Past vs Future

Bunch of ramblings:

I am actively seeking bands to paint with over the next few weeks. Even if you are playing tomorrow or in a few weeks please get in touch so I can do something on stage with my paint. I am a live painter and create large-form works. I'd be happy to feel and paint with all kinds of genres and in really any venue you've got. I've got a band I'm painting with one date in Mayfest already. Check my site for more info about my painting :)

YoClick for it.

Well, this has been an interesting week. My friend Edwin died and now I've got all of his previous projects in my lap. I do television for my livin' day job and it's been very surreal. I've gained and lost friends this week and I've done alot of really intriguing things related to acting. This brilliant troupe that performed in 1984 at the Tulsa PAC also put on a smashing workshop that I randomly found out about while attending a silly Drillers game with some nice friendly people Friday night. I partied hard and then forced myself up for a shoot Edwin was supposed to catch at TU before making my way to a little library near downtown and I felt so much emotion with the group. I love acting and it's one of those things I'm very pleased and blessed to be able to get into.

Now, back to Edwin...I've had constant dreams about the fellow. I was building a flimsy house and, dressed in a red T-shirt was Edwin, editing right next to me, smiling. I hugged him and told him I was glad to see him again. I decided to research all of the symbols in my dreams lately and it's pretty much representative of my little life, rebuilding my self, while Edwin either represents the loss I feel...or he's follwing me :)

He was a shaman and spiritual guide, you know. It wouldn't surprise me!

Also, I've had a squirrel trapped in my house for the last four days. I find all of my stuff knocked over near every window when I'm out, so I've had my windows open all day, hopefully the lil guy is out in the trees soon! He's cute but he pissed on my window sill.


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