To all of the fans of Autumn Shade, a new live album has been released. Apparently there was a mastering error on the first batch. I was unable to work on the album with the group, but since I love their music I wanted to help out. So I took the liberty of completely remastering the album so I'm happy to say COME AND GET IT.

Visit for the album and if you already got one please get in contact with Autumn Shade for a fresh new copy.

This album was released with the specific goal of getting Autumn Shade to the Netherlands. Please help with a purchase if you can, as SOON as you can! Her tour starts at the end of the month!

And yes, now you can hear every track without any issues :)

Tell others, yes? Thanks


Danielle said…
Heh, mastering error? Nah it was just the burning that didn't work. :X
You should definately hear the remaster if you haven't. It's so much LOUDER I love it.

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