Now, I’m not full of myself...

Derick and the gang in Colorado
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but some older lady says to me today, "You know, you look just like Johnny Depp. Of course you must get that all the time..."

I think this hat of mine (1950s fedora from Silver Screen Vintage) has super powers.

Oh and why is it I always get the older ladies frothing after me? Not that I mind; any love is good love... ;)

I think it's because I look more like my grandpa, Carl, who was quite the lady-killer back in the 50's. I'm the hunk of a by-gone era, before all of the milk hormones and steroid body-builder-types. I get told I look like alot of different people all the time. Not always Johnny Depp though. He's dreamy!

Who else to I resemble? Look through different pictures and if you know me feel free to chime in. Michael J. Fox? Dave Foley? Ernest Borgnine? Eddie Murphy? Hillary Swank?

The other image you see today is a fine pic I swiped from Ty Wolfe's facebook feed. Yes, I also have a facebook. Just look my name up on and add me!