I'm really tired but I wanted to update my little journal. I just got out of a fabulous swingin' murder mystery where I sang five songs like Frank Sinatra, heh. I am still in the fab grey suit I got from my favorite vintage store, Silver Screen and black fedora, fighting back sleep.

Yesterday I got the chance to perform with Matt Morton ( I sang, he played guitar) and I was very satisfied with the performance. I hope to more in the future. Matt was fun and the venue was great. We played the Garden Deva Art Show and I ended up buying a lot of lavender as a reward. My nose is happy and so are my sinuses, which have been having troubles since that pesky cold weather came creeping in. I', drinking water like crazy!

Tomorrow I think I'll visit Sam at her restaurant for Breakfast and then maybe I'll drive off into the sunset, I need the relaxation. I've been running and busy for so many days! I love being busy but I love a bit of time off before another round of good times.

Oh, the goat I attached is from my NYC trip, it seems oddly appropriate.



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