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Mr. Busy Pants, awards and monkeys!

Quick Draw Derick Website Draft
by snoweyes. Hi everyone! I just got a call from Jeff Howard about my little show, Quick Draw Derick. I was working on this last week on my own. The image you see is a rough first look of the website and it's already changed from what you see. Without me telling him, Jeff registered the website, and asked if I was would like to use the domain. How's that for synchronicity? I hope to have something on that in the midst of the storm that is this upcoming week, and it's a heap.

Here's a list of what I'm up to this week...

I'm continuing my performance as Rick in a film I started on Saturday. I had a lot of fun and my bizarre, jerky character is all about being ridiculous. The Gypsy will pick up as the venue for the next three days so, with the exception of the Tuesday night Open Mic you won't be able to get in. Right after that I've got to zoom over to my real work and record the voice-over tracks …

Murder Mister Acting Fantasmas

Ultimate Murder Mystery
by snoweyes. See this? This is but a smattering of the nifty pictures I took for a new Ultimate Murder Mystery website I'm creating to James Fields, the kooky Columbo you see here. Just click on the pic and you can see some others in the same haunted vein. Recognize anyone?

This week is turning out to be a crazy one, and I've double booked myself twice. I am trying my best to get into the Drunkard this Weekend but I just got a message from the producers of the film I'm supposed to be shooting early December...they are wanting me Saturday! Drats, I hate to disappoint but now I've no choice if it goes through. I love acting and I'm not one to complain about getting too much work, so I'll take what I can get and try to do my best to work around the limits of time space. If the SAG film does take place, I may spend Thanksgiving at my brother's instead of Silver Dollar City, but family is a good thing too :)

Next Thursday (Dec 4) I found o…

Downtown Tulsa Panorama

Downtown Tulsa Panorama
by snoweyes. I uploaded some cool new pictures from Tulsa. Tomorrow I'll upload some nifty Ultimate Murder Mystery Photos I've been working on. I've got a crazy week, what with Thanksgiving and Shopping and Branson right after that. In December I've got a ridiculous amount of projects, with a SAG film, more Quickdraw, A murder mystery as Austin Powers and some other stuff.

If you knew Samantha's mom, please visit her memory website and get in contact with her about services for her beautiful mom.

Sue Woodruff Memorial Website

It's me, the canadian guy.


What a week!

The End of Spring
by snoweyes. This week's been a busy week. It got very hectic near the end of the week. I began the week with some videotaping around town for a special project I'm doing at work. Lots of technology and kids. I feel good about it.

Tuesday was Locker Room day. I produce a sports show here in Tulsa for Cox Cable channel 20. I'm not much for sports but I like working on the show, if only to work with JV Haney. He's a hoot and it keeps me on my toes.

Wednesday I...I...don't remember what I did. But I was busy!

Thursday I did a TON of cool little projects....I recorded a commercial for KTUL Ch. 8 here in Tulsa regarding the fancy Digital Change-over, using my "man With The Glasses: 1984" persona. I had alot of fun with that. Sammy B (sidekick Sam on QDD) works there and I got to work in their little studio B.

Later that Day I worked on the website for The Ultimate Murder Mystery. I've been tasked with creating a new functional website for th…

Ready for The Storm

Look, I sing! I had a fun time with Matt during this gig. All I have is the Youtube upload so I'll try to show you later, mom :)

Hope everyone has had a great week. I feel accomplished when I do some crazy creative thing. What gets you excited?


Mr. Goat Loves you
by snoweyes. I'm really tired but I wanted to update my little journal. I just got out of a fabulous swingin' murder mystery where I sang five songs like Frank Sinatra, heh. I am still in the fab grey suit I got from my favorite vintage store, Silver Screen and black fedora, fighting back sleep.

Yesterday I got the chance to perform with Matt Morton ( I sang, he played guitar) and I was very satisfied with the performance. I hope to more in the future. Matt was fun and the venue was great. We played the Garden Deva Art Show and I ended up buying a lot of lavender as a reward. My nose is happy and so are my sinuses, which have been having troubles since that pesky cold weather came creeping in. I', drinking water like crazy!

Tomorrow I think I'll visit Sam at her restaurant for Breakfast and then maybe I'll drive off into the sunset, I need the relaxation. I've been running and busy for so many days! I love being busy but I love a bit of time o…

I'm a singin'

Snow in elevator
by snoweyes. 11-07-2008 17:00 at Garden Deva
one block west of Utica Avenue on Trenton, between 3rd and 4th Streets, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cost: free

Come watch me and Matt Morton bring some fun music to a garden sculpture paradise. I sold art at the Deva party last year and I highly recommend visiting if not for the artistic excellence all over the place then for the free yummy organic food. I may have to leave before 7 but I'll be back Saturday, perhaps painting with some music if I'm lucky.

From my friend, Matthew Morton..
"Hey everyone! Derick Snow and I are playing an acoustic performance of mostly original music this Friday night from 5 to 6 PM at Garden Deva in downtown Tulsa! You should all come! I’ll be on acoustic, while Derick will be singin’. Word on the street is that sometimes at these festivals they have free wine as well..."

In addition, Saturday I'm performing in a Mafia-style Murder mystery so I'm pretty packed with projects. I hope …