Those wacky changes

I've been listening to a new music sound called FLOBOTS. Whoa it makes me feel all funny. Yea the main guy kind of sounds like Emenem with a brain but it's actually smart and violins! Horns! It's like slam poetry and I love that.

Transitional sentence:
I'm eating a silly breakfast. Eggs and hotsauce!

Who knows what magic that will happen today. I've been kind of fighting against just a bit of anxiety the last few days (weeks off and on) but I basically refuse to let it control me. I think everyone has anxiety sometimes, but sometimes the stress can control and bring a good heart down.

Just thought I'd get that out there so I don't keep it inside. I try to stay proactive about being healthy. I eat well and stay active. And I bring good things to myself.

My therapy includes friends, my accordion, painting, actual group therapy and a ridiculously useful rubber band. It literally snaps me into the real world when my brain takes me into false fear territory. Comparatively from six years ago I'm ten thousand times healthier, but just because I get well doesn't mean I'm impervious to all the junk the human brain spews forth from time to time. My heart, spirit and soul help to offset the worldly error-prone (but still beautiful and useful!) mind.

My new circumstances are leading me to Seattle for a few weeks. I hope something inspiring leads me into the best place I can be for myself. I'm looking for some good opportunities in the realm of digital film, photography, audio production, graphic design or some other field that helps foster creativity in myself and others. I find it a bit ironic that I work in television but don't watch it :) I love making documentaries and if I got paid to do that all the better.

Now I'm going to create a treasure hunt for a groovy little spirit. So yea, have a good day and don't let anyone keep you down. Especially yourself!


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