More Advent'rous Paris

Hey friends! It's Derick again with some photos and notes from Paris. We visited Monmatre and a wee bit of the museums of the area and still have much more to see. We have a few days left in our current place but don't know if we'll be near a computer any time soon after that so I thought I'd upload just a few photos to see from the last few days. This is but a tiny sample of the hundreds of pictures we've taken so far.

The photo above is from a boat tour of the Seine. I know everyone takes this picture but for once it's ok to have a picture like this of my very own. We've been eating and travelling inexpensively while enjoying the culture as much as possible here in gay Paris!
I've even been doing my best to learn the language. I've got a translator dictionary and Sam has been wonderful in throwing correct pronounciations my way even though I'm a bit daft with the language. An older woman was talking to me and threw an evil glare at me when I did not respond, so now I at least say Je na compra pas (or something close to that) which means I don't understand :)

And if you are wondering, he parisians in general have been very nice, as long as you say your salutations before asking for something. Just saying hello, how are you goes a long way even if you can't say anything after that. I've gotten many smiles and nice demeanor from the locals. Just be nice first!

For my birthday Sam and I will be staying in a lovely B&B near the Place d'italie and then a week in a lively hostile. Today we will spend the entire day at the Eiffel Tower! How does that sound to you?


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