totally into himself. He's crazy, confident and endlessly entertaining for all the wrong reasons. I added all kinds of little cocky smirks and eccentricities while making it my own and it was gold. They were the shlockiest lines ever but once I belted out the Melsendorf/Scientologist laugh it was too easy. It's a funny script if performed just right...

I nailed it hard and they kept me around for over an hour. For reference, usually an audition takes about five minutes.

ahahahah. ha. haha...!

I broke all of the crew, and I broke the characters who were supposed to be deadpan. I made all of the over-the top characters in my head and made them somehow subtly realistic. I found the groove, people.. And then they made me do it five more times. Then I did it again for some other producers an hour later. I'm happy, but I'm not counting my eggs before they hatch!

I slipped a peek at a special list of some hopeful auditioners, heh, heh...a few other people I knew auditioning for other characters.

Here's who I'd like but I'd also love to play off of the best people...I saw who was auditioning so I'll go ahead and drop names since I'm such a jerk...

Rosemary Daugherty ( I auditioned with her and she seems great )
Jim Fields
Jes Lenee?!
Rich Bentz

break a leg folks.

Here's something I learned in LA. Come in expecting to get the role, and walk out expecting absolutely nothing. So other than this post, that's the last I'll think of it....

Oh and I was mistaken for...Taylor Hanson?! They said, "you must get this all the time, but you look just like Taylor Hanson,"...true! That's the first Taylor Hanson. Mac would love that.

have a blessed day


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