I'm a singin'

11-07-2008 17:00 at Garden Deva
one block west of Utica Avenue on Trenton, between 3rd and 4th Streets, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cost: free

Come watch me and Matt Morton bring some fun music to a garden sculpture paradise. I sold art at the Deva party last year and I highly recommend visiting if not for the artistic excellence all over the place then for the free yummy organic food. I may have to leave before 7 but I'll be back Saturday, perhaps painting with some music if I'm lucky.

From my friend, Matthew Morton..
"Hey everyone! Derick Snow and I are playing an acoustic performance of mostly original music this Friday night from 5 to 6 PM at Garden Deva in downtown Tulsa! You should all come! I’ll be on acoustic, while Derick will be singin’. Word on the street is that sometimes at these festivals they have free wine as well..."

In addition, Saturday I'm performing in a Mafia-style Murder mystery so I'm pretty packed with projects. I hope everyone is well!


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