Moon Solstice

moon solstice
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Finished this yesterday. I took the picture as soon as I painted the last stroke, so it's still glistening from all the turpentine and oil I used that night. I started painting at dusk and finished when I couldn't see anything anymore.

I'm borrowing my Mom's car this week until Saturday, when I hope to buy a new car to replace my little Pepe'. Carborator is shot. Boo! The car backfired so many times my heart got weak from all the extra palpitations. My body was weak from driving my car. Alas.

Today I've got an audition for another commercial! Wish me luck. It would be nice to get some more monies for buying pie. And Iced Creams!

I plan on taking pictures and painting much more this next week, so there.

Drunkard this weekend, Frank this time.


Anonymous said…

I was wondering if there is a way I could contact you? I didn't find an email anywhere.

Thanks :) is my email!
Anonymous said…
Thank you :)