Mr. Busy Pants, awards and monkeys!

Hi everyone! I just got a call from Jeff Howard about my little show, Quick Draw Derick. I was working on this last week on my own. The image you see is a rough first look of the website and it's already changed from what you see. Without me telling him, Jeff registered the website, and asked if I was would like to use the domain. How's that for synchronicity? I hope to have something on that in the midst of the storm that is this upcoming week, and it's a heap.

Here's a list of what I'm up to this week...

I'm continuing my performance as Rick in a film I started on Saturday. I had a lot of fun and my bizarre, jerky character is all about being ridiculous. The Gypsy will pick up as the venue for the next three days so, with the exception of the Tuesday night Open Mic you won't be able to get in. Right after that I've got to zoom over to my real work and record the voice-over tracks I need to start on for a project that's due very, very soon.

I do my sports show at work, The Locker Room! Yowza...
Rehearsal for a Murder Mystery at a really incredible SPEAKEASY at Grand Lake, or more specifically, a place called Big Shots on Monkey Island! I've never been there but the name just excites me to no end.

Band Rehearsal with Matthew Morton for a show coming up on Thursday...

I'm receiving an award for my work on Quick Draw Derick at an event from the Leon Rollerson people at the OSU Tulsa theatre venue at 7. I'm always happy to work with folks like Leon and I'm humbled by the award. I've also been told I can bring some of my paintings to the event beforehand for sale so I hope I can sell a painting or two, so if you can why not come out? It's where the first Blue November Film Fest awards ceremony happened, if you remember that.

Riiiight after the event I'm singing with Matt Morton and the Gang at . Cosmo Cafe, located at 6746 S. Memorial in Tulsa. at around 9-ish. Bring your tip jar coins! Haha!

Sam's Mom's life celebration party begins at 7 at her house. Call her or message Samantha Woodruff for more info.

Murder Mystery! I'm leaving early in the day for that crazy Monkey Island. Monkeys!

Jes, Sam and I are all hopping in a car and heading to fabulous Branson, MO for an audition for the brilliant PETER PAN, starring Cathy Rigby and hopefully, yours truly if I get my way, heh.

So that's quite the week.


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