I'm back!

Hi everyone!

NYC was a brilliant and fun expedition and I think I'll be going back pretty soon. I had loads of fun. I don't have too much time to rant about my many journeys but I'll be back for sure.

Today I've got a voice-over gig for a nice chunk of monkeys. I've always enjoyed doing voices. When I got into the game voice over business back in 1998 (for a Half-Life video game thingy) little did I realize how much I would enjoy being able to work for actual money! Woohoo!

I'm in a murder mystery on Wednesday and The Drunkard this Saturday. Acting mixed with music is my forte this week back to Tulsa. I hope everyone has a great week.

Good news. It's Sam's birthday, and by default her twin sister's birthday! Yay - good job on living so long! haha

Sad news, Quick Draw Derick has been postponed until November to make time for our move to another Studio. I hope to create some promo commercials since I've got the inclination to be a crazy cowboy this week. We're finally moving to Webster's fancy new studio this week!

Off to work :)


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