I'm for sale!

Hey kids, I'm finally putting off the "selling my art" phase of my life and have put this very painting online for sale! If you are interested, or know anyone interested, please hop on your favorite email or messageing applications and tell them, "Hey bill or sue or nancy, do you remember that crazy artist who has a kid's show? And do you also remember that tree face thing you just loved? Well, I'm telling you, it's online! No, really! You can go...HERE and buy the darn thing! Well doesn't that beat all?"

Yes sir and/or ma'am. So please visit the store and if you have a favorite painting you'd like me to put there, please just tell me and I'll get the painting up.

Oh, I'm back in Tulsa. Did you know that? I hope everybody had a marvelous 4th of July, also called independence day! Yay.

Mr. SnowEyes


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