Murder Mister Acting Fantasmas

See this? This is but a smattering of the nifty pictures I took for a new Ultimate Murder Mystery website I'm creating to James Fields, the kooky Columbo you see here. Just click on the pic and you can see some others in the same haunted vein. Recognize anyone?

This week is turning out to be a crazy one, and I've double booked myself twice. I am trying my best to get into the Drunkard this Weekend but I just got a message from the producers of the film I'm supposed to be shooting early December...they are wanting me Saturday! Drats, I hate to disappoint but now I've no choice if it goes through. I love acting and I'm not one to complain about getting too much work, so I'll take what I can get and try to do my best to work around the limits of time space. If the SAG film does take place, I may spend Thanksgiving at my brother's instead of Silver Dollar City, but family is a good thing too :)

Next Thursday (Dec 4) I found out I've been invited to an awards ceremony for my kid's show, Quick Draw Derick! It's a ceremony from The fabulous Leon Rollerson people at the OSU Tulsa auditorium. And since I'm there, I've worked out some space to show and sell my paintings. Woohoo! It vaguely reminds me of the Blue November Film Fest awards ceremony. Same location and I have my paintings up! Crazy. Of course, I'm also scheduled to shoot a film that day, so I hope it all works out, haha. *nervously

December 5 is Sue Woodruff's Celebration Party.

I may go to Branson that following weekend in December, so if you need to book me, do it now, I'm basically open...for now



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