A Redeye

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Stumbling sleep sleep.
We awake somewhere in my car and
Go for a drive to stop from veering to sleep.
Coffee scalds this brain into recognition and
The liquid mind flows uneven
White hot wind.
A splash of water on eyes the color of turnip
Unmatting hair and unstuffing nose
Our trunk is tight and heavy with sleep.
We throw it all off of it.
We hate the initial feeling of despair
And yet the art is burning itself out from within
A phoenix is torn and burned
Looking a bit better now, not so dead we think.
We are Brains coming together for one completitude
Beathe deep.
Now I am alive for the running thoughts of a life
that is mine.
A forest through hewn wood manmade
Textured and muted
Lit by a huge red moon along the edge
The moon's eye is an orange.
I took a bite tonight!


Anonymous said…
That was one of the most beautiful poems you have ever written love... xoxox jes