Piratey Goodness

Piratey Goodness
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I have neglected to update my little web thingy as of late. That is a shame! Mostly because I am in a play right now and you're invited!

It already ran last week and the crowds were at capacity. If you like the brilliant works of Mr. J.M. Barry I heartily reccomend this version at the Spotlight Theatre.

I actually performed as Peter Pan myself four years ago, but I must say the current Pan is incredible....and cute as a button! Yes. Pan is Jes Lenee'. She's got the part down. I would hope the would; she's read at least two bigraphies of Barry and has several versions of Peter Pan she collects.

We (Jes and I) got the chance to meet the kid that was in the new Peter Pan movie a little over a year ago in Los Angeles. He was the lead in a cancelled show, Clubhouse. Boy he was tall! I ended up playing baseball with him while I waited to go on the set. Jes had the tiniest crush on him, mostly because he had played Pan.

AnyHOW, I've been drawing a lot more and I'll put up some drawings a little later. The one I've got up there is from before I was cast as Smee. Once I got the part, I rather enjoyed the dirty, hunched version I've made for myself. I actually look alot like my drawing when I'm on stage. I hope you all get a chance to see this version. I'll say the production quality is through the roof considering how small the stage is at spotlight. It was nice last time I did it, but this time has come together so much more cleanly and everyone has their heart in their role.

So come on down!
This Friday at 7:30p
Saturday and Sunday at 2p.
Spotlight Theatre
13th and Riverside
587-5030 for reservations
I say get your reservations if you're coming. I predict sold out shows all week!

I and Hook and Wendy were on television last week and as soon as our machine gets fixed I'll have that on my site.