Mr Accordion Man


I recorded a little medley of some of the songs I've been working on. I hope you enjoy. This isn't the last of my silly recordings.

I'm using two mics on the floor to pick up both bellows so there's some pretty nice separation. I'm using my little usual recording setup and it sounds pretty nice. This is pretty obviously just a "I'm making it up as I go along" session, but it's fun to listen to and so I put it up for you friends.

This Saturday night I've got the show with Matt and friends, painting and whatnot. Gypsy Coffee House, round 9:30 or so.

Here's a story...a few days ago I was at Woodward park playing my accordion and walking about, when a guy comes over to me and tells me he'll pay me money to play for him and his girlfriend! So I just tool around for a bit for them and I get eight bucks! That's nice of people and I'm glad I'm really the only accordion player that's out playing, 'cause if there were others that had a lick of talent I wouldn't be such a big deal :)

Playing On

I went to the Memorial and 51st Cemetery today and had a nice walk with Sam. I don't get freaked out or scared when I'm among the departed. I simply know that others might want to be remembered and so I pay them all a visit and show a little respect. It's a really nice park and it's peaceful, obviously. When I kick the can I'm just going to be cremated anyhow, but I think I'll put a nice bench, under a tree, facing a sunset near some water in memorial. That way I can still be useful on Earth even though I'm gone! Or maybe I could have a memorial bathroom. That would be very, very useful. That said, I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon. I've got work to do!

It's hot outside! I want to go swimming again real soon.

Have a brilliant day


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