Happy Howloween!

Happy Day, you crazy kids. I'm attempting to go trick-or-treating tonight and then Freaker's Ball tonight. I'm a Vampire, as you can see. Today at work we had a contest of wits and, er, horseshoes and I must say, I really stink at horseshoes.

This morning started out well. I recorded a voice-over for a nifty store called Bonbonierre...I had the most diffictuly time pronouncing it but I got through with several different accents. I started up as a Hugh Grant-esque fellow and worked my way towards Canadian, or as the director asked, to sound like an Englishman who's trying to sound American. Apparently I did that well! All in all that lasted for a half-hour and I had fun.

Tomorrow I've got the last Halloween Show for the Ultimate Murder Mystery ( http://ultimatemurdermystery.com ) of the year and tickets are still available! It's dinner, wine tasting, music and murder. Later next month I'm playing a singer who...dies? Or Kills? Who knows. It's a mystery!


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