Hug an Artist

I deserve one! You deserve one!

The picture you see on today's blog is another from the Jesus Movie I was in. I received some great photos in the mail last week. Don't they look great?

Now then...

Thoughts. Thoughts! My mind has wandered all about today so I should write those thoughts down just in case I write a book someday. Let's go for a walk.

I've been making some really important discoveries for myself lately. I've really wrapped my mind around what being truly sincere is and how that lack of masks can utterly free yourself. I realize that it's not always possible to be in that state but I've also come to the conclusion that we as humans slip into our comfortable characters instead of truly taking in the moments and relationships that can only be made when we take off those masks and reveal ourselves.

I've been reading a lot about my dreams. I've been meditating, not dwelling on my present possibilities and circumstances. I've been basking in the sunlight.

I've also been going to a really sincere church in T-town and I must say that's been a breath of fresh air. I'm not going to really push my beliefs down your throat but I've never experienced a non-religious, totally sincere setting as Believer's Church.

That said, I personally believe everybody has a chance to be the best person they can be, regardless of religion. I do however think those that keep expanding, stretching, learning and loving have a better chance out there in the world. We can do better than what our cards are initially dealt and "self" is what you make of it.

I personally have realized this idea. I grew up in less than ideal circumstances and my completely borked life needed changing. One day in 200X I had that overwhelming epiphany that I could do only what I would allow myself to do. The only limit was myself. The only thing stopping me from satisfaction was myself. So guess what I did? I removed those barriers and have been on an incredible path for over seven years. I can look back and see that I am so much more inside than I allowed myself to be. I didn't start out like I am today seven-ish years ago. But I did realize that I could take a step in the right direction and get on the right path...and keep going that way.

So I ask myself, "What's made me better person? What has made me a success? JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! JERK"


It's not the traveling I've done. It's not the art I've created and sold. It's not the plays and television shows I've been in. It's not the books I've read. It's not the physical feats I've accomplished. It's not the people I've met. It's not the "objects" I've acquired.

All of those things are byproducts, not the root of true self.

It's the perceptions that changed, darlings. The heart, the soul. I let go and was reborn to grow into the real me.

You are either growing or trying to maintain your state. Can you do both at the same time?

Can you accept yourself right now? If so, start there. If not...

The only way to climb a mountain is to take one step at a time.

Some of these recent days I've brought my accordion on my public adventures and I've never regretted it. The most interesting people have come up to me. Sunday it was a couple of fab Girls from Northern England, followed by four guys from the hipper parts of town. Monday I was approached by this marvelous grizzly old biker and his friends who were really a little drunk but very excited to see someone playing accordion. Everyone that was able to get out of their comfort zone and approach me has been really quite cool and I've had some grrreat conversations. Those new folks are unique and memorable.

If you want to get out into the world and meet new people, I will say get yourself an accordion.

I've been practicing in earnest for about a month and a half and I'm beginning to understand how the chord buttons work. I still have not had formal lessons but I can pound out the beginnings of a rhythmic bass line while I lay out some sweet tunes. Yea!

At an IHOP I had a great two in the morning conversation with a friend, Michael. We talked of our respective growth and challenges of late. Spiritual/physical/mental awakening is vitally important to becoming more than man and It's refreshing to see someone come to those similar realizations I had. He's pushing himself, growing himself and that's really something considering how tall he is :)

Did I say I was perfect? Oh. OH no. That's not it. I'm not perfect, free of all sin and human thoughts. I have addictive thoughts, primitive thoughts, and I even act on them. CAUSE I'm a frackin' human. There's nothing wrong with living and loving and having fun. In fact you must follow your needs or you will starve.

I just believe there is a balance to it all, like waves rising and falling. The waters of self have are not still. They have a wild current and I have one sweet sailboat that keeps me from capsizing...

My needs are few, but I will die without them. My body needs good water, air, food and sleep. My spirit needs healthy acceptance, trust, security and truth. The byproducts of the former are being able to run, jump, travel, and breathe in the air of the world. The latter allows me to play, imagine, create, decide, and LOVE myself and others.

Who wouldn't want that? Love?! Yeck yea! I just love love, Love.

I'm just a model of man without a limiter and I forgive myself and others while accepting that I can and will be the best Derick Snow I can be.

Now go hug an artist. Or kiss one if you are feeling frisky. P-pl-please?


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