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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!
Originally uploaded by studiosound. May all of your holidays be rich and filled with holiday cheer. Delene sent me a very special gift! I hope you get what you want as well!

I'm off this morning...

Cristian Slater
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I've gotta be quick tonight...

This weekend I ran off with Jes and randomly ended up in Fort Leavenworth Prison where Jes visited her friend for the first time in four years!

And this morning I'm running to Blue Ribbon Downs to be in a a Jockey! Haha how bizarre. I feel like Joey from friends. I've been Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, The Road Warrior and now a Horse Jockey. But this time I believe it's for a gigantor billboard.

Off to bed.

I'm off this morning...

I've gotta be quick tonight... This weekend I ran off with Jes and randomly ended up in Fort Leavenworth Prison where Jes visited her friend for the first time in four years! And this morning I'm running to Blue Ribbon Downs to be in a a Jockey! Haha how bizarre. I feel like Joey from friends. I've been Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, The Road Warrior and now a Horse Jockey. But this time I believe it's for a gigantor billboard. Off to bed. __________________________________________________
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Things that make me me

*mrph mrph haarumph!*
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Derick again after a Drunkard session.

I had a grrreat day today! It started a little late. I woke up around 11:30 this morning since I went to bed so late the night before. I needed to finish cleaning my life up and it got pretty late.

I was awoken by a family friend about some silly computer thing someone was having, so I did my patented *not awake tech support* which apparently got the job done!

I got up in a hurry and was about to shower when everybody's favorite, Jehova's witnesses came by looking for my brother Howard. My dogs of course wished to bring paradise to these nice people a little early, so they quickly handed me some fine literature before running away!

Once up I put myself together to see my friends, Captain Chambers and Fae Weidenhoeft (sp?) get married here in Tulsa. Jes and I were invited, along with her family. Jes was the maid of honor and I was not. I simply was accepted as a friend and that was pe…

Arrg so many adventures! *a good thing*

Arrg so many adventures! *a good thing*
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
(photo by Jes,

Derick here, after a bit of time off from the internet.

I've been to Branson, Woolaroc, Bartlesville, The Drunkard and I am lovin life!

Tonight Jes and I got to act in a student film! We were going on an awkward first date. We didn't ever get the chance to go on an awkward date so it was quite fun to give each other long uncomfortable pauses :I

I liked being in the kind of life that brings people to ask us to be in neat acting projects. It brings out the best in me. I was actually feeling really tired before the shooting started, but once we did I felt much more loose and active!

A few days ago Jes and I went out to a bit of land where you see me sitting on the couch. She took some wonderful images!

A few more days ago we went down to Branson to look at land that she wants to buy. It's so nice to play around woods and trees. After that we enjoyed the wonderful light…

A long story

MoonPix (Lunar De Brie)
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Well, I've been throught quite a bit this week.

My Nissan Maxima decided to stop pumping fuel correctly a week ago. So I had to borrow my Mom's car that has been just waiting for my dear mommy to get her license. I figured it would be good for the car to stay running from time to time, and so I did. Her car had been wobbling for a few months now, and my Brother Howard thought it was something with either the brakes or a wheel. Something or other!

I got to find out exactly what the problem was three days ago. I was leaving Jes' house sometime around 11:30 that night. I needed some cereal for the morning, so I went by Wal-Butt. By the time I got on the highway back home, it was close to midnight.

I was cruising between 60-66mph, just listening to some AM Coast-to-Coast, when my little blue car's wobble got a bit worse, and then it stopped wobbling, mostly because at this point I was sliding.

I played lots of Gran…

A prayer

...from my car outside the church parking lot after a long, heart-bruising day:

Keep my heart healthy
Make the fire inside me burn white
Bring inspiration to my head
Quell the desires of the damned
Give motive to my life
Help me be me
Let me bring you all you desire of me
Allow me to realize the those things you show me are beautiful.
Open my eyes
Protect my spirit
Talk to me, whisper in my ear the knowledge of life-
the wisdom you'd let me have and give to others!


Many, many bits of info...

(if you already got this, sorry 'bout that!)
Hello, dear ones. I'm back on the internet with a slew of tales for you.

First off, before anything else, Jes is playing a nice, fat gig at the Hive TONIGHT! That's Autumn Shade ( for you not in the know. The band tonight will consist of a piano, cello (!), guitar and a massive cannon-of-a-drum. It'll be awesome!

10:30p.m. is the time!
216 N Elgin is the address...
Here's a map ( Go there and support an artist.

Oh and yes, I'll be painting a massive bit of art during her performance as well. So yay!
This will, of course happen right after my good Captain's Blue November Micro Film Fest (, happening at the OSU Tulsa auditorium. (7p.m., 700 N. Greenwood, easy access off of I-244). I'll be going to see that, then I'll be painting with Jes' fine music! A note: Be sure to grab free tickets to the concert from the film fest. Otherwise there'll be a $5 cover!

As you…

Onward into the night

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I paint and I act and I love and I live for it.

Tuesday I'll be painting a certainly pain-filled image. Considering the pain I feel when I'm not on my meds that's not too difficult for me to imagine right about now. Indeed, Tuesday will be an interesting day.

Wednesday, on the other hand will be the beginning of the end for my pesky jaw. I'm going to get ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth cut from my jaw. Quickly I hope they send my teeth to their respective fairy to pay for the bill!

I'll be completely out of commission for the next few days after that. Jes wants to take care of me, isn't that nice of her? Well, I hope to be well enough by the weekend to go and see some haunted castles near Muskogee. I'll be eating food from a spoon and trying not to drink my (ack) blood.

I'll shiver *that* thought off with what some gool old black great grampa would say if he were me....

*cye crickets and the smell of night, on a du…

...Along the way of life

a dream
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I've found out alot of things about myself lately. One, I love art. Two, I love people. Three, I am feeling strange right now!

Why the strangeness?
Well, On Friday I had a big problem with my wizdom teeth. My bottom-right one decided to expose itself to the world in the form of extreme pain! I had a dentist's appointment friday morning and now, after a day, I'm feelin' fine on the special pills the fancy lady gave to me.

I'm feeling groovy, and I was in the Drunkard like this!!! I just wanted to see if I could write something worthwhile in this crazy mode like other artists' that can only write or paint on some kind of silly drug. It's some kind of ibuprophen and a narcotic. No way I can operate heavy machinery like this! Thank goodness I'm not a fork-lift operator.

Anyway, I'm probably going to get some kind of oral surgery to get rid of my bad teeth this week. Hopefully. I don't like feeling so funky al…

Yee. Haw!!

Yee. Haw!!
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I love making art.

Tuesday I painted a gigantic oil on canvas, and I've got requests for some commission work! That's just great!

I am still looking for that next big fix though. I'm really interested in photography and would like to go even further with the art.

In fact, this friday and saturday, I'm going on an ART EXPEDITION! Just looking for beauty in this sometimes crazy world.

If you want to help me out on my journey, send me a line. I don't know the details just yet, but it might involve being a good kind of crazy and howling at the moon.

May even run around half-naked in the rain, but that's just conjecture, depending on what the energies are hinting to me....I do know I'll be having fun, being alive!

I'd like to hang out with anybody. I need people!


look down
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I'm a-apinting a huge painting tonight, as well as my debut of slam-artist Derick!

So be at Gypsy Coffee House, 3rd and Cincinatti (behind Spaghetti Warehouse)!

It'll be great fun and I'll entertain you! ya!


Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I went and took pictures yesterday down by the river. See?! I have more on the flickr thing.

I've been regulary painting at Gypsy for two weeks now, and I'm a havin' fun! I ran into my fun friends Justin and Claire and a new friend Whitney! I'm very happy to have had such fun relaxing and being an artsy fool!

Speaking of foolishness, I'm in Drunkard both Friday and Saturday! I may even goto the fair Sunday, who knows.

Yesterday I also got to meet my other groovy friends, Captain and Brett! I had to go off to rehearsal, so I had to cut their sage conversations short :( but I got to drink tea and peruse Captin's latest script for his film Solid! It's quite a creative film and I'm very proud to be able to work with him!

Heck I even ran into Devon "How To Master Secret Work" Brewster, eternally in his Harley/expat outfit...heh

So yes I met everyone on my world yesterday. Today I was at work, and now I'm g…

Hello, Lily Sunflower

Hello, Lily Sunflower
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I'm glad you called me today! I was very pleased to hear from your golden voice. After the call, I went to see my dad and we talked for a while. I hadn't seen him since I got back. He's well. He and the wife got a dog that was so happy he peed right on me. But it was happy pee!

After that, I figured I'd round out the family by seeing mom, but she wasn't home. So I went to go chill out by going to Borders for a drink and a read. I ended up buying the single for Bright Eye's newest album. The song is Lua and I haven't listened to it yet, because I've got a song going in my head and I don't want to forget it until I try to record it!

But I'll tell you about it when I do listen to the songs...

I'm figuring out myself, something I have to do from from time to time. Just a check to see how I'm doing, like reading a book about myself. I checked out pretty well! I am looking into myself and…

My nostrils smell like Gypsy

Shot ^ about a week ago. Ain't it nice...

Oh yes, I just got back from the Gypsy coffee house and I'm still high from the experience (almost literally from all the smoke). As you know, they asked me to paint as a featurette kind of thing, and I pulled it off pretty well. I attempted to paint two pictures at the same time. I've still got to work on one of the works, but I finished up one quite nicely up there in front of those crazy people. I had fun!

After the painterly works, I talked to my friend Claire and her pre-hubby Eric. We went on about the stories of relationships and videogames... We had a really good chat.

I like seeing art being made by others, so I loaned Eric my nice watercolour set after he talked about wanting to create more art to release his energies. He had such a happy look in his face. Even said, "you don't know how happy this makes me!" I'm glad I could do something nice for somebody!

Later, a friend of theirs, Francis (sp?) came and we…

A day in The Life

Derick here again with news that I'll be painting as a featured artist at the Gypsy Coffee House (directions) (info) this coming Tuesday, September 20th at around 8:30 or so...
Be there or be square! I plan on creating some big paintings! Yes, painting(s). Two. At the same time! Ambidextrioso!

The images above; I took snapshots of me while I was on Riverside here in Tulsa. I was feeling particularly inspired and snapped some of what I write in my journals. Nothing too juicy, but feel free to decode my texts...

Today I went to a huge garage sale in Broken Arrow, packed with deals that I didn't buy since I have enough junk in my world to make a tower to the Moon, but it sure was fun to talk to the people and look at toys for my eyes!

Tonight I was in the Drunkard, and will be taking next weekend off, followed by yet more Drunkard for a special presentation. Tonight I recieved lots of good words about my interesting use and characterization of Frank, the young lad in the play. Basic…

just a happy thought

just a happy thought
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Eyes burn with joy
lungs coughing glee
performance and inspiration
zero condemnation
my determination
pulling me toward the edge
edge of flight
edge of the bright light
where i want to be
that's all of me
gypsy on tuesday
for once just

I ran into so many friends today! I've been trying to kick myself into gear and this day had great potential for me. I ran into a great friend of my youth, Shawna Mott! We were on "Tulsa School Life" together, as well as friends in High School and some fo college. She's actually a teacher at TPS now, and is going to be the new Drama instructor at Nathan Hale! She has a lovely two-month old child and husband. I'm very glad to have seen her doing so well.

Later, after work I went to the Gypsy just for kicks and got so inspired by the poets. I also ran into an old friend, Claire (I was in Wizard of Oz with her!!) and her fiancee. She was trying to get into the MC position at Gypsy…

Yay for art

Moon Love3
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I had a great productivity day in terms of making pretty interesting art today. I threw some more images on my flickr, so check it all out.

I have had a fascination with the moon lately and I've been wondering why that is myself. The inspiration just comes and the mon pictures I have made aren't alike when I create them. The theme is easy to grasp I suppose. They've been popular to fans of my work. I suppose I'm also really into the human face and eyes. The moon shape allows the context to change while allowing myself to try new things. So yea I like moons and stars as well as horseshoes and clovers. Mmm...Lucky Charms.

I would like to thank the energy drink I had with my dinner, as well as Woodward Park on 21st and Peoria for inspiration as I listened to Nick Drake's Pink Moon and other fine songs.

Well goodnight, I've got a long work day tomorrow, about twelve hours worth! Bah!


Running around having fun...

finish the race
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I got a new tipod for my camera! I already had one from the 1950's, but a few photos ago a vital piece broke off and I needed a replacement. I went looking around pawn shops but couldn't find one. So I went to the Salvation Army and picked up a great pan-tilt-levelling tripod for SIX bucks! And now I can take pictures for longer exposures again! Yay!

Well, I've got Drunkard Tomorrow as Willie. But before that, I get to visit my Nephew, Cody for his birthday party extravaganza! Good times indeed.

It's too late to be up. So off to bed!

Just a quick note from Derick

DericknJes are sad
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Hi, all.

This is the last picture I took with Jes. I miss her! She's doing fine farming on organinc farms in Canada, but is you want to send her a message you can send me something (like e-mail, and I'll get it to her.

If you didn't know, her cell phone won't work properly up there as it costs almost $2 per minute, even to check her voice mail! So yea that sucks but you can email her still as she checks often and occasionally uses a phone card to get back to us with her voice.

I don't know how long exactly she'll be gone, at least a month. So keep rooting and praying for her on her big adventure!

...I've uploaded a few pictures from Victoria on the Flickr, and I'll be putting up much more in a little while.

...Also I'm in the Drunkard this weekend, finally as Willie after nearly two months! So reserve @ 587-5030 for the longest running play in the U.S.!

I'll be around Tulsa f…

I'm back! With a new job and whatnot!

Hey all, it's me, Derick!

I got back from Canada just a while ago and I loved every minute of it. I was sad to leave Jes behind, so I have been working on a pretty cool little DVD revolving around our trip. I hope to give it as gifts to those interested.

Upon returning to this crazy gun-toting country, I was offered a job as the Programming Director for the station I work at. I accepted and now I get the opportunity to get my pee checked for drugs. While in Canada I sure smelled a bit of pot in the air everywhere I went (even thought I never inhaled!), so here's hoping nothing turns up! The only thing I did do was drink a pint of fine cider at a pub with me and my mates!

But now I'm a working stiff again. But it's one of the nicest, most creative jobs I could probably have so I consider myself a lucky one!

I'd like to take some more photos and be artsy here in town, so mail me up if you want to go out on an expedition.

I'm hungry so I'm off! I'll write with …

Derick and Jes are goin to Seattle!

Originally uploaded by studiosound. Yep, tomorrow we're boarding an airjet thingy and are leaving for Seattle, Washington, later followed by Canada!

The short of it is, if you know anyone who might be able to help us out with a little bit of lodging or even a little tour around the area that would be great!

Once in a lifetime I'll leave a temporary cellphone number if you wish to call about this and only this... If you don't get us just leave a message.
--------- is it! or mail me, but who knows when I'll get to that.

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

Hello Again!

Evening Jes 9
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I've been busy, actually. There's a great reason I haven't been updating the site recently. I've been taking loads and loads of photos and reading and adventuring!

Go and check out my flickr site (click on the 'photos' button on my site @ for new images I've been getting into. I'm so into it, and I've got many more ideas for cool and incredible imagery. So yea, I've had loads of fun lately!

I just got the news that I'm going to Canada in a few weeks! I was a bit worried as I don't have a passport, but I did a little homework and discovered that I don't need one! Yay!

Tonight I'm painting at a groovy little coffee house, Shades of Brown (brookside). My friends Jes and Fae are playing their sets of Acoustic Folk and Celtic respectively, and I get to paint a fairly large oil briskly behind them. I'm excited! If you are interested in that we'll all be there around …

I want you!

On a photo shoot in Broken Arrow
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I'm putting out an APB for models for me and my cameras to shoot. Do you live here in Tulsa or around the area? Female or Male? Great!

I'm not looking to take headshots, sleasy photos or anything like that. I'm looking to further develop my talents as an artist. I want to go on a photoshoot and find interesting angles, poses, expressions, clothes, ect., Just anything that will create a great image.

I also have pretty much no money to pay you. But I may provide lunch or a high-five or a hug of gratitude, Roberto Begnini-style! Come a-here! I love-a-you!

I've been a videographer for Television for quite some time (about nine years, off and on!) and I would like to merge onto the still photography superhighway. I've always loved creating a good composition; I'd just like to take it up a notch!

Of course I'd need a model consent form, just in case I would want to display them somewhere.

So if you…

Photo Shoots and Saint Louie Misadventures

On a photo shoot in Broken Arrow
Originally uploaded by studiosound. How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday? I'm in a slow spell at work, so I though I'd write a little bit about my week.

I went on a photo shoot with Jes yesterday in Downtown Broken Arrow. For how fast BA is growing, the downtown is basically just abandoned old buildings and a grain silo. I do like all of the old, dusty textures it provides for me and my camera.

I've got a lot more pictures, but I'm going to limit how many pictures I upload per day, just so people will notice them as they trickle in on Flickr. The last time I did a big photo dump hardly anyone viewed the first pictures I uploaded. So come by every few days and look at the new stuff!

Jes and I got back from Saint Louis Sunday night, and we had a huge, fun trip filled with adventure. We came down to see Billy Corgan, who we got plenty of pictures of. Do you even know who Billy Corgan is? Remember a little tiny rock group, The Smashing Pump…

Wal-Butt and The New Car Saga, Part Two.

Breezy orange highway
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I'm a-goin' to Saint Louis tomorrow morning!

Jes reeealy wants to see the incomparable Billy Corgan, and I love SP.

So we're picking up in my nifty Maxima and are heading down, er, up there!

Woohoo! Road Trip!

Oh yea, don't ever go to Wal-Mart. As if that were news to anyone.

I took my Maxima, a perfectly running vehicle there to get an oil change. Baaad idea. Those fcuk balls. I dropped it off, came back an hour later and paid for it. I started up my car and my RPMs started way too HIGH! My eyes glazed over with rage. They screwed up my car! So I marched back in there and made a complaint. Turns out, Billy Numbnuts couldn't figure out how to remove my oil filter. Nothing about that on the reciept! He was going to let us leave without doing his actual job! That just enrages me. Even worse, he said the car's RPMs were doing that already when it came in.

LIES SEEP FROM HIS EVIL LIPS! I later found out what he ha…


Jes and I have gone a long way together. Our relationship has changed. But I think we'll be smashing best friends.

Strange feelings...

Sadness, swirled with a lighter shoulder. We were very nice together today. We made shishkabob and had a fine 4th.

She'll be leaving for Canada in a few weeks, so that's all I have for now.

The New Car Saga, Part One

The new car
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
This is my new to me!

It's a 1988 Nissan Maxima, and it's an incredible car.

I bought it at an auto autction, one of the most gut-wrenching things you can possibly go through. With a flick of the wrist, you've just commited bunches of money to a car you can't even drive until you've bought it!

I had gone to one other auction on Tuesday, the one on Admiral and Memorial. When I went in, I had to put up $200 as a deposit and sign a few things. Not so bad. Then I approached the auction garages. As I came inside, I heard the auctioneers, or rather heard the jibber-jabber sounds their orfices belted out. Thousand-hummana-hummana-canigettahummunahummuna. I got worried. Am I going to understand any of this crap? Will I accidentally buy a hummanahummana with a sratch of my nose? Fortunately, like any deep immersion, I began to understand the rich, complex language before me. I ended up making one bid, but at the end it d…

Coming soon...

I bought a car! At an auction! Lots of tales tomorrow!


Story of the Day....

olden goldie
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Above photo..I am an actor, and I go out in public like that...
..So I was at Wal-Butt this morning to change the oil out of my mom's car. First thing that went wrong: I left my Card in the ATM machine. Argh! Bright side: I was right next to the Wal-Mart bank and took out enough to last the week it should take to get my stinkin' card back.

That done with, I walk down to get my food at McButts inside the SuperCenter. As I walk, I see this guy looking at me very strangely. Having come from LA I used the 'don't pay attention and move along' approach, when he approached me.

'..Excuse me, but I need to ask you a question,' he started up.

Is this guy asking for money? Inside Wal-Mart? Geez, never go to Wal-Mart again, I kept telling myself.

But he kept talking, so I let him finish.

'I saw you and I thought I recognized you as my friend from Florida. He works at Disneyworld and plays Peter Pan...'

My eyes brightened …

Moon Solstice

moon solstice
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Finished this yesterday. I took the picture as soon as I painted the last stroke, so it's still glistening from all the turpentine and oil I used that night. I started painting at dusk and finished when I couldn't see anything anymore.I'm borrowing my Mom's car this week until Saturday, when I hope to buy a new car to replace my little Pepe'. Carborator is shot. Boo! The car backfired so many times my heart got weak from all the extra palpitations. My body was weak from driving my car. Alas.Today I've got an audition for another commercial! Wish me luck. It would be nice to get some more monies for buying pie. And Iced Creams!I plan on taking pictures and painting much more this next week, so there.Drunkard this weekend, Frank this time.

some idea

some idea
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
This was taken at the spotlight by another person. What's the point of a web journal if I can't write my deeper feelings? Is this all for fluff? Hell no! But I'll make it a little hard to find...grey stuff, and a little more complex for what you're used to on the site.

Yes, you've seen this picture before...

more bits of art
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Derick here again.

I've been addicted to flickrcom. I love the imagery that so many people around the world have created. I also found a group that's like a game show, and I like winning. Can you help my picture survive?

The point of the delete me group I have submitted my photo for, is you submit a picture, and people either rant about or loathe after the picture you bring forth.

I kind of fancy this picture I took, from Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe. I like the contrasts, the emotion of the subject, ect., so I want it to win now.

First, go here.
Click there and type saveme# on the right side of the image under TAGS. Or deleteme#, just make sure to write why!

It's very interesting to see what people have to say about something you have created. It's somewhat frightening to read negative comments, but hey, I'm an adventure artist and I can take it all!

please be nice...*sob*

Gypsy moon

Gypsy moon
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I was terribly inspired to go and paint near riverside this evening, around 8 or so... I decided to paint until sunset when I started and I went until a bit afterward. I felt good about this one when I painted it. When I was done some girls came up to me and aked to buy it, I may sell it to them. But my main purpose is to create a series of paintings and put them on display in a show. Wouldn't that be fun? Well, afterwards I felt the need to go down to The Gypsy and I got a coffee and write a bit, where I heard some people talking about art and metal sculpture. I decided to go over there and met Robert and his friends to talk art, and I actually knew one of them, I went hiking with her! So I had a great night.

Saturday is Drunkard! Willie! Come on down and watch! G'night!

Mayfest pictures and much more

New pictures from the last week in May
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Well, I got back from Mayfest on the weekend with a load of nice pictures. I'm happy with what I've captured. I put not only these from Mayfest, but dozens and dozens of photos going all the way back to when we left for California last year. I've got it nearly all up, so take a lunch break to see what I've been up to in the last year. More to come, of course.

I'm also playing as Frank this weekend. It wasn't planned, but I'm in it now!

Oh and thanks for all of the support you and others have given to Autumn Shade's music. I co-produced and mixed the songs that are available on The Autumn Shade page. I recommend downloading the song, "Window". It's by far my favorite of what's there, but since it's at the bottom of the list it's got the least downloads. Your ears deserve the best! I'm also glad to say posted a generous review …

Jes Lenee on Guitar

Jes Lenee on Guitar
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
...Yes, another picture of Jes. She's just so cute!
The Drunkard last night went along very, very well! I loved the Audience. What a difference from the night before! I'm happy, but I left my backpack, which has my camera in it. I was going to take some pictures of some of my other paintings, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Did I tell you about Star Wars? Well folks, I saw it and quite enjoyed it. Darker,and Jarjar had a total of one line!

Nothing but rest and relaxation for me tomorrow. I'm stinking tired!

On my way to the Drunkard...

Jes in Redbud Valley
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I'm about to leave to perform in the Drunkard this evening, where I hope to see my mommy! Yes, she'll be there.

But the thing I wanted to say was that finally approved the Autumn Shade page and you should check out her music.

Go here!

Give your review on the above page and I'll give you a high five.

I apparently didn't properly space out the paragraphs on the artist's bio section, but it will be fixed before too long. Thanks for visiting Jes, and she'll be back before the end of the weekend to be surprised by the fanciness of it all.

Gotta go!

From This Month

From this month
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I've been taking lots and lots of photos, and painting a bit more.

This photo was taken in the middle of the night. I found TWO TICKS on me, so after that fun it was about two in the morning. By that point I was hardly sleepy so I felt compelled to take out my camera and take some experimental photography.

This photo was achieved with a half-second shutter speed, and a powerful-yet-tiny LCD flashlight, with me strobing the bulb by hand during the shot. The effect made the light swath much larger than what the light could produce. Later I gave the image a sepia tone which helped to create a unified feeling that creates a very old, noir-esque mood.

I also decided to upload some more pictures from the last month onto the flickr site:

I've got lots of new images to peruse, please do.

I've also been working on a music page for Jes' Thanks to we can pres…

My moon in the ocean

My moon in the ocean
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I'm trying something a little different with the next few paintings I'll be making, focusing more on the powerful effects of water. Oil is such a beast to deal with. So stressful to try and manage, but it's still fun. I love the practice. This is actually the first painting in quite a few months, so I'm happy to have cranked something out.

I've got other paintings in my room for sale, I'll try and remember to show some online.

This painting won't be done for about 4 months, so unless you want a wet painting, I'd suggest some of my earlier works if you're interested...

I had a dream Jes and I were working on a Chronicles of Narnia movie. Good thing there's actually one about to be released, because my version was pretty low-budget in my dream!

Well, I'm high, thanks to my turpentine paint thinnerds;klsd, so It's late so I'm off to dreamland xkjzlszf

-Derick Snow

Upcoming events.

Here's my brother
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I was just looking through my pictures for a blog update and I found a fun picture of my brother. Isn't he swell looking, ladies?

Well, the play is over, but the director is attempting to have one last hoorah next week. If you are interested in watching in a pretty great version of Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe, please call 587-5030 and let them know you want it bad!

It's official, everyone in Tulsa has seen me in the BOK commercial. THey can't help it, it's everywhere! I am now known as the orange skittle on the right. I'm doing my best to get a clip of it for those who still can't find me. I'm on the right, dancin like an idgit!

I finally got a portable MP3 player, an ILO 256 from Walbutt (Walmart, Duh!). I have been doing ym homework, trying to find a good unit, and this little baby packs a lot for 68 bucks! 16-20 hours on a single AAA battery. 256 megs. SD memory upgradeable. Arm strap. FM radio wi…

Jes on The Beach

I have taken a million pictures, like I said. This was taken on the Illinois River in Talequah, Oklahoma, not long after our harrowing adventure on a raft that suddenly ended it's usefulness by releasing all of it's air. We had a great time!

For those interested in my pictures...

This picture I took In march of 2005
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I've taken the time to upload a mess of pictures from the last two months on my fancy flickr account. Please peruse and leave comments on images you like! This page also has pictures from my past entries, so it's a fun place to check out.

Tonight we had our first perfomance of the week for about 30 people in the audience. It felt more like a dress rehearsal, but it was fun.

After that, we went to a crazy cool place on 15th and Lewis where there is an art gallery and open mic, but I was soo tired from the performance of LWR my muscles refused to work well enough to play music with all of the fancy artisans around me. Next week I shall be crazy!

Work is tomorrow, as well as more of that wacky play.


Pictures from the last month.....

A Picture from on the road
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I snapped this picture on the way home from Talequah. Pretty, yes no?
The following are more pictures I have taken...First, is The beautiful Jes Lenee' of Autumn Shade, whom I fancy very, very much! Itsn't she amazing? The music is incredible and she also happens to be in Lion, Witch, Wardrobe with me! She has more lines than me, and I must say, is a great actor.

Next, is silly old me... Behind me is Fenris Ulf, Captain of the Witch's Secret Police!

Well that's all for now. Back to work!

Just look at her!!!

Isn't Jes awesome? Here she is playing her fancy guitar at her house.She's in The Lion, The Witch and the wardrobe with me, and she's much better than I am :)

I'm currently testing out posting capabilities of some new software, so bear with me...

Derick in Narnia and other adventures

Derick in Narnia
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I'm back with a wee photo from the land of Narnia! The show has been going swimmingly. I did bonk my knee, however last night, and it has swollen up just a bit. Throughout the day it's gotten much better.I was out shooting for School TV all day today, finding all of the new things the 2001 bond has paid for, along with ex-news reporter, Kim Jackson. It was fun getting out and doing old-fashioned reporting! Thing's slowed a little bit lately, but not anymore!
I'm supposed to be getting a raise shortly, but that's been taking too long to happen! I am being patient and good things will come of it.

I finally watched the Bank of Oklahoma commercial I was in. I actually recorded it and I'll try to put it on the internet.

So much has happened since I last wrote...(random bits)Like Jes dressing up as a Care Bear and us going back to Arkansas. We (Jes and I) have been mostly at play rehearsal, but we've gone to church…

Aha! It's been a month....

Haha I've been so busy I forgot to put any news!

I've been in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe . Last week was the first run and it went well! I've been taking loads of pictures, I'm working on something special for those little puppies.

alas I've got to go, so I'll talk later!


I'm at work and...

Derick, just getting through the week...
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I got a weird little idea about the Olio. You know what that is? It's the show after the Drunkard that has acts of all kinds like jugglers, comedians, dancers and singers. Well I got an idea. Don't steal it!

Imagine...if Paul McCartney and John Lennon got together one last perform in the Drunkard! I've got some interesting things planned that I'll keep to myself until I get my stuff together. It'sll be a star-studded spectacle!

Yesterday I got to cut out of work for a wee break with Jes and her mum and sis to play mini-putt-putt ad Celebration Station! It was fun and I most certainly lost. I'm glad Jes wasn't a poor sport when she won. NOT! :)

This Saturday I'm playing is The Drunkard, most likely as Willie Hammond. If you're interested in tickets, call 587-5030!

Tonight, I've got more rehearsal for LWR and I'll just wing it for other adventures I can find! I t…

I'm just getting through the week...

Well, I played in the drunkard this weekend and all
went well. I didn't exactly know I was playing, but I
showed up and they let me act as Frank! As you can
see, Jeff Howard (left) and I (right) were lookin'

I'm playing as Willie Hammond this coming saturday and
I'm still getting through rehearsals for Lion, Witch
and The Wardrobe. It's all going well. In fact, I had
a pretty fun night which ended with me selling
Hanson's mom (yes, that Hanson) a CD of Jes' music
( Someday we'll get around to
telling the family how much of a fan Jes is of the
group. I'll just say that I find the rest of the
family to be gracious, talented folks, I'm glad to
know 'em.

I just found out that I'll have to wait until the
beginning of April to find out about the Critic's
Corner show. Carp! At least I'll get to see me in a
commercial on April 1. That was for Bank of Oklahoma,

Anyway, I've got a new camera and I've been shooting

I'm working on my website...

I've been figuring out new colors and themes and such to match the feel of the name, and I am still working on it.

During my work, I've been looking around for good free web services out there, and I thought I would be a nice person and share what I found. These seem to be great!

For web space, I found a place called and I like what I see. No banners, good uptime, and relative ease of use for uploading what I have already created. Cons: limited upload size at 200KB, which isn't terrible if you only use the space for small web images and HTML.

What about easy use of what I'm doing right now, also called blogging? Google has the best solution so far. is the site. go forth and frolic.

So what do I do about the bigger images and audio files I want to share?
well, that's easy, I found, a no-frills , no login, easy download, easy upload service. So simple it's devious. Files can be up to 3MB, big …