Wampire! I'm in a Halloween Show

Here's that article photo from The Tulsa World. I am in rehearsals tomorrow night for a Saturday Show at the Burnett Mansion, followed by another performance at a counrty club for a private club. Sorry, this one is sold out. I think there are some more tickets for a show at Whispering Vines winery off of old Historic Rt. 66!

Then, Friday I've got two things...a football game I've got to shoot, then I've got....my HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! I'm actually missing the bulk of it but I'll pick up with the gang later that night, hopefully. We'll see how that goes, won't we? haha

In other news, I'm pretty much busy as usual, with a nice chance of accordion playing. Later this week I'll be putting up some fun Quick Draw promo commercials I made a little while back. They're GOLD, my friends.

have a great day


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