Derick Snow - Murder Mystery THIS WEEKEND

Hi all, I will be back in Tulsa this Saturday for a limited engagement for an Ultimate Murder Mystery, featured in the Urban Tulsa Weekly:

Randy, Baby. On Sat., Aug. 15 the spy who shagged Tulsa, Austin Powers, is back at Molly’s Landing, 3700 Highway 66, to figure out who’s been stalking the retro ‘80s band The OxyMorons. This dinner theater event begins at 7pm. Visit to reserve your seat.

You can reserve tickets online right now here!

Tell your friends and come see me as Austin Powers (as The Rock God, Ice, Baby!) after several months away playing Smee in Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan in Branson, MO.

PS my lovely girlfriend Samantha will be playing a fabulous part in the play! How about that?!


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