Hi everyone and welcome back to Paris. Yesterday Sam and I took up residence in a B&B near the metropolized area in Paris. The only problem is that we didn't write down the phone number of the place, which happened to be in a tower with the wackiest security. So wacky that we sat in a dark room for a fez minutes hoping that someone, anyone would show up and let us in. Fortunately it worked!

After a few days in a couchsurfing environment it was nice to have privacy enough to just sit and relax for a few moments before zooming off to the Catacombs! It was an interesting experience meeting with mortality deeeep underground my THIRTIETH birthday. I took some mysterious skull-ography down there. I ended the evening after some tasty gelato-as-my-birfday-cake on the roof of a building in downtown Paris, looking up at the stars, pink clouds and imagining the lovely nights other Parisians must be living in.

Today we finally made the trip to Musee D'Orsay and I got to see such beautiful paintings and sculptures including Millet, Degas, Rodin and VanGogh! Oh the VqnGogh room was so lovely and it had the painting my mom hung up (Terrasse de café, la nuit). It was powefully thick with paintstrokes.

Also today we checked in to our Hostel for the next week starting tomorrow. I should call it a hostile. Everyone is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. But hey, that's what I like to call an adventure!

One thing we found was a 24-hour internet cafe called Milk, so I still get to check in from time to time. If all goes well we may get to travel up to Normandy beach and even...Eruro Disney?

Stay tuned friends!


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