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Merry Christmas From Derick Snow

Ho ho ho and merry Jesus' Birthday! Well, I've been back in Tulsa for a few weeks, just waiting for the end of the editing so we can see what happens next. I flew back via 737 on Southwest, the first time on a plane since 1987! Well, I had a wonderful time flying in a big jet plane from LA to Phoenix. While in Arizona, I called up my friend, Michael amd we got to hang out and see the City for just a while, then I ran back to the airport, where I ran into some old friends and a new one! I ran into a fellow actor who worked with me when I did some Teens Involved In Problem Solving (TIPS) national PSAs long ago, fancy meeting her in Phoenix. I also got in line and started talking to a deep-voiced man with a cowboy hat, who seemed oddly familiar to me. Well, turns out I was chatting up Urban Country legend Johnny Lee! He apparently wad on his way back to Branson when we talked. Cool! Here's a fun tale. Once I got back into Tulsa and back to work I actually dicsovered I'd been…

Day three in LA

Last night was pretty fun!
I finally got down all of the moves from the My Little Butterup scene from Three Amigos!

What makes what we are doing a parody? Well, well... It seems we are going to a Mexican restaurant and performing to unsuspecting guests. Where? When? Can't tell you. But I'm pretty sure it will be nice and funny.

I'm also in a scene called Keanu Reeve's School of acting, where basically the entire cast takes lassons from a wannabe student of Keanu's "Style". It was pretty fun improving, allowing the writers to figure our personas into the scene better.

I left by bus and actually got there on time! I was fortunate and got a ride back as well. So that's a happy day. Everything's going to plan.

*in a Mr. Burns voice*

I went walking around my house a few miles out and found a reallt cool place with soo much cheap stuff, like 14 protien bars for 2.50 and such and so. As a poor little boy this place fills me with sustinance and …

I'm back in LA!

After a long and temultuous journey, I find myself back at the Sicle and Sheaf - er, Los Angeles.

I got to ride in a bus for 34 hours, 30 of which were perfectly acceptable until my mind snapped into hour 31. Day was night, night was day, I was hungry, not hungry, I was confused arrrgh! So I finally reached Los Angeles, where I really still didn't have a firm place to stay. I was at the Downtown LA Greyhound Depo and didn't have a place. So I call up a producer on the show and I get set up with a place that night. Unfortunately, I have to wait about five hours before the producer picks me up! Only a few vagrants hassle me, but I don't pay attention; I've been here before.

So I'm driven to this guy's (Steve's) apartment, which was incredibly gracious of him. By this point I'm actually kind of shaky from exhaustion. He has to go and work some more, him being a busy producer and all, so I immediately try to call some family back home. I get through a few c…

A great saturday night

Even thought it's now Tuesday morning, I thought I'd tell you about my friend Captain Chamber's film festival, The Blue November Micro Film Fest Stage II. It was incredible! I was lucky enough to be a Judge for the film festival, I watched about twelve hours worth of film and I can't believe the amount of quality work that came out of Oklahoma this year. Asking Kelly and Man on The Side of The Road (by my friend Bret Mix) were two of my favorites. I'm glad we've got some talented people showing locals how a creative, well-lit, well shot production can be done.

The last night of the fast (Saturday) I was lucky enough to create a massive oil painting behind the incredible band Autumn Shade during the after party. A nearly hour-long set was barely enough time to finish off the work, created completely by inspirations from the music and atmosphere and little thoughts in my mind. I ended it by giving it to Captain and his fiancee', Fae. I warned them that it wou…

A Wacky Night with the TPD

Derick back, I just got home, around 3 or so in the morning...

I am wacky, and here's proof!

I got out of my girlfriend's house last night around midnight, but got real sleepy and fell asleep in a local 24-hour Wal-Mart parking lot (it's legal, just ask them!), where I had a dream about Christopher Walkin (you know him, right?). In it, I threw his clothes in a bush and preceded to run from him in fear of retribution. There was more smaller stuff about my mom taking driving lessons in random parts of Tulsa, and me next to a carnival or something or other...

Then I woke up around two in the Wal-Butt lot, with a stiff neck and a weird sensation, as if I didn't get enough air. So off to Quik Trip I went to get a coffee and freshen up a bit. Then I drove home listening to A.M. Coast-To-Coast.

Recently, both of my headlights went out, but only one setting died, so the brights still work. So I used those on my way home. I have to drive by some low-income housing on my way to …

Derick is back online with a tale to tell!

Derick back from the land of the Tulsa.

First off, my website, is frozen right now, so I can't access any email from mail(at) instead, you can contact me @ studiosound(at) for now. Also, please visit my blog on Let it be known that is a big fat piece of poop. They froze my account and sent it off to some othersection of the company and I've been trying to get it back for nearly three weeks now! ugh.

Kids, gather 'round and I'll tell you what's been going on with a nice little story.

Once I got back into town, I had no money, and I haven't had any for about a month now. But I get my paycheck on the 5th, which is nice.

I was actually supposed to be back in LA on October 29th, but shooting begins for my little thingy on Nov. 7th. So I ask if I can delay my visit. Fortunately, the purpose of the 29th is for "auditions" for other smaller roles in the other segments, and I've alr…

Back in Tulsa!

Wel, It's Derick once again, and I'm back into the swing of things here in tulsa, back for a few mere weeks before I leave again for the insanity of LA!

I'm working back at the 'ol TV station I frequented a half a year ago. Seems they never took me off of payroll. Woohoo for that, I need money again!

So my life resembles a bit of normalcy, even though I'm a bit cluttered lately. I spent five months living with just a few things, and now I've got a houseload of things overwhelming my eyes!

Thanks again to everyone who sent a kind word lately through the yahoo group, I am happy to hear from you! I shall reply to all in this fancy little message.

To BobSpongeman, I don't remember who you are according to the email addy, but thanks for writing. I was in a show called How To Master Secret Work here in Tulsa, and as far as I know, it never really went anywhere. It was low budget and had to many pie in the sky ideas, plus the production people never really coordin…

From Derick

I've moved from sunshiny Glendale to a friend's house in...SOUTH CENTRAL LA!!!!
Ahhh! Gangs and drugs! Actually We're right next to USC to it's actually very nice here. We're sleeping in the living room at out friend Olivia's house. She's so nice to let us stay! But I'm planning on cruising next week to a wee trip and then to Tulsa.

My mom brought up a good point about my pictures: They are all over the place! I've put them on a few places over the internet...

Plus I've got a whole mess of them on a CD I've burned, as well as on another computer I don't have access to. So I've got to get those images before I leave. Then I'll post my collection when I'm feeling like it!

As for my hair (Lyle Lovett as my brother called it), I've learned that longer hair is popular around here, kind of a…

Many thanks

I've been going through all of the kind comments on my Yahoo Group and I'm glad I know so many kind people who believe in my little journey!

Thanks goes especially to my Mommy, who was on pins and needles! She was so happy she jumped for joy when she heard!

Thanks to everyone... Cindy, Jeff, Michael, Danny, KR, Roger, Bill, Jamie, Captain, Fae, Dusty, Howard, Dad, Carol... I could go on and on so I'll just say I am happy and I love you guys!

To Jeff- I'm coming, as far as I know, back to Tulsa in about two weeks! Perhaps I could be in a showing of Drunkard when I come back? You've got some pull, right? Wink, Nudge.

Also, today I was on scrubs again, with Heather Graham and I in the same shot! Nifty. I've now worked with two people that have been in Austin Powers! So look for the scene when the main white guy is hallucinating and Heather goes in for a kiss! There I am behind her bein' all creepy!

Ha I'm out of here. G'night.

Derick Snow and his TV show dramatics...

Originally uploaded by studiosound.
After long travels and tribulations, I have actually done something worthwhile out here in LA. I got a pilot!After weeks of callbacks, waiting and more nervous waiting, I got a message about that little show I was hoping to be on...
I was out away from a PC and had my brother, Howard read me the good or bad news as to my future in television. This is what the message he read to me (basically) said...

"To all,

I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate you comin in and showing up week after kickin' ass they way you did. Remember that anyone not on this list is on our alternate list to be contacted if anything happens to the availabitlity of the others. For those of you on the list attached, we will be contacting you to meet with you individually. Contact us about any questions or problems, if you're on the list or not.

Thank you and God bless.


By the way we added one slot after a bloody fight over some things.

Tanner Be…

A fun time in LA

I'm working on a show called Grounded For Life today,
as a coffee house patron. I'm currently sleeping on
the floor of a very nice condo in Glendale, just north
of LA. You wouldn't believe how expensive rates for
the teensiest rooms are here. Think closer to $1000 a
month! Ouch!

My current plans are to find out what I'll be doing on
the show if I am actually chosen after all this
casting mess. If I get the show, then I'm coming home
in about two weeks to get some stuff and rest for a
month. If I don't get the show, then I'm coming home
in two weeks and I'll make plans from there!

Have a fun!

Do you Yahoo!?
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I'm just giving you guys an update...
I should find out about the show in three days!
Yesterday I did a background gig as an effimenate character, which was pretty funny, my big break ;)

Well I'm off to Going Deeper and Thai Food!


This Very Morning!!

This Very Morning!
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Well, I got up this morning and checked my email, and one of my oooold high school friends, Danny Isom, sent me a message. Long time no hear!

I've been pretty busy all week, I was selected to be a 'Drama Club' student for the feel-good show Joan of Arcadia. Very heartwarming and all that crap. I judge all shows I to background on merely on the basis of catering. I found some shows have incredible catering, with orange duck and fanciful breads, so I greatly enjoy those. I also found that some shows actually make you leave set to fend for yourself in hunter-gather mode so we don't starve during that 14 hour day. So while the people on Joan were nice enough, they FAIL!!! Because they made me pay for my own stinkin' food even though I slaved my way through three days of looong hard work. NEXT!

Next week I'm going to be on the show Judging Amy. I hope they'll feed me :) For I am a poor boy just struggling in …

I'm off to Church Small Group!

..but first, I'd like to say, "hi".

I'm hoping to find out about the show in a few days, no word yet.

Yesterday Jes bought a very nice copy of Peter Pan!
Two days ago, while on the set of Joan of Arcadia as a Drama Club Student, I read all of Garden of Eden. Great book, very on edge writing by Hemingway.

I've been recalled through Wednesday to be on Joan, so I know where I'm going to be: near the catering truck getting fat:)

Have a good labor day weekend, I'll be spending it at a nice concert in LA.

Bye, yawll!

Derick's calling to be an extra on a show, Rodney....

Derick was calling in to be an extra this morning, and
this is his story.

'Twas a cold cold night," I am just going to wear what
I wear. I live in Tulsa." He said with a sing song
voice, a little confident and silly. He listens while
smacking his cheerios. "He does it so fast whenever
he does the address." He continues to smack in a
happy way. "Blue Goose is Oklahoma's TGI Friday. Of
course they don't realize there is a TGI Friday in
Tulsa already." He now sips his dirty milk and pats
the air with his hand softly as if a fly landed on a
cloud. "He said 'hick, redkneck or bluecollar worker
would work well.' The fairy whispers a sweet song as
he cries "Hold on, Love... If you want hicks go to
Texas." He smiles a crooked smile and holds the pen
firmly between his fingers. "Okay address." Furiosly
he writes on an old bulletin paper, crumbled and a bit
worn. "Okay Coldfax gate." He says with a deep sigh
while …

Hidee hi from LA today.

Here's mr 25 year old in front of my place in
Glendale. Yesterday was the last meeting with the
producer of Critic's Corner before we find out who's
in or out. I ended up throwing off my business suit
and stripping down to my boxers for an endearing
tribute to Gollum's LOTR skitso speech on UCLA campus.
I'll hunt down that footage when I see it later on. I
hope I get on the show. If I don't, then that's all
for Derick, I'm running away! Otherwise, I'm going to
be on the telly, yahoo!
Today I got to go to a pretty cool church function
called 18/28 at Oasis church, where I got free pizza
and fun. We had a contest asking if we knew the theme
song from the show, Silver Spoons, and I sure do!
Together! We're gonna find a way! Hopin' to find,
we're two of a kind, Together!....

P.S. I also mooned the girls and the south end of UCLA
yesterday, but don't tell anyone unless you laugh!

Derick out

It's My Birthday!!

Yessir, It's my big-ol birthday. I'm 25 today, August 25, 2004.

It's hard for me to imagine I'm 1/4 of a century old, because I still feel about 17. I'mout and about in the world,and I feel great! I'm going hiking today in Malibu, eating lunch in posh places, and getting gifts and surprises from my loved ones. Fun!

Yesterday, I worked 13 hours on the set of Clubhouse, while Jes worked 14!! Now that's hard work! I stole a button inadvertantly from the show, so now I've got memorabilia. Also yesterday, I found an ooold blocking script from Saved By The Bell, The College Years, shot way back in 1993! Screech's name is funny...:)

Well I don't want to spent all day in the internet, so off I go!
Have fun all!

Derick In the set of Clubhouse

Derick In the set of Clubhouse
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
(click the photo for more pictures)
I snapped this night shot from the set of Clubhouse on Thursday. I Got to hang out with the lead, Jeremy, who played Peter Pan in the recent huge movie last year. We talked about the fun of Vegemite!

I got to get hair extentions to be the double for Brad, a 15 year old who was about 45 pounds heavier than me, so I stuffed my shirt to puff me a bit. However, I never got to be shot, since they finished the shoot before the minors had to leave for the night. But I got a SAG voucher and $125 or so for the fun of it all! Just two more and I gan get into SAG with a mere $1800 to join...ha

I've come full circle. I played Peter Pan two years ago, and now I shake hands with the 'other' Pan.

Also, I saw the guy who played Styles in Teen Wolf on set. Yes!

Friday I got to stay up all night for a scene in the show Jack & Bobby, where the 1st AD asked us to draw something inspired from…

Back from a busy day....

Jes on camera
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Here's what today's picture is about: A few months ago, Jes was photographed by, well, a photographer for a documentary book he was making. He was just so interested in her story of us living on the beaches of Malibu that he just had to come and see for himself. That, of course, led to him hearing her CD, him loving it and giving it to a VERY well-connected manager, and now Jes is on the way to becoming the next Tori Amos, (but much more beautiful!!!)... Derick here again, back from being an extra on a little show called "Scrubs." I don't know when it airs, but I got to do a double take to the camera. I play a medical intern (I look good in scrubs, by the way) in that particular scene, so whenever the main guy with the big nose gets to be the "Co-Doctor in Residence" or something like that (as the Janitor puts the title on the door), look for me then. May I say that Jes should be easy to spot, what with h…

In a real haunted house

In a real haunted house
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I'm tired of talking LA. Let's talk of other things I've done on my many months on the road..

Before we had to come back, We were living out of our car, traveling up the west coast along Highway one and the Big Sur. There were dozens of beautiful sights. But I must admit I love abandoned things (I once found an abandoned THEME PARK. 870 acres of insane amazing things!!! But I digress)..Out of the corner of my eye I was a cabin with it's windows boarded up way up on a hill. My right eyebrow shot up and I stopped my car. Jes was too tired to come up there, so I climbed up this STEEP hill to get to this place that had come into the possession of the US Government. That wouldn't stop me from my intrigue, said the cat... I snuck around looking for an entry. Everything was closed up tight...Until I found a little string hanging behind a heavy plank. I pulled it an zoom! The door opened. That was one smart hobo, w…

Life in LA

Life in LA
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We're in LA.Here's a photo of us in the car somewhere infancy-pants LA... I kind of enjoy it here, but only so much I can handle. Jes, on the other hand, is just about ready to say adieu to the land of the west in favor of recording in Tulsa for a few months. Can't blame her really. I plan on heading back as soon as I'm done with the show. That's the plan for now. But if there's one thing I've learned on this trip: everything changes.I left Tulsa wanting to see what else is out there for me. So Jes and I packed ourselves into a 1977 Toyota Corona. Tiny, but we were leaving regardless of reclining seats or legroom :)So we ventured off to Arizona first, with hopes of flying through California, Northward into Oregon and into Washington and Canada.Well, a week into LA and Jes already had an agent. What was God's plan for keeping us here? We both took work as extras. Jes got a few commercials, and money for our t…

First post on the new blog

On the Road!
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
Well I decided to change over to google's so more people can read my messages without giving up info or anything like that.

Yesterday we woke up in front of our house (since we were locked out) and went to Oasis (church) and had a fun time. We didn't get back into the place until 8p.m. or so...
We mostly went out to shops in our area before we drove out past Santa Monica for a little rest and relaxation, sunning and getting wet at the beach.

This morning Jes had to get up at 4:30 to be an Extra on the OC. Ain't she fancy?

This pic was taken a few weeks back on the Big Sur Coast. Jes was busy being an artiste, while I was happy to mug for the camera.

From my life... (Yahoo Group)

(note: below are messages from the Yahoo group I started just a while back. I didn't like the layout of the postings, so I moved here to blogspot. But if you wanted to read stories related to the trip, I put them here...)

Hey guys, nice to hear from you! To be an extra, you need to get onto an extra service. Central Casting is the biggest in LA. It's easy to get work as an extra. You go right up to the agency on a Mon, Wed, Fri, give them $25 and they take a picture of you, you fill out info about yourself, then you call the hotline everyday and find work. Non-union get $54 for a day (anytime before 8 hours), Union (SAG, AFTRA) get $125 or so...after 8 Hours they pay 1 1/2, after ten its double time...I know people who excusively work as an extra to pay their bills.
Yesterday was quite a crazy day. I got some bad sinus problems before I went to work on a show called The OC at 9a.m. My nose was dripping, but the extra work only lasted for two hours. $54 in the bag. UNFORTUNATEL…

Hey all (Yahoo Group)

I am in a place for two weeks. Yay I'm not on the streets :)

I'm actually doing a show called "Critics' Corner" come November, when it shoots. In the meantime, I'm doing extra work and meeting with the producers of the show once a week to work out skits for the show and all that Jazz.

I was at a get together for actors and those interested in God called Going Deeper, where I was last night. There are some really neat people there that have some good energy. I haven't been to anything so interesting in Tulsa. I was talking to my friend Lucas and I mentioned about the show I'm doing, and he actually knew more about the show than I did. Funny how news travels so fast in Hollywod!

Today I got to be an extra in a show called Desparate Housewives. i got up at 5:45 and arrived a little late, but no matter ;) I was a "Soccer Buddy" for the show, we played soccer practice for the scene, then I convinced the Director to put me up from for a bit of imp…

I'm on! (Yahoo Group)

So where was I?
Oh we went up to a place called Loch Lomond for a few days to refresh ourselves with a great friend...Then I found out I got the pilot! Well, almost. Out of 1500 people it's down to 18 people. Now they need to cut the list to 15 and they'll be ready to write scripts around us. So I have to be in the area for two months, then in November the show shoots. I still don't have an agent, but I've got a a show! Funny? Yuppers.
So now I've got to get a job. And an apartment. I'm thinking San Diego. I'd appreciate any help out there if you know any people in that area! Also, I'm really low on money until I get that job. I'm not demanding, but if you've got 5 bucks it sure would help me out in the short term....

(If you want to send money, copy the below code into your browser and hit enter)…

Fun from July

From: "studiosound" <> Date: Tue Jul 13, 2004 9:45 pm Subject: A History....

I'll try to pony up a little history on our trip so you know whereour pictures took place. We first went to Arizona to see our friend Michael. But first we wanted to go see the Grand Canyon! So we wentand saw that magnificent thing of beauty and hiked along the Ahatrail.

We camped in our car, then we got to Scottsdale where wespent a few wonderful days with friend Michael and big giant turd Dan!

A quick note about the first pictures. The only digital cameras I've ever owned have been a Game Boy Camera, a crap $30 cam six years agoand a nifty $3 camera I got in a garage sale used. So all of the first images were taken with a limitied device. Once we got to LA, I have an interesting tale about 30 day refunds I'll get to next time I'm on!