I got a fancy new mixer last week from my old deceased pal Edwin! It's very nice and I'm playing with it every day. I hope to record some stuff he'd really enjoy. I was having lunch a few days ago and came up with the best song ever, as heard by listening to the song above. I'm not too humble to say this is the best song I've ever recorded.

I'm recording actual song stuff, too!

FYI, there's a place called Tuesday morning that is selling a reasonably nice stage (dynamic) microphone with XLR cable and stand attachment for $10! It's hidden away but that's where the good dealsl live.

Tonight I think I have rehearsal for a play.

Friday I'm in a murder mystery at Molly's, then Saturday I'm in that crazy Drunkard as Mr. Willie Hammond. I'm going to blow the house down. You should watch.

Monday's my birthday. Woohoo! Twenty....nine. Wow.


ShutterByMe said…
Happy Birthday Derick! Hope your day is a great one! You have a very interesting blog. I think I will keep up with it and you, it sounds like you are a very busy young man with an exciting life.

Oh my god did I just say young man? I'm so getting old! :o)

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