Cross Walk

Cross Walk
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Well, the Murder Mystery went off wonderfully, and I remembered that I'm getting paid for it! And I got a check from one of my commercials! And I had an audition for another one today!

I was supposed to go with a girl named Sam at 12:50 or so, but due to wacky circumstances, I ended up leaving early and all by myself, to fabulous Norman, Oklahoma. I was just on time and made the audition. I learned a valuable audition trick today: give them lots of options. Start subtle, ending with completely bizarre. It's not only fun, it's good for actually getting hired for these things! When I drove back, I decided to fill up my car. My card wouldn't go through! I soon realized I only had about $40 in the bank. Don't worry! I had cach on me, and to my joy I found a nice check for some silly thing I did a little while back, the Q'doba farting man commercial!

Yesterday Jes and I made a road trip for the Illinois River and of course there was flooding everywhere! This shot is from Sequoya state park. It was flooded, so we swam in the street for an hour! We later found our way to the river and ended up swimming in it in the rain. The river wasn't nearly as flooded as all of the lakes in the area. I was very nice.

We had a lot of fun and I ask that you do too!

Oh and this August I'll be hosting a kid's show. Look out for Quick Draw Derick! This is a seriously good gig once it hits the air.

Oh and visit the flickr thing for more pictures from the adventure yesterday.




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