Looking Back

So I was drawing the other day on he sidewalk. It's fun to be able to just move my arm across a canvas or, in this case, sidewalk. The lines are nice and solid, while keeping my little cartoony 'style' I use when in cartoon mode.

I have a few distinct styles. My realist mode, my abstract painterly mode, my super-sparse style and my "coloring book" cartoony mode. The photo above fits right into my cartoon mode. Nice, solid lines, but oddly unique, slightly inspired by Ren and Stimpy I must admit. I was going for something more subtle with this one and it was a part of a larger, mutiple-style work. And I was just having fun!

When I look at the imagery, reminds me to gaze back in time and see how I've progressed as an artist in this mode.

I was looking back at all of my old web journals and rediscovered this silly thing...

Big Green Eyes

Click Me

It's a little children's book I illustrated oh, six years ago for a friend. It was a first draft obviously, but I loved all of the creative process. I wasn't all that great and it took me forever to draw those panels. Even longer to color. The email on the page is long deleted...


I have learned fun ways to get my hand in the mood for drawing and painting, which, if you've seen quick Draw Derick (squiggle time!), I simply make lots of little drawings for fun before I dive into my real drawing or painting project. The lines always end up finding themselves much more easily. And to practice, practice, practice makes my brain in the mood for art.

Here's some more modern cartoonery...
The Runner

Oh and since I was thinking back about cartoons....check this out!

Spongebob Derick

Remember That?

I never sweated more in my entire life than as Spongebob Squarepants.

I love old times, and look forward to some really good ones for me. And you do the same!


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