o! gear shift!

o! gear shift!
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I'm going to move between ideas farily quickly, beware!

I am Derick Snow, and I wear two big hats. Artist, and Actor. I combine them to become Snoweyes, The Adventure Artist. I've been almost too busy in the last months with work and my acting, which is still awesome and fun and incredible and...fun. Fun fun fun. All the same, I've been on the actor boat for quite a while, yet my left hand - my artist's hand - readies itself to create...

My art is something I hold dear to my heart. I've been drawing with excitement ever since I created my opus, Caveman Duck, when I was in the third grade. It still is showcased on my Grandma's house hallway. I've since moved onto sculpture, photography, watercolor, and now my favorite medium that takes forever to dry, oil.

I can thank my first teachers that got me into finding a 'style' for myself. Without Ms. Angela Morris and Ms. Katie Bartlett I wouldn't be at the level I am today. They didn't necessarily teach me 'how' to make art, but gave me the ideas to make my own tools to carry forward. I've been studying and teaching myself as often as I can stand!

I've grown as a person, and so in my mind I count poetry and words a very unique form of art. I like lacing my imagery and my words into something more than they would be seperately. I've been writing solidly for nearly five years now. That counts for my journals, my seven notebooks (one lost, *sob*), my illistrated 'Davinci'-esque book and a whole lot of online works. Enough writings to fill two websites and a blog!

Is there ever a real reason for writing on the internet? For me it's a way to keep track of my history and my life. I find it's easier to write in a way that I can access anywhere in the world. Digital print has outflanked paper in many ways, yet it's not permanent and has a nasty habit of requiring lots of backups. Paper is still terribly important to me; it's something you can grasp, touch, keep in your books, ect... In my perfect universe, I've got a mix between those two worlds.

Writing vs. Drawing (and illustration/painting/photography)

For me, I can more easily mold my thoughts into words when I am typing versus the manual method. Not always the case, but when my words are free to move about without the confines of written paper, I can really let my mind explore the universe. So for writing, nothing beats the laptop for me. I also happen to be a heavy editor of my own work; copy-paste is a godsend!

As for art...

The canvases are (in theory) infinite, allowing me to paint and draw on my digital board so easily and quickly. But the texture on my works when I create media are missing the important organic feeling in the lines of my true-real-life pencil lines. The computer-simulated lines won't cut it. And If I'm intending to fill a certain space, nothing beats a drawing pad to sketch out my ideas without worrying about ram and resolution. So for illustration, I like combining the world of the media with my pencil and brushes, later finishing them off with the computer once the central imagery is down. I find the best use to my computer is for basically coloring in my pencil-sketched work with my trusty Wacom tablet. I must admit to skewing toward the minimalist side even then in many cases. In fact, I have only done some minor cropping and color adjustment to the works I've painted recently. Every illustration is different.

Most of my artistic work lately has been in the area of painting and photography. I've gotten into finding images just begging to be recorded, be it some old textures on a building or the soul deep inside of the human eyes. I want more!

to be continued...