Shadows Are For Feeling The Light

A poem:
Between us and the fog
Where the willows live
Someone forgot how
How to give ****

Mirror cracked soaked
Simplicitly we shall all believe
Nobly as actors
Until we cease to grieve
Slow down and dance

Poetry! *Snap Snap snap*

So I misnamed the Cafe/Restaurant I'm playing at. It's called Alisee MoMo and I'm sitting here right now and the ambiance seems very nice with great wrap-around windows and wide-open space. My compadre Corey works here, and he helped me get the gig. I'm very grateful for the showing. I like the fact that one of the owners met me and then went outside to skateboard. That's cool folk.

Alisee MoMo, Admiral and Lewis, right down from Circle Cinema. Be there at Seven on Friday the 13th.

I'm very funny. I bought three more hats with a new paycheck. All used, and all very groovy. One of them looks like Insp. Jacques Clouseau from the Pink Panther, and another one resembles a very fuzzy muppet. It's crazy but they were cheap but very well-made. Silver Screen, name drop, on 15th and Harvard. A new hat shipment came in so come and get one.

At Silver Screen I ended up having a nice conversation with my friend Sheila about religion and the afterlife and what we believe in. It was great and I'm glad I can talk about the vagaries of what's in store for my soul when I kick the bucket and compare it to how other people feel and believe. I don't fear it at all, cause I know the good stuff and what that means to me. That of course doesn't mean I'm going to try and leave this mortal coil earlier than planned :)

Today is a chill night and I'll probably roam about by myself unless you find me. I may paint. I'm feeling the night air call for me.

I hope you all are nice and blessed in whatever way you enjoy.


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