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Happy Place

Happy Place
by snoweyes. I've got just a few moments left in this internet Cafe to give an update on Paris and our adventures. Sam and I learned the quiet of a Sunday in Paris. Everything was closed so we spent a lovely day at the park just enjoying the sun and the area near St. Eustache. It was nice to spend a day relaxing, a vacation from our vacation, as it were!

Today we go off to the Opera House, made famous by The Phantom of The Opera. I'm super excited to actually go inside and breathe in the air that inspired such a place. Later this week we get to visit the town of Vernon, the home of Monet and a museum dedicated to his art.

Our hostel worked out pretty well with the excetption of people coming after two in the morning for the past few nights. Just one more night and we will be staying near MontMatre for a few days.

Well, I've got to go!

Short lil update

American in Paris
by snoweyes. Just here to say that our first night in the hostel ended well and we have been enjoying the day at the park. In a week we'll be enjoying another kind of park....Disneyland PARIS!!!! Woohoo!

Until we meet again


Nobody ever shows this side
by snoweyes. Hi everyone and welcome back to Paris. Yesterday Sam and I took up residence in a B&B near the metropolized area in Paris. The only problem is that we didn't write down the phone number of the place, which happened to be in a tower with the wackiest security. So wacky that we sat in a dark room for a fez minutes hoping that someone, anyone would show up and let us in. Fortunately it worked!

After a few days in a couchsurfing environment it was nice to have privacy enough to just sit and relax for a few moments before zooming off to the Catacombs! It was an interesting experience meeting with mortality deeeep underground my THIRTIETH birthday. I took some mysterious skull-ography down there. I ended the evening after some tasty gelato-as-my-birfday-cake on the roof of a building in downtown Paris, looking up at the stars, pink clouds and imagining the lovely nights other Parisians must be living in.

Today we finally made the trip to Muse…

More Advent'rous Paris

A certain Tower
by snoweyes. Hey friends! It's Derick again with some photos and notes from Paris. We visited Monmatre and a wee bit of the museums of the area and still have much more to see. We have a few days left in our current place but don't know if we'll be near a computer any time soon after that so I thought I'd upload just a few photos to see from the last few days. This is but a tiny sample of the hundreds of pictures we've taken so far.

The photo above is from a boat tour of the Seine. I know everyone takes this picture but for once it's ok to have a picture like this of my very own. We've been eating and travelling inexpensively while enjoying the culture as much as possible here in gay Paris!
I've even been doing my best to learn the language. I've got a translator dictionary and Sam has been wonderful in throwing correct pronounciations my way even though I'm a bit daft with the language. An older woman was talking to me and threw …

Off we went!

Balloon Carnivals UP
by snoweyes. Just a note: this french keyboard is all kinds of crazy so I'll keep it short.

Sam and I are in Paris after a nice long 13 hour plane ride from Tulsa and Atlanta. I think we're beating jet lag (it's 7 hours later here) but that first day was certainly exhausting! We are staying in Northern Paris in the 18th district, kind of near Montmartre. Our host, a nice, quiet fellow named Quetzal not only is a theatrical director but he also has internet so for the next few days we can get to a computer so feel free to send us your ideas for fun things to do.

Today we visited the Luvre and saw the entire city from the lovely view of a carausel! We've been taking pictures and video and I'm sure we'll be updating as the week passes. It's five days away from my birthday and I'm so excited to be in Paris!

Until next time, au revoir!

Derick Snow - Murder Mystery THIS WEEKEND

Derick Snow - Murder Mystery THIS WEEKEND
by snoweyes. Hi all, I will be back in Tulsa this Saturday for a limited engagement for an Ultimate Murder Mystery, featured in the Urban Tulsa Weekly:

Randy, Baby. On Sat., Aug. 15 the spy who shagged Tulsa, Austin Powers, is back at Molly’s Landing, 3700 Highway 66, to figure out who’s been stalking the retro ‘80s band The OxyMorons. This dinner theater event begins at 7pm. Visit to reserve your seat.

You can reserve tickets online right now here!

Tell your friends and come see me as Austin Powers (as The Rock God, Ice, Baby!) after several months away playing Smee in Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan in Branson, MO.

PS my lovely girlfriend Samantha will be playing a fabulous part in the play! How about that?!