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Hug an Artist

Journey Day 4 (469)
by snoweyes. I deserve one! You deserve one!

The picture you see on today's blog is another from the Jesus Movie I was in. I received some great photos in the mail last week. Don't they look great?

Now then...

Thoughts. Thoughts! My mind has wandered all about today so I should write those thoughts down just in case I write a book someday. Let's go for a walk.

I've been making some really important discoveries for myself lately. I've really wrapped my mind around what being truly sincere is and how that lack of masks can utterly free yourself. I realize that it's not always possible to be in that state but I've also come to the conclusion that we as humans slip into our comfortable characters instead of truly taking in the moments and relationships that can only be made when we take off those masks and reveal ourselves.

I've been reading a lot about my dreams. I've been meditating, not dwelling on my present possibilities and circums…

Maintain: A Concert of Video Realizations

Here's a little video I put together of Edwin's. Maintain: A Concert of Video RealizationsEdwin Fincher created a show, called MAINTAIN, a controlled video feedback show in the heyday or psychedelic subculture. 1973.WinAmp would be its' great, great, great grandchild.Uploaded on his Funeral Day, 4 19, 2008.Here's a little more background


I'm saving up to live here
by snoweyes. Oh, the photo you see up top is an infrared photo I took last month in a Cemetery. I love those! It's just haunting...and...speaking of DEATH-

Friends, do you like MURDER with your full, three course meal?
Ultumate Murder Mystery is fun entertainment! Everybody in the show is superb and if you've got the Tax return money I highly recommend coming to a dinner mystery theatre at Molly's Landing.
Ultimate Murder Mystery
UMM Tickets the place to get your reservations for April 19th, THIS weekend. May 3rd is the next one for me after that. This is a crazy western show called "Curse of the Phantom Cowboy," where I play a southern gentleman with a penchance for Gamblin' and just a tinge of...betrayal?! Maybe...?

May 24th is another one I'm performing in, called, "Do U Really Want to Hurt Me, Do you Really Want To Kill Me Now?" This one is pure 80's ROCK cheekiness with guns, a washed out rock star…

The Art of SnowEyes

Here's a sample of the live artwork I've created.

Auditioning, a Deconstruction.

o! gear shift!
by snoweyes. So I had an audition today for a small SAG film. I took the time to memorize the sides (lines in the script) and went over it with my coworker Dana. I honestly memorized it an hour before but thanks to those Improv Murder Mysteries it was really nothing. I'm a memorizing machine!

So the character's name is Rick. Rick may be a "dick". Rick is a very cocky person and very much into himself, so I pulled deep from the well of characterizations and found a double inspiration about four minutes before I did the lines on tape. I came up with three ways to do the character. One subtle one, one middle one, and one utterly, completely ridiculous one.

I did my hair just feathery-enough to look like Bo-Duke from Dukes of Hazard, added an unbuttoned shirt and my black fuzzy jacket.

Everybody knows I can do a spot-on version of Brian Rawson, I used to do it before the Jes and Brian craziness, so I carefully separated my emotions from that for this role, and…

Looking Back

Mr Big
by snoweyes. So I was drawing the other day on he sidewalk. It's fun to be able to just move my arm across a canvas or, in this case, sidewalk. The lines are nice and solid, while keeping my little cartoony 'style' I use when in cartoon mode.

I have a few distinct styles. My realist mode, my abstract painterly mode, my super-sparse style and my "coloring book" cartoony mode. The photo above fits right into my cartoon mode. Nice, solid lines, but oddly unique, slightly inspired by Ren and Stimpy I must admit. I was going for something more subtle with this one and it was a part of a larger, mutiple-style work. And I was just having fun!

When I look at the imagery, reminds me to gaze back in time and see how I've progressed as an artist in this mode.

I was looking back at all of my old web journals and rediscovered this silly thing...

Big Green Eyes

Click Me

It's a little children's book I illustrated oh, six years ago for a friend. It was a first dra…

A day of steps

Mr. Squirrelly-Butt
by snoweyes. Let me tell you a little story.

I woke up yesterday to this stupid floofball on my bed. He's been hiding behind my stereo for the last three days. This morning I opened up the windows after the squirrel leapt on me again for my wake-up call.

Yesterday I took my nice friend Jane out on the town for a last hoorah before she leaves for Quebec. Her silly internship didn't turn out very well but at least she's done some nice growing.

So we were at Peiwei after visiting Fedex Kinko's on 71st for over an hour trying to get all of her silly boxes of her life shipped. Apparently the shipping business is all about making as many hoops to leap through. I'll digress but it was ridiculous. So we were eating a nice, tasty meal and I got the fortune cookie at the end. The fortune read, "You will visit a distant relative soon." Of course I also ate four other fortune cookies, but that one's important!

I took Jane to the river and we fed…

Past vs Future

Dark Dark Sky
by snoweyes. Bunch of ramblings:

I am actively seeking bands to paint with over the next few weeks. Even if you are playing tomorrow or in a few weeks please get in touch so I can do something on stage with my paint. I am a live painter and create large-form works. I'd be happy to feel and paint with all kinds of genres and in really any venue you've got. I've got a band I'm painting with one date in Mayfest already. Check my site for more info about my painting :)

YoClick for it.

Well, this has been an interesting week. My friend Edwin died and now I've got all of his previous projects in my lap. I do television for my livin' day job and it's been very surreal. I've gained and lost friends this week and I've done alot of really intriguing things related to acting. This brilliant troupe that performed in 1984 at the Tulsa PAC also put on a smashing workshop that I randomly found out about while attending a silly Drillers game with some n…

In Memory of a Friend

In memory of a friend
by snoweyes. My friend J. Edwin Fincher passed away today. Edwin was a great
storyteller and I had great fun working with him. He helped to design the set and lighting for my little show on TPS, Quick Draw Derick and worked with me in many, many other venues through the last eight years I knew him. He taught me a vast amount of audio and lighting techniques, and I feel I should have learned even more from him.

He was just about the most unique, "bizarre" character I ever knew and I never tired of his stories from the drug-fueled past of 60's television. He worked at every television station in Tulsa and in turn, worked with just about anybody you ever knew on just about any TV show in it's past. He lit for Hee-Haw, Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Teddy Jack Eddy, and even produced a totally psychotropic show called "Maintain" back in the day!

He had this very certain demeanor that seemed to be out there while at
the same time, believeable. I learned ab…

Ancient gathering

Ancient gathering
by snoweyes. Hello friendly shadows of the internet. I’m just letting you know I have finally put a place that I can update my works of art for sale and exhibition. My first online home is I’ve even added to my website to hold my painting gallery, which also holds an electronic press kit and a write-up for myself to interested souls.

I’m happy I can make my website how I see fit. That said, social sites like this one bring everyone to me. I use it to find the people I’d never connect to otherwise. The interesting, the cool, the hidden. I’m happy that Myspace exists. However...

I find Myspace to be a little bit...messy for anything besides simple messaging, maybe even massaging if I’m lucky! So I use Facebook. It’s clean from the beginning and even though people have too many applications, I find the place more user-friendly, faster and easier to update. So I invite you one and all to my little facebook.

The best thing about my facebook are my photo secti…

For those that missed it...

Here's a fine second episode of Quick Draw Derick! The third episode should happen next week.

Quick Draw Episode 2 on Google Video

Quick Draw draws a picture to reveal the show's subject: Spring! Flowers! Unfortunately, Eraser Dan hates flowers and does his best to erase all of Derick's Drawings. Will Quick Draw Prevail?

I produced, wrote, editied this silly thing Derick Snow as Quick Draw Samantha Barrios as Country Cowgirl Sam Jeff Howard as Eraser "Diddly" Dan Seen in Tulsa on Cox Cable 20 @ 10am and 2pm

I love this

My creamy center
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I love this about the internet; my last few visitors to are from all around the world! I've got a little web counter that tells me you are from:

France Telecom, Mont-saint-aignan, Haute-Normandie, France

San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, California, United States

Videotron Ltee, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bluewin, Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland

Easynet, London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Greetings from Oklahoma! I love to hear from you and how you found me.

I've already visited London (two years ago), San Diego (four) and Quebec (one), but I'll be visiting you all soon enough.

I'm videotaping a Choir tonight, then I think I'll be playing my accordion at the Gypsy's famous Open Mic if there's still time.

Have a great day and do something special if you can.