A day of steps

Let me tell you a little story.

I woke up yesterday to this stupid floofball on my bed. He's been hiding behind my stereo for the last three days. This morning I opened up the windows after the squirrel leapt on me again for my wake-up call.

Yesterday I took my nice friend Jane out on the town for a last hoorah before she leaves for Quebec. Her silly internship didn't turn out very well but at least she's done some nice growing.

So we were at Peiwei after visiting Fedex Kinko's on 71st for over an hour trying to get all of her silly boxes of her life shipped. Apparently the shipping business is all about making as many hoops to leap through. I'll digress but it was ridiculous. So we were eating a nice, tasty meal and I got the fortune cookie at the end. The fortune read, "You will visit a distant relative soon." Of course I also ate four other fortune cookies, but that one's important!

I took Jane to the river and we fed some ducks and geese and stuff, then we made some brilliant sidewalk chalk art before the time for her departure came. I'm glad we got to hang out and have some fun.

Bye, Jane! I'm sure we'll meet again in some foreign country...

So now, this morning. Squirrel hops onto my bed. Wakes me up, I open all of the windows in hopes that the creature will soon pack up and leave. I take a shower and hear my answering machine rambling on...

A few days ago my friend Edwin died. It's been sad, I've even dreamed about him a few times. It's just part of the process, I know. The day he died I posted to one of his favorite web groups, Tulsa TV Memories about his departure. It so happens that Edwin had been hounding me to post some of my television stuff (notably Quick Draw Derick) to let some folks from the best of Tulsa TV history see what I had cooked up. Well, when I did tell them I was thanked. We all seem to miss Edwin, one of the more colorful characters that worked with just about everybody. Edwin once worked on a Show called Uncle Zeb.

Now, if you live in Tulsa and are over the age of 20 I'd almost guarantee you'd recognize that name. Everybody remembers Uncle Zeb, the host of the best Tulsa kid's show ever.

Uncle Zeb was on the phone, leaving me a message. I pick up the phone and I manage to catch him before he hung up and we have a nice little chat about all kinds of things TV related. I think I'm going to enjoy another chat with him quite soon. I've invited him to the next shoot, hopefully he approves of what he will see. He even ended our fantastic chat with "I'll be looking for ya'!"

That was great to talk to him!

After I got off of the phone, I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the fortune I read yesterday. "You will visit a distant relative soon."

Get it? A distant relative? Uncle Zeb! That's pretty distant.

Tonight I'm working on some training videos. Tomorrow I'm going for a shoot!


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