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Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!
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Well, I've not been online that much, so I'll send out a belated merry christmas and a happy new year. I saw this house a few days after christmas and it was the brightest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Tonight I'll be celebrating this new year. Won't you?

I am Derick Snow

I am Derick
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. This is a story of the past. the story of Derick Snow.

I entered into the elevator, just like any other day. I was ready to get to some editing on a project I'd been working on this week. The elevator doors closed. It was silent.

"Oh, hi there, Derick!"

I look to my right and there's a nice coworker TPS is best known for. I ask how she's doing.

"I'm doing well. Hey, I was talking to Paula Wood and she told me you could do a great impression of Dr. Sawyer! Could you do it for me?"

"Uh-oh," my subconscious mind chimed in. I was trapped, and my past had caught up with me. I stood for a moment, eyes twirling about the room. This all happened in a split second, but my life flashed before my eyes.

I grew up in a somewhat unique environment. My family moved from Missouri to Selawik, Alaska when I was a youngster. The place was really just an airport in the middle of a snowstorm.

Feeling a bit of lonely, I ent…

Contrasts and good times.

life is always interesting. One day, it smacks you in the face and
reminds you how you hate being in a place, the next day the polar
oppisite occurs!

Yesterday Jes and I went to play the after
party for the Blue November Film Fest. Unfortunately the crowd at the
venue, Vintage 1760 wasn't exactly willing to shut their drunk mouths
during any of our music. Jes was incredible, however. Too bad most of
the people were typical Tulsans, not caring about art. We had a sound
system, yet the patron found a way to yell louder and louder throughout
the event, creating a nice roar inside the place. It sucked! However!

that night a nice guy I went to High School with, Wolf, talked to me
and recognized me, even talking about my recent art, and how much he
enjoyed it! Also, Jes met a nice fellow from, and he
talked about how he would like to put Jes' music on the radio. So in my
mind, all was redeemed by that opportunity to have people actually
interested and willing to listen to go…

Paintings and Music. Yea!

So yes, I'm alive and well. I've been kinda busy since getting back, finishing the master touches on Autumn Shade's new album, Ezra Moon. I am very, very excited about the album. I'll be putting some nice songs for your ears to be pleased by. Strange Attractors is the record label we'll be publishing Jes' album through. It should be going out to the masses in mid-February, or so I hear...!

I've also been painting during Jes' gigs. I painted a nice autumnal tree, spanning two days to finish the work. I've been told it's my best, and I like that people say that to me often. It seems my work touches people just the right way when they see it.

So I'll be finishing the wonderful album and working on all kinds of other artistic endeavors. I'm sorry I've been alittle out of touch with my friends, but that'll be all over soon, I promise! I'm just a little too focused on my tasks and I want it to be worth it!

I hope everyone has a nice o…

Life after Scotland

First off, Happy Birthday to Cody! September 8th he became a man! Or an
older boy! Congratulations!
Oh man have we ever been bus since our return! I've been in the
drunkard every week since we got back from places like...Scotland (in the
picture above)...
I also had a flat tire today! Jes and I went to get a Custard and eft
with a tack in the tire. No worries! We got the spare out and it had
eough air to get us to better places. It was the first timer I've had to
do that on the Maxima.
Jes and I got a place together! Yay! It's a nice ONE THOUSAND and fifty
sq. ft. place near 15th and Delaware. It's a mere 400 a month with no
lease length. I love it and it nicely fits our character. I've been
thinking about branching out into other parts of Tulsa and we finally went
an did it. Turns out we had a bit of money left once we got back so it
became feasible. We've been together for over 3 and a half years, it
seemed the right time to save gas from going to BA day after day…


So yea, now I'm back in America! And back at the editing game for music.
I did indeed create a 'rough cut' version that I hear is floating around town. It's getting good reviews from what my ear on the street hears! I'm glad Autumn Shade creates such good music; I can mangle and distort it all to heck and it still comes out great!

I'm in the Drunkard this weekend as Willie! So come down for that return to the stage!
What else...

Oh yess......

I was stumbling around the internet today and found a local crazy dude. His name is Bikerfox. I've seen this guy around town, but now that he's got a web presence I thought I'd share him with the world!

A Day LATER from Derick and JES...

We cannot get to a phone in a reasonable amount of time, so whoever gets this, great! We missed a connecting flight this morning, so we'll be getting to Tulsa once again at around 10p.m. We're at Shannon, Ireland staying at a B&B for our last night in the country. Roger (or Howard) if you get this, David Payne is supposed to pick us up tonight, so if you could please call him @ xxx-xxxx and xxx-xxxx and call him and tell him we're getting back at exactly the same time tomorrow? that would be wonderful! We are going to bed now. Wish us well! Derick and Jes __________________________________________________
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August 25th! Birthday!

August 25th! Birthday!
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A day late, but I'm now the ripe age of 27! (my b-day is the 25th..)

We spent the night in a neat little Bed and Breakfast in a village called Connel. It is in a little country called SCOTLAND! We travelled up by Loch Lomond and other Lochs.... I have had a great time! today we travelled over a bridge built in the 1700's that actually travels OVER the Atlantic Ocean! All kinds of other incredible stuff as well.

Well, in but a few days we'll be heading home. We'll be driving back to Jolly London on the 29th and we'll be getting back in an exhausted state I'm sure. We've got a ride after that so don't worry my family!

Well, I've gotta go as we're slulking about neighborhoods looking for internet right now and we don't want to be arrested! Haha.

Haste Ye Back!

I read that on a reciept here in SeanConneryland. I am off and farewell!

Castle hopping

Castle hopping
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Oh man are things ever expensive in Britain! We couldn't get in this castle, so we found a trebuchet and threw ourselves over. I'm sure I probably spelled that wrong.

We are currently in the beautiful southwestern Wales area and are in good spirits. We are now going to the beach.


In europe and fine

In europe and fine
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I don't have much time, but I'm now in the London area! We spent two days and visited the city center. After that, we are off to western Britain!

The plane trip ws fine, things are expensive, but I'm alright!

Gas costs about $90 a tank. Yikes!

We've taken yet another million pictures. Ireland was alot of fun, maybe italy if we can get there!

My PC battery is dying, but I'll give you the skinny of it so far.

Jes and I took a plane from Tulsa to Chicago, then we were supposed to go to Philadelphia and on to Shannon, Ireland.

Well, that didn't happen! Chicago to Philly was late and wouldn't connect to the Shannon plane, so we were diverted to British airways from Chicago to London! There we stayed for a few hours there. On to Shanon! Ya!

But one problem. Our luggage didn't make the trip with us. Fortunately we packed our clothes with us, not so fortunately we packed all of our camping gear in the suitcase that never found us yet!

So we booked a bed and breakfast yesterday. It turned out to be nice, and we've gone on lots of castle and sightseeing adventures.

No luggage yet and so the airline told us they would reimburse our room for yet another night, that's a real pity to have to stay in a bed and breakfast. Oh the pain!

So tomorrow, hopefully we'll get our bag and we'll be able to properly have a …

Up and AWAY

Well, I'm off to Europe! Jes and I are off at 1pm and will be gone for thirty days. We'll be jet-setting around the UK as well.
Wish us luck! We'll take 10,000 pictures or so.

I've been incredibly busy editing Jes' new album, Evelyn. It's going to be awesome you guys!

I'll write when I can.


Well this is interesting...

More of Me
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I got a call today from my agent asking if I could bring some white underwear. Apparently I'm wearing a diaper.

I've gotta get pictures of this!

I've got some great production pictures from the SOLID shoot (Captain's film) we melted for. As soon as I get my laptop I'll upload 'em.

I'll be naked 'round two!

So much fun!

So much fun!
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As usual I'm quite busy, what with trying to get all of my money together for my trip to far flung locales. Jes and I shall make our way away quite soon!

I have actually gotten to have two auditions in the last week. So that meant I had to get a better headshot together. My last real one was from when I was 21 so I made my own. I got my digital camera and went around town looking for appropriate backgrounds and I like what came out. I've got even more samples on my flickr color!

So yea, I went to a few auditions. One of them was over at Cloud Nine for the role of Cupid. No, not the stip joint. I actually read for alot of different characters, like The Easter bunny and a turkey. I felt like I did really well. Turns out I got that commercial! It's not quite LA commercial rates but it'll do! More money for my trip! I'm shooting tomorrow. I was originally cast as the Turkey for my manic Woddy Allen but I just found…

Doing the la vida loca

Into The Shadows
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've been puttering around the two states of Missouri and Okliahoma for the last few weeks. Jes went with her family to Branson and later in the week I followed.While she was gone, I got to paint what you see above. It looks great up close and I'm very happy with how it turned out.I left on a friday to go to Branson. I left after work and met up with Jes in our favorite Wilderness campground spot just before Sundown. We love going to Branson, mostly for the nature and Silver Dollar City. At SDC we have some neat musician friends who are also known as the Homestead Pickers. One of the Pickers' is named Mike, or Ezra as we call him. He was having a large get-together with hellraisers and holy-rollers at his farm. We ate great food and made some good friends.Just before we left we met a couple named Bruce and Janelle who seemed really neat. They invited us to come over the next night and eat some great food and have a couple of…

Hey, its Scientology

I have an issue I'm thinking about today. Groups taking advantage of optimism and using it against us.

I almost got into Quixtar (Amway). If you don't know Quixtar, I'd be pretty surprised by know as I have seen so many people trying to convince others to "get in while the getting's good". There's just something we love about being in some powerful mass of believers. Why? I didn't know at the time, but now I realize that it was really easy to take advantage of people who want to succeed, people who like positive feedback. People to want to believe in something that their friends believe in. We believed so much that we started saying things we were ''taught," we didn't bother to check out the information with a rational mind becase we didn't want to taint that feeling of doing something great. I almost got sucked into it myself a few months ago and it's a nerve close to my heart. But I'll talk about that in greater detail an…

Paintings in the Cue

Paintings in the Cue
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Hello and hi all.

I've been painting up a storm.
I've made three new paintings in the last two weeks. Here they are in the drying room (my garage)!

They are oil paintings, so it'll be about three months until I can seal them and sell those puppies.
I made the one on the left yesterday for a friend's birthday with Jes and her music. It looks great in person!
The one on the right, I painted it during a GCOC (green Country Outdoor Club) meeting.
The center painting I painted last week. I was going for subtlety and I like the asian feel.

Once they dry up I'll get proper pictures of them and I'll put the mon the site!

Last weekend Jes and I went to Silver Dollar City. While there, we met out friends, the bluegrass band we love and was invited to a big hoot-hollerin' party at their farm. That'll be fun!

I am a little out of order with things today but oh well!

Back to work for a while...

Paintings for Sale!!

Hello all, I've finally upladed a mess of my paintings for your perusal. I've got prints and originals available.

Have a look and if you're interested in a painting, just shoot me back an email.

The Moral Of The Story

The Moral of The Story...
Originally uploaded by studiosound. The picture you see will have it's meaning revealed further down. Won't you read along with me?

So I just got through a major part of a long day. As you may know, I am readying myself for a trip abroad. In order to leave our fine country, I have to get a passport. In order to get a passport, I need my driver's license, my birth certificate, a filled out form and 97 dollars. That said, let's start from the beginning...

I took a half-day from work to go to get my papers. I went looking for them the other day and had trouble finding it, but then discovered it folded up in a drawer set aside for my stuff.

Alas, there was a problem on that day, so. I first went home, because earlier in the week I accidentally brought my car title instead of my birth certificate. It looked very similar to me at the time! Turns out, my certificate was SOMEWHERE in the computer room. Just not in any drawer. It did lie amongst reciepts …

Weddings and a movie

Weddings and a movie
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Jes and I have been pretty busy this week.

We've gone to a gigantic bonfire where we had a chance to perform ancient Arabic prayers to God in the light of sparkling fire. It was such a spiritual moment. Bruce and Basira were the ones we went to visit, we ended up making alot of fun of the night. Bruce even recorded some live material of Autumn Shade's, and gave us a copy. It is some great stuff and we're hoping to get it ready for releasing soon.

Later in the week we visited Captain for preparation for today's film shoot. After that, we went down to riverside and walked on the beach. The sand was littered with all kinds of interesting rubbish, like car shocks and wheel bits and metal scraps. I loved it, it reminded me of Planet of the Apes. Down on the beach I found a rain pipe exit tunnel on top of some concrete. I went up and said "Hello!" The echo reverberated wonderfully. I asked Jes to come up and s…

I've been asked to testify...

...From the Video Game Voters Network.
I wanted to let you know about the Video Game Voters Network. It is a website that allows us to take action to prevent the government regulation of video game sales. Join the network today and testify to tell your story about why you oppose video game regulations.

Submit Your Virtual Testimony

For years, video game critics have spoken out against video games, which has contributed to the myriad of legislation in multiple states across the country. The time for gamers to stand up and speak out is now. In your own words, please share with us why video games need to remain free of government regulation.

From Derick Snow

Really the only new idea with videogames is the concept of interactivity. What that allows is to cease to be simply a passive 'take in' character, but it allows us to 'role play', something we have been doing ever since we put a towel around our shoulders and went flying around the house as a superhero.

I find it very sad…

Drunkard Side One

Drunkard Side One
Originally uploaded by studiosound. ...and here's the first side I cranked out a while ago.I had to squish so much stuff into such a tiny space!

Upcoming events....!

Upcoming events....
Originally uploaded by studiosound. Kinda late in the day, I know, but I thought I should tell you fine folks that Autumn Shade and I are going to be making some fantastic music and art down at Shades of Brown (Peoria and around 32nd St)...We'll be kicking off around 8p.m.

We have a very special guest tonight, it's a surprise! Come on down and you can hear a nice bit of instrumentation, including hammer dulcimer and violin!

I'm also in the Drunkard this weekend as Frank. Haven't done that in a month or maybe longer, but I'll be having fun!

I've been tasked with creating the new promo cards, the image is from the back of the card. Ain't I a scamp?

I'm finding myself into lots of art creation and I'm really trying to get my feet into animation of all things! Very cool. I hope to learn alot.

Well, I've gotta run away yet again!

Hope to see you at Shades!


Dusk in Tulsa

Dusk in Tulsa
Originally uploaded by studiosound. Well, in the grand sceme of things, this weekend turned out pretty well.

I got to create a painting, we got to go camping, and we got to visit thy Rennaissance Faire for free...

Jes and I had free tickets for the Ren. Fair this weekend, so we wanted to make an adventure out of it. We packed up and attempted to go on Saturday, but the rains prevented us from really getting to enjoy the outside too much. So we made a little road trip out of it.

We travelled down to Gore Oklahoma and drove around the scenic green country area not too far from one of my childhood homes. In Gore, we found a rather patriotic place..USA Cafe? I forget. Ah! Old Glory Cafe. When I was a child, it once was called Pirate's Cove. Now it's Red White and Blue! It seemed like a fun place to eat, so we went in and had a HAMburger. But the kicker was the owner was an Australian! How ironic and funny! We talked for a good hour to the owner and his wife. Great plac…

My room is a pit

I’ve got to clean everything out and then paint it! Problem is, I’m not home all too often to I’ve let it get out of control. So I’ve got things moved around, but I’ve got wallpaper shreds on the floor and I feel crazy when I wake up in the morning.I’ve got to kick it in the pants! See more progress on: clean up my room

Smee and the fine art of expression

Smee and the fine art of expression
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Peter Pan was such a huge success, we've extended it to one last Friday!

I am impressed with all of our friends coming down and supporting us. Brother Howard, Mom, Dad, Carol, Captain, Fae, Grandpa Joe, Papa, etc., ect., I thank you so much for catching us!

We got to go to a party after the show and I got some great pictures from the show. I've put some of my silly faces into one nice lookin' cluster!

Jes and I went to Arkansas for her work Sunday night and got to stay in a fancy hotel on thier dime. It was a really long day waiting for Jes to get out but I had a fun experience!

Once we got back I had to go and work at a bored meeting that lasted until after 10:30! Crikey! So I went to bed right after that.

At last, I've been drawing more and more, and I love the power of the pencil lately. Perhaps I'll get to paint tonight!


The Running Fat Man

The Running Fat Man
Originally uploaded by studiosound. Two posts in one day! That doesn't happen too often! Some fun news is Jes and I are BOTH in different commercials airing right now. My Bank of Oklahoma dance thing is up again; Jes' Accessory City is also shuffling about. We were both on the same show (a soap opera, hoho) earlier in the week. Awesome!

I was waiting for rehearsal for Pan yesterday at the Spotlight Theatre; nobody called me telling it was cancelled so I drew this as I watched people running and jogging and biking...

It's good for a laugh. Yay for nipples!

I've been getting into more animated styles of drawing lately. I am a big fan of John K, the inventor of Wren and Stimpy (

He writes something insightful everyday for the drawing juices to floweth from my pencil.

I am also in the Drunkard Saturday night. Did I mention that?Another thing: you can now simply subcribe to my blog via email if you're not already on my Yahoo…

Piratey Goodness

Piratey Goodness
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I have neglected to update my little web thingy as of late. That is a shame! Mostly because I am in a play right now and you're invited!

It already ran last week and the crowds were at capacity. If you like the brilliant works of Mr. J.M. Barry I heartily reccomend this version at the Spotlight Theatre.

I actually performed as Peter Pan myself four years ago, but I must say the current Pan is incredible....and cute as a button! Yes. Pan is Jes Lenee'. She's got the part down. I would hope the would; she's read at least two bigraphies of Barry and has several versions of Peter Pan she collects.

We (Jes and I) got the chance to meet the kid that was in the new Peter Pan movie a little over a year ago in Los Angeles. He was the lead in a cancelled show, Clubhouse. Boy he was tall! I ended up playing baseball with him while I waited to go on the set. Jes had the tiniest crush on him, mostly because he had played Pan.


A good night

A good night
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Well we had a great time and I painted a fine work tonight to Autumn Shade's music.

My mom came by and showed me my updated family tree. I'm related to Charlemagne and Old King Cole...My aunt has traced me back more than 90 branches back, all the way to Adam! That's pretty much as far as you can go. Not bad!

We're going camping Saturday!

From November 1999

From November 1999
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What a dork that boy was!

I found this rummaging around old website I terribly hammered together long ago...


The Flaming Lips Show @ SXSW

The Flaming Lips Show @ SXSW
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I love The Flaming Lips!

Jes is playing at
51st and Harvard
Tonight, April 07!
I'll be painting for the first time in weeks!
Be there or be a big fat square.

Get out and VOTE!!

rain and snow
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Today (in TULSA) you get the chance to either vote for a complete dunce who lives in his own filth or a frightening, frightening lady.

I vote for the closet lady!

If you do not agree, feel free to cancel out my vote. By VOTING! TODAY!
If you do agree, that's great! You should make an actual vote out of it!

If you don't vote then you have no reason to whine and moan about how someone is keeping you down. You're keeping yourself down, fool!

SOLID film shoot and tree climbing is we

SOLID film shoot
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Yesterday Jes and I had a much-needed funday. We climbed trees, went on a loong adventure walk, made flower jewelery and got dirty. Yay!

Capatin, Fae, Jes, a guy named Conan (seen in the picture) and I went down to the Glass (Gloss) mountains in Western Oklahoma and shot some of Captain Chamber's latest film project, SOLID. We all had a great time and I even made a sculptey head out of the rich-red-earth clay that sprouted up hundreds of feet out of the ground! It was worth getting up at 5a.m...

Jes is currently knee-deep into lots of projects, and she's booked solid with work and music and the play. I'm busy with work and this film stuff on the weekends! Oh and I'm in the Drunkard this weekend. Frank.

Oh and I saw my friend Jeff Howard on TV! He was talking about weather safety of all things. When did you do that Jeff? I laughed...

Other than that I bought some new art supplies. Nine new canvases for a great d…

o! gear shift!

o! gear shift!
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I'm going to move between ideas farily quickly, beware!

I am Derick Snow, and I wear two big hats. Artist, and Actor. I combine them to become Snoweyes, The Adventure Artist. I've been almost too busy in the last months with work and my acting, which is still awesome and fun and incredible Fun fun fun. All the same, I've been on the actor boat for quite a while, yet my left hand - my artist's hand - readies itself to create...

My art is something I hold dear to my heart. I've been drawing with excitement ever since I created my opus, Caveman Duck, when I was in the third grade. It still is showcased on my Grandma's house hallway. I've since moved onto sculpture, photography, watercolor, and now my favorite medium that takes forever to dry, oil.

I can thank my first teachers that got me into finding a 'style' for myself. Without Ms. Angela Morris and Ms. Katie Bartlett I wouldn't be at …

A Redeye

a picture for you
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Stumbling sleep sleep.
We awake somewhere in my car and
Go for a drive to stop from veering to sleep.
Coffee scalds this brain into recognition and
The liquid mind flows uneven
White hot wind.
A splash of water on eyes the color of turnip
Unmatting hair and unstuffing nose
Our trunk is tight and heavy with sleep.
We throw it all off of it.
We hate the initial feeling of despair
And yet the art is burning itself out from within
A phoenix is torn and burned
Looking a bit better now, not so dead we think.
We are Brains coming together for one completitude
Beathe deep.
Now I am alive for the running thoughts of a life
that is mine.
A forest through hewn wood manmade
Textured and muted
Lit by a huge red moon along the edge
The moon's eye is an orange.
I took a bite tonight!

Crossing time and paths

Crossing time and paths
Originally uploaded by studiosound. What's Next?

As I sit here on a nice night outside, I'm coming to look for something new.

Willie Wonka's been held over one last performance, this coming Friday the 10th at 7p.m...which means I'll be a bit late for Jes' gig happening at Gypsy Coffee House set for 9p.m. I'll be rushing in my Wonka costume and throwing a crazy intense painting onto canvas as soon as I can!

Speaking of acting ventures, Jes is going to be the one and only Peter Pan! I was honored witht the part almost four years ago and now Jes shall be wearing tights of green! I'm so proud of her and her audition! She was just great. She has a deifinite Pan spark in her eyes and she showed everyone else that light in her. Her favorite stories have been about Peter Pan for a while now. This part was made for her.

Lately she's been running spotlight and once the children found out about her as Pan they started already asking her for aut…

Living a life in mine

Living a life in mine
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
This has been a rather busy, rather fun week!

We've gotten into several performances of Chocolate Factory since Friday. Jes runs spotlight and so that means we've gotten to hang together during the week. She really enjoys the play and I'm glad for that! Cute Jes used to freak out at the thought of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I think it was mostly because of the creepy Oompa-vibes she experienced. I, however, have always loved the story. When I was a kid, we'd fire up our BETA-MAX and My brother and I'd eat lot's of chocolate! Oh what great memories I have of the original movie. I loved the Gene Wilder in that fatherly, slightly sinister role.

All the same, I think Johhny Depp was tremendous in the role when the newer movie came out. I really appreciate his style of acting and I strive to work in the same way as him. He always keeps control over his character and he himself learned alot from Marlon Br…

What makes 'good girls' like 'bad boys?'

The Love Doctor is IN:free session!
By Derick Snow.

I was reading some thoughts from a friend and I thought I'd ramble some more here...about relationships! What makes girls like bad boys?

I notice that girls in general like the boys who are oozing confidence, or at least let them know they are liked. No games about that...And that generally means 'bad' boys who can be real jerks in the long run usually are getting in first with the girls, 'good' or 'bad'. Nice guys don't stand up first because they are just that; nice enough to let others go before them. Guess what that means. The jerks get up and get the girl first!

Generally speaking, of course.

Now, I'm a 'nice guy' and it took a while to realize this was happening. I simply started taking initiative before the 'bad boys' were allowed to. Nothing wrong with that but it's not the norm with what girls call 'nice guys.' Bad boys are animals when approaching ladies. They hunt …

Wonka! and other Tales

Originally uploaded by studiosound. A note: I wrote this message for my myspace account yesterday. I have the rest of the tale further down...

I am currently in the last days of rehearsal for the Spotlight Theatre's production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. So I need your help! Come on down and support a silly lad in pursuit of one of the most insane characters I've been asked to perform as..Willy Wonka! The rest of the cast is really quite marvelous and my nice, cute girl Jes is also running the Spotlight!

Performance Dates:
Friday, Feb 24, at 7:30p.m.
Saturday, Feb 25 at 2p.m.
Sunday, Feb 26 at 2p.m.

Next Friday, March 3 at 7:30
Saturday, March 4 at 2p.m.
Sunday, March 5 at 2p.m.

Oh and I'll be on the local Channel 8 news morning show on Thursday morning between 9 and 10 a.m.....

...and now on to today!

This is Thursday. I got up this morning and had plenty of time to get ready for my time on KTUL. I put together my things and started my car. Then I hop…

science and reasoning

science and reasoning
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A light in the distance is dim through the foggy night. Water surrounds the boundaries between here and there.

What is the emotion versus the choice of freedom?

What is the emotion of freedom?

What is freedom?

How does a person think? What do we realize versus percieve? How do our perceptions affect our emotions?

What comes from percieved emotions and how much control do we have over them? Can we create emotions? ;)

Do our thoughts develop how our emotions develop? How are we trained to think how we do?

Are we born with it, do our parents and family tree drop down the apples of thought response or are we shaped through our life? Is there a combination of the two?

An example:

Say a mother is a musician and the child becomes a musician; does the child have traits born made to be a success? Or does the stimulus from the mother as a musician influence after the child is born and raised? If a child of a musician is raised away from the moth…

A full day

A full day
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I am an artist and an artist who is completely wrapped up in my craft. Too much? Up for debate, but I sure am doing what I've been put here on earth for. I'm currently in The Drunkard tonight, yesterday I was privelaged to paint with Autumn Shade, a sublimely massive painting that was so stinking big it wouldn't even fit in my car once I was done with it. How'd I get the canvas in there in the first place? I have no idea! Last night Jes and the band played a great set that really helped my live painting. If you missed it, you really missed something special! Jes started the day with some wicked awful sinus congestion but got to the performance in top form! She played some of my favorites and really sounded nice. Wes Played Drums and invited me out for some kind of a neat 24 hour film-making thingy, we'll see how I can pull that off. My friend Dana was incredibly kind to bring a PA system and everything last nigh…

I have a silly device for reading that works!

I bought a Gameboy SP and a wierd little device called GBA Movie Advance Player I got at a chinese website, for about 25 bucks. This thing is quite a diverse little unit. It’s got a music player, a movie player, an image viewer, a famicom emulator…but that’s not all!The coolest feature by far is the e-book program. You can hook up a compact flash card to the cartridge and you can upload any text file and it’ll save your bookmark so you can read on the go with a device that can fit in any pocket. I think a great thing is it allows you to travel very light. I have about 60 books on it right now, all in a tiny pocket in my bag!You can find text versions of books at and read and read until your brain is saturated with the works of every major author you wish to absorb!I take it with me everywhere. The gameboy has hours of power so I actually once hopped a Greyhound bus from Oklahoma to Los Angeles (a thirty hour trip!) and read so many books. I feel …

Just a reminder

Just a reminder
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Autumn Shade and I will be performing at Saffron Coffe TONIGHT.
1148 S. Harvard
It'll be best to get there 'round 7:45. The show will begin at 8p.m!


Fruits of life

analog tree
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Well I've been really busy these last few weeks. We went to Tenn. AGAIN for some business junk, and I'm in yet another play at Spotlight. Charlie and The Chocolate factory! I'm .... Willie Wonka. I call it a combination of some friends of mine and plain old crazy. It'll play the last week of Feb and the first week of March. Also, Drunkard.

Gotta go kiss Jes. Bye!

Autumn Shade is the best band I know.

Autumn Shade is the best band I know.
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Saffron Coffee and Art
11th and Harvard
Friday, Feb 10 @ 8p.m.

In Tennessee

In Tennessee
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Jes and I are having a fun time in this year, 2006. We'll be back soon!

Here's to 365 great days of life!