Off we went!

Just a note: this french keyboard is all kinds of crazy so I'll keep it short.

Sam and I are in Paris after a nice long 13 hour plane ride from Tulsa and Atlanta. I think we're beating jet lag (it's 7 hours later here) but that first day was certainly exhausting! We are staying in Northern Paris in the 18th district, kind of near Montmartre. Our host, a nice, quiet fellow named Quetzal not only is a theatrical director but he also has internet so for the next few days we can get to a computer so feel free to send us your ideas for fun things to do.

Today we visited the Luvre and saw the entire city from the lovely view of a carausel! We've been taking pictures and video and I'm sure we'll be updating as the week passes. It's five days away from my birthday and I'm so excited to be in Paris!

Until next time, au revoir!


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