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Merry Christmas!!

I'm off this morning...

I'm off this morning...

Things that make me me

Arrg so many adventures! *a good thing*

A long story

A prayer

Many, many bits of info...

Onward into the night

...Along the way of life

Yee. Haw!!



Hello, Lily Sunflower

My nostrils smell like Gypsy

A day in The Life

just a happy thought

Yay for art

Running around having fun...

Just a quick note from Derick

I'm back! With a new job and whatnot!

Derick and Jes are goin to Seattle!

Hello Again!

I want you!

Photo Shoots and Saint Louie Misadventures

Wal-Butt and The New Car Saga, Part Two.


The New Car Saga, Part One

Coming soon...

Story of the Day....

Moon Solstice

some idea

Yes, you've seen this picture before...

Gypsy moon

Mayfest pictures and much more

Jes Lenee on Guitar

On my way to the Drunkard...

From This Month

My moon in the ocean

Upcoming events.

Jes on The Beach

For those interested in my pictures...

Pictures from the last month.....

Just look at her!!!

Derick in Narnia and other adventures

Aha! It's been a month....

I'm at work and...

I'm just getting through the week...

I'm working on my website...