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Newsie Derick of The Day

Newsie Derick of The Day
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I'm just hopping on the net to tell you that my car is now fixed, I sold yet another painting, and I' in the Drunkard Saturday night! Yep.

Have a merry xmas and festivus. I'll be celebrating both this year!


Busted Cars and Snowcicles

The new car
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So this last week has been quite interesting and fun. The days have been mixed with great joys, with bits of disappointments thrown in with ice, then thoroughly blended and mixed with trees and power lines.

Seven days ago my car broke down. The Maxima has taken me quite far in the United States. I've driven the heck out of that thing. Even with the breakdown I was blessed to have a good friend, David help me with getting the car towed to a mechanic. Jes allowed me to borrow her car, a spunky Honda Accord in the meantime. It was late friday, and the'd get back to see what was wrong with it Monday morning.

Or would they?!

Six days ago Jes and I were visiting our good friend Leah. The small bits of mist was coming down but not sticking to the road, for the earth was warm and not ready for such measures. We left at nearly midnight and found the roads fine, but the trees were already beginning to fall around us.

If you've ever imagined…

An Iced Mail

An Iced Mail
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I'm safely at a friend's house and my laptop has found an internet connection, so here's a wee view of what I've seen lately :) click the image to view more!

Thats My Derick!

The next day...

A dream
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So yes, I had an art show last night, to great success! I sold SIX paintings and made some good money, enough to actually be able to afford that trip to Dallas to see the Smashing Pumpkins this weekend!

I made quickie portraits of folks for $5 a piece, which was also great fun.

The thing I learned:
Always have wine, cheese and crackers on hand. It gets them every time.
Also, stay as late as you can. My biggest buyer came in as I was about to leave and ended up with four of my works. I ended up sutugraphing some stuff and having a great conversation with everyone involved.

Did you also know I got the Cripple audition? Wonderful.


November Art Show
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've got nearly 30 works of art on display all throughout the Gypsy Coffee House TONIGHT. The fun starts at seven!
303 N. Cincinnati. I'll have tiny little snacks, wine, CHEESE, and..

I'll be selling my paintings! And...

I'll be making small, custom drawings / portraits for FIVE BUCKS!


AND THE SHOW IS FREE! WOW WOWOWOwoarsajpfojds;kv/n

Whoa, whew, sorry, I lost it there for a moment. I was so excited!

Acting! Thank you!

olden goldie
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. A friend sent this question to me today. Here's my thoughts on the thing I love most, the acting life.

1. What got you into theatre?

I did some stuff in elementary school, but I really began my trip into acting during something called the Summer Arts program in middle school. i was a troubled youth and this began a way into a good direction!

2. What is your favorite thing about theatre?
The performance, the emotional release from being a character. Secondarily, having to sometimes change in front of girls and vice-versa :) Being an actor, primarily in theatre it may be surprising to know I'm NOT gay.

3. What is the worst thing about theatre?
Politics. People always ask me to join some board or something or other and always I see feuds forming against some person or idea. I've seen too many wonderful people kicked out of acting in a venue just because someone is power-crazy and jealous.

4. Tell me about your favorite moment doing a s…

Derick on the edge of..the camera

Derick on the edge
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Here's a nice, looong response to an e-mail I got from a friend looking for a new camera for herself.

We're talking about the Nikon D40,.
There's another one called the D40x, which is a more expensive, but improved camera with higher resolutions, etc....

The D40 is a wonderful camera. Its sensor is the same one in my pentax @ 6.1 megapixels. It's a good starter camera.. It's got a faster sequential framerate than mine. It feels nice in your hands. It uses proprietary batteries which can get pricey. It has many, many interchangeable lanses, but the lenses themselves can be much more expensive than the camera. There is no image stabilization, but in general it has a very nice image. I believe it uses Compact Flash for memory, so that may be another necessary purchase.

My beef was with the batteries and image stabilization. Batteries will eventually need to be replaced, and if you take alot of photos like I do, the batt…

It is a stretch

It's a stretch
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So I was at Garden Deva and was invited to sell some paintings tonight and tomorrow for their yearly festivus. I'll be there from 7-8 tonight and saturday 10-noon, with several works for sale until the end of the day tomorrow!

Free snacks! Free wine! Free free yea yea Oh and I'll be painting in the morning tomorrow.

Garden Deva is near 5th and Utica, one block west.

Embrace A Painter!
I had a marvelous time last night painting a huge eye @ Continental.

I got to hang out with some wonderful souls. Tonight, I have no idea what I'll paint. But I'll be @ Gypsy with Autumn Shade, 9:30.

BE THERE and touch a real-life painter.

FACT: I love to hug people. I did get to hug many ladies and gents, butI had three favorites last night:
Hannah (sp?)

Those three really know how to properly embrace.
If you do side hug, I still appreciate you to the fullest extent of my heart! But man, I love the real stuff.

Next gig…

November Art Show

November Art Show
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Come one, come all!

On November 15th at 7:30 I'll be premiering my first art show at the Gypsy Coffee House on 3rd and Cincinnati, Downtown Tulsa. I'll be there during the night, and if you miss me, The paintings will be up until the end of the month! Many will be for sale, so if you've ever eyes one of my works, please come down and support this artist!


Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I love IR photography, I'm teaching Jes the finer points. Note my shirt: the cloth in the human world is actually nearly as brown as the logo. My pants are the same color, the grass is usually green, and my hair is light brown. My skin tone is nearly the same!

My Pentax is remarkably IR sensitive, so good that I can often go hand-held, which happened in this shot, allowed by the steady-shot mode on-camera @ 1/20 sec. It's at 400 ISO, which on this camera, there is no grain.

I white-balanced to a very lit leaf with the filter on. Remarkably, my eyes can frame the shot with the filter in place. Jes isn't able to see very well, but my eyes can adjust to the darkness really quickly. It's all very interesting and beautiful pictures come from it!

IR Dreaming of you, Jes

IR Dreaming of you, Jes
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. New IR photos up! These are freaking cool. Go on, go see them!

I got the shtuff

Halloween Last Request
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Some new pictures are up.

Last night I had the Band Tiny Vipers sleep on my couch! That is a cool little band from the Sub-Pop label.

I'm in a fancy Murder Mystery at some posh house in Jenks this Friday. I get paid! Woo.

Saturday I'm doing the Murder Mystery at Molly's Landing near the Blue Whale on Rt. 66.

For the record, I'm a cheesy Vampire, in "The Vampire Strikes Back!"

November 1 I'm painting with Autumn Shade at The Continental.
November 2 I'm painting at Gypsy

Finally, November 15, I have my own showing of my Paintings at Gypsy. There will be a small party with free gifts at 7p.m. then! Awesome.


Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Oh yea, I got a new IR lens! I've been taking many pictures with it, and shall upload some soon.

In other news, the Drunkard calls for me next Saturday if you are interested, call 587-5030 for that...

I painted with Jes and Autumn Shade Sunday night, and had the opportunity to paint with the band Glosoul last Saturday night. I wish to paint, and so I get my wish! I'll have a gallery of my paintings up at Gypsy Coffee house this November :)

I'm working a lot on video projects as an indy contractor, making training vids and some cheerleading squads this month. Very busy, but very satisfied with myself.

I just pray it all pays off.

This weekend I get to go camping and travelling down the river with some wonderful friends. Canoe trip!

Cheers all

You must get this, pt.3

Mr. Pants
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "You must get this all the time," said the older fellow, after one doozie of a performance at the Drunkard.


In spite of nearly every one forgetting their lines, the show went incredibly well. The audience was very perceptive and reactive. It's my favorite kind of show. I performed well and felt great throughout the show.

Back to the fellow...
"But you look just like Michael J. Fox. Do you ever get that?"

Oh yes, yes I do. I take that as a compliment. I like the characters MJF plays and I hope to do the same someday in a bigger venue! Thanks, older fella!

I and Jes went on an incredible hike/meditation/adventure at Chandler Park. It was rainy, muddy, sloppy, green, filled with streams, beauty and all I was looking forward to. I loved it. Jes and I had a great talk about the future (Australia and our further travels and art pursuits) and I felt so spiritually connected to things beyond the world. My spirit side has been s…

Just a little friendly reminder...

Friendly artists
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Hello friends and family!

I'm in the Drunkard this Saturday night! Please, please come if you have the time/money/will for that kind of thing. I'd love to hang out after the show.

Call 587-5030 for tickets. You don't need to buy them over the phone, but it's a good idea to reserve and then pay at the ticket desk :)

In other news, it seems I got the contract for doing some tasty training videos for some much-needed money! Woo

In the air

In the air
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I have some fun new pictures. Check it out!

Lunar Eclipse

I awoke at 4 this morning to capture the beautiful lunar eclipse above. I took many pictures in the middle of the street, with just a few unknowing drivers passing me with a confused look.

I had one tow truck guy pass me by, saying "Lunar Eclipse!"


-The Love Post-

Love is Art!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "What a grand thing, to be loved!
What a grander thing still, to love!"

- Victor Hugo -

So I've been thinking alot about what and how love is good or bad or healthy for people. I'm pondering about how love affects a person who doesn't want love, or wants love but cannot have it, or something in-between...Why do we love? Are we as humans addicted to love? Why only with one person? Can't we just love everyone the same way? Can we have multiple relationships at the same time? How complicated does it all get? Who is right for us? Is love the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? Or what? Priorities mean what to whom? Eh? Where's my Viagra? Where's my back pills?

I think girls make me happy in a very fun way. Ever since I was little I liked girls. Why? I didn't know, but that magic suits me wonderfully still -- Until girls make-a my brain-a go crazy.

I didn't know why when I was ten, the day I f…

You must get this, part two

Originally uploaded by snoweyes. On my birthday, at the Stonehill winery where I got some choice concord wine, I went on a tour of the place and got a little silly during the tasting of 15 or so fine flavors of aged grape...

Near the end of the tour, a fellow in line with me turns around and says, "You must get this all the time, but you look just like Kevin Bacon."

Ha! It's always someone else, and they say I must get this all the time. I must say, it's been at least a year since I got Kevin Bacon. At least I can play the game really easily (six degrees...) very easily. I can do it in three.

I was in a television show as a body double, Clubhouse with Christopher Lloyd (2004).Christopher Lloyd (I) was in Real Blonde, The (1997) with Brian Frank (I)
Brian Frank (I) was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon.

Another try: in Three
I was in Desperate Housewives, third episode, in a scene with Eva Longoria (2004). Eva Longoria was in Sentinel, The (2006) …


Jes made the best surprise party ever. I was completely surprised dear friends.

Guess what I got for my birthday. Nope. Not even close.

You know you're an eclectic person when everybody pitches in for an ACCORDION for your main birthday present :)

You wanna be an ACCORDION HERO (click me) like me?

Get a taste of my joy here. Accordion ON!

Downtown is the place to be

A long way down
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So Michael, Jes and Derick all went downtown to take some pictures. I had just an incredible time sneaking up to the top of Tulsa's Atlas building. We all took hundreds of pictures, and I put quite a few (60?) of the choice shots on the Flickr site.

For my birthday I'll be tasting wine and dancing with hillbillies over yonder in Branson! When I get back I've made it my goal to eat at the new Cheesecake factory until I'm stuffed. Cheesecake: my favorite cake!

What's up lately: My car was having some problems, but I think it's all ironed out. I'm off to get an oil change for the trip. Anyone want to go with me to Branson? I've got two coupons for $15 passes to Silver Dollar City...I'll be camping...or maybe a really cheap hotel iff'n it's too hot :)

Have a great day!

Clue Redux

Skull and roses color
Originally uploaded by Joe_13. The clue has vanished now replac'd
By this skull with a rosy face.
In moments not lost
With gifts in a new place

Relax, taste cool blueberries and more
and then follow your notes from there

click on the comment for the answer...

Now, I’m not full of myself...

Derick and the gang in Colorado
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. but some older lady says to me today, "You know, you look just like Johnny Depp. Of course you must get that all the time..."

I think this hat of mine (1950s fedora from Silver Screen Vintage) has super powers.

Oh and why is it I always get the older ladies frothing after me? Not that I mind; any love is good love... ;)

I think it's because I look more like my grandpa, Carl, who was quite the lady-killer back in the 50's. I'm the hunk of a by-gone era, before all of the milk hormones and steroid body-builder-types. I get told I look like alot of different people all the time. Not always Johnny Depp though. He's dreamy!

Who else to I resemble? Look through different pictures and if you know me feel free to chime in. Michael J. Fox? Dave Foley? Ernest Borgnine? Eddie Murphy? Hillary Swank?

The other image you see today is a fine pic I swiped from Ty Wolfe's facebook feed. Yes, I also have a facebook…

Requests for art

The beginnings of the Cosmos painting moon
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I, Snow am quite interested in two artistic ideas this week and am looking for art friendlies.

ONE: I wish to be either the subject and/or photographer of some fine art-type pictures. I am looking for people kind enough to either take some crazy pictures of me in artistic poses, or allow me to take some artsy photos of them. I am looking for human form in traditional and rather abstract terms.

TWO: I rather enjoy painting with bands and performing artists (poets, singers, jazz, etc.) in the area. I painted at Mayfest and Dfest with bands and thirst for more. I paint rather huge oils on canvas live to the music. If you are a performing artist I'd love to work with those I find similar imagery in.

please message me for more info :)

Color Mountain

Color Mountain
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Just a message with some new pictures from Colorado! Click the pic for more :)

A very cool Article on Dfest...

...from the article....
Autumn Shade @ D-Fest 07

"...From there to Capella to see Autumn Shade. At this point it was midnight, and I was starting to wind down. Hope I’ll have it in me to stay for the 1:00 am showing of RadioRadio, I thought. Autumn Shade is one of the few female bands showcased at DFEST. Lead singer Jes Lenee`, is a Tulsa treasure. In addition to playing keyboards and guitar, she also writes her music, and an editorial raved, “The fact that Lenee' calls Tulsa, Oklahoma home only adds to the mystery, for her music is much more aligned with the astral plane than anything resembling the Okie Plains.” Nice, Jes. Real nice.

Unfortunately, Capella wasn’t the proper forum for Autumn Shade to showcase their brand of alternative folk music. When I arrived, there was a sign on the door that said the A.M. show was canceled due to noise. I thought that was weird. When I went in, I found the bouncer at the bottom of the staircase who confirmed for me th…

Qdoba living in Colorado

Yes! A toot is my wind.

Check out this video: Qdoba Spec Commercial

I found this today. It's me! I've got some more great commercials in my possesion, sometime I'll trhow them on this myspace thing...
I had alot of fun with the Cubic guys who made this spot. Not only that, I got paid for another acting gig today!

I also got back from an adventure. Ty, Jes, Leah, Laurie and Derick all sailed in a fantastic mechanical horse to the high lands near Estes Park in Colorado and it was good. I took so many hundreds of pictures I cannot believe how satisfied I am with the trip, even though we returned at four this morning and I didn't get to sleep until five. Work was at 8 so I'm a bit wobbly today :)

Goodnight Tulsa

The serious artists
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. You were fabulous!

Tea Party and Dfest

Tea Party
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So I forgot to mention anything about our Dfest performance last Saturday.
I am being a bit dramatic just to make the tale interesting....Remember to read on to the good parts because, well, you should!

Let's start off with what went wrong:

1. No CDs from our label

We emailed our contact at our label, Strange Attractors nearly a month before our performance, with no response at all. So we email again. No response. So we email again. Finally four days before the show we get a message saying that there isn't enough time to get CDs to us in time for the show. No, four days before is indeed not enough time!

2. Not enough rehearsal time
We had planned to have everyone (six people) in the band practice for a few weeks before the show. Due to a never ending scheduling conflicts we had two near-great rehearsals, but with no drummer. We never had a rehearsal with the drummer.

3. No communications from Dfest
The entire lead-up to the concert was fil…

Through the wall

Through the wall
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Light flows through the cracks of life
colors shapes sounds blend against
skies so gray I cannot contain my excitement

Life and stuff

More of Me
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Oh heart you blissful cloud of dust
surrounding my eyes and ears and brain until
I cannot see hear touch taste breathe
so potent is it's draw I leap from cliffs to
swim in the flooded road's clotted twisting vines yet
I never hesitate to fly or die trying.

Cross Walk

Cross Walk
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Well, the Murder Mystery went off wonderfully, and I remembered that I'm getting paid for it! And I got a check from one of my commercials! And I had an audition for another one today!

I was supposed to go with a girl named Sam at 12:50 or so, but due to wacky circumstances, I ended up leaving early and all by myself, to fabulous Norman, Oklahoma. I was just on time and made the audition. I learned a valuable audition trick today: give them lots of options. Start subtle, ending with completely bizarre. It's not only fun, it's good for actually getting hired for these things! When I drove back, I decided to fill up my car. My card wouldn't go through! I soon realized I only had about $40 in the bank. Don't worry! I had cach on me, and to my joy I found a nice check for some silly thing I did a little while back, the Q'doba farting man commercial!

Yesterday Jes and I made a road trip for the Illinois River and of course …

Derick's Big Adventure

Derick's Big Adventure
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Hey I thought I'd update to remind those interested I'll be in the Drunkard this Saturday, followed by more murder mystery fun at Molly's Landing next Saturday.

I got to ride this horse bareback! I didn't die or anything!

Home and doing stuff in July

Niagara Adventure
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I'm back! And had a board meeting tonight so I'm just posting this :)

More from the trip

Niagara Adventure Camping with moon
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Just another quickie from Derick....
I'm in Ohio right now at our friend's aunt's house. We had a great time at Niagara Falls, in NY and Canada. I tossed some nifty pictures I took on the trip onto the flickr page. Just click on the image to browse...
Take care and I'll see Tulsa on Friday, just in time for our murder mystery play!

road trip!

road trip!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. We're on our way to Niagara Falls in New York! Ty, Leah, Jes n Derick are squished in. We'll be gone all week!

I went to Gypsy last night...

Cris MANtle is a light ninja
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I had a good time. Chris blew up a bunch of flowers and It was good.

I ran into a local downtown homeless fellow and we talked for twenty minutes or so. Tony is a nice guy and if you see him and know who I'm even talking about, give him a couple of bucks for me. We go back a few years.

Howard Snow is a rock God!

Howard Snow is a Rock God!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "..*cough, cough*, I'm sick today boss, so I can't go to work... bye..."

"Now I can play guitar hero!"

a fiction by Derick Snow.

Have some flowers

Woodward Park Rose Garden 2
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I took this t'other day with my new camera.

I just wanted to let others know about something before I went off to the Gypsy tonight. We've been chosen to play Dfest in a few months (check our site for more info), and to celebrate, I updated Autumn Shade's website ( ) with a stream of the entire album, as well as lots of other small updates, like album reviews, our press kit, and an actual place to buy the album!

If you like what you hear, and want to hear in in full-fidelity, please consider buying the album. If you manage to find us in person I can make a sweet deal for the album, but If you are hankering for some Autumn Shade, now is your chance!


Self Portrait and The Spotlight Theatre

Self Portrait and The Spotlight Theatre
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. This is the home of the longest running play, The Drunkard.
They don't take American Express.

I got a new camera! the Pentax K100d. It's a wonderful camera; I'll be posting some great imagery from it on my flickr section.
I have a kit lens (18-55mm) as well as a great 35-200 Rokinon Zoom Lens from Jes' dad. It's awesome! On board image stabilization, fast focus, well thought-out features, backward compatibility with every Pentax Lens ever and great low-light photography make this one a winner. All for $450 from! I did months of research and my Tax return was well-spent. I LOVE it.

The Squirrel says, Stop The Chop!

The Squirrel says, Stop The Chop!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. See those orange bands around those trees behind Mr. Squirrel? Those trees were nearly condemned to a needless death in one of our most beautiful parks (Woodward).
Fortunately, with the Help of us Tulsans, this little fellow can eat his treats without losing more than 50 trees. Thanks to you, any more trees cut down in Tulsa will have to be run through the Tree Advisory Committee. Thanks to the mayor and to everyone who ran around with the fun bumper stickers.


Originally uploaded by Hughes500. Hey all, I'm just hopping on the internet for the first time in a while.

I know I don't update terribly often, but I've been busy with work and some other artistic endeavors, like...

I bought a new camera! a new DSLR, a Pentax K100d, and I hope to be getting it later next week. I got the whole lot for $450, no tax and free shipping. Yes, that sounds like a huge amount, but that's actually really cheap for a DSLR. It's got a lot of great features and the image quality is top notch. I'll be updating with new pictures as soon as I get them! Ho can I afford such a thing? Tax return, baby. I've been waiting for the day that my wallet and optics can catch up with my artistic eye!

This Sunday, I'll be showing my paintings at a show just behind the Bead Merchant, located near 15th and Delaware in Tulsa (about two blocks from my house). Come on down and look at my stuff, also listen to music and visit with friendly artist typ…

Check it out!

Oh behave, you fizz.
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I have some pictures back from my Coke commercial shoot. Just clilck on the pic to see them!

A whale of a time

Whale has a new friend/booger
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Well, I've been tinkering with my website lately, and if you visit you won't find a huge difference. I've moved some subscription stuff over to Feedburner, some fancy technology thing that works great with my blog feed. You may notice on the right side of my site that I've got a new email subscription, this one should actually work if you've not familiar with my old yahoo group.

Other than that, Of course we've been having fun lately, and I've been going to the Gypsy for two weeks straight for their open mic night. I paint while listening to the performers and I even got the chance to do a little performance myself. I had fun!

What you see in the picture today is from my trip with Ty and the gang. We went out to the Blue Whale along Route 66 and had a lot of fun.

I made the time this week to put up quite a few pictures on my Flick page so if you go there you will find all kinds of yummy pictures o…

ATTENTION Autumn Shade is HERE

Autumn Shade's new album, Ezra Moon is now officially out and ready to purchase!

From a review online:

Autumn Shade
Ezra Moon[Strange Attractors; 2007]

Styles: Americana, indie Appalachia, contemporary singer-songwriter, alt-country
Others: Nina Nastasia, Neko Case, Mazzy Star, Cranes Tulsa, Oklahoma native Jes Leneé’s prematurely world-weary and timeworn vocals may betray a maturity beyond her years, but they also possess a damaged, little-girl-lost quality that suffuses her songcraft with a ghostlike, almost spooky ambience. Her lyrics, however cryptic and ambiguous, are nonetheless conveyed with an anguished candor that reinforces the music’s supernatural affectations, and while she frequently sacrifices profundity for abstraction, Leneé’s nebulous lyrics suit the tone of the music, which has a distinctly antiquated flavor to it. Her voice is expressive, but conversely yearns to convey something inexpressible, as on the beau…