The Running Fat Man

The Running Fat Man
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Two posts in one day! That doesn't happen too often!

Some fun news is Jes and I are BOTH in different commercials airing right now. My Bank of Oklahoma dance thing is up again; Jes' Accessory City is also shuffling about. We were both on the same show (a soap opera, hoho) earlier in the week. Awesome!

I was waiting for rehearsal for Pan yesterday at the Spotlight Theatre; nobody called me telling it was cancelled so I drew this as I watched people running and jogging and biking...

It's good for a laugh. Yay for nipples!

I've been getting into more animated styles of drawing lately. I am a big fan of John K, the inventor of Wren and Stimpy (

He writes something insightful everyday for the drawing juices to floweth from my pencil.

I am also in the Drunkard Saturday night. Did I mention that?

Another thing: you can now simply subcribe to my blog via email if you're not already on my Yahoo Group. Just goto my main site and you'll see a new box up top about that.

Cheers all.