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Tea Room Hunter

Painted in a Tea Room
by snoweyes. I'm about to leave for an adventure tonight. Either I'm going to a bonfire with friends and musicians, or I'm heading for a group of artists for some wacky circle dumming-poetry fun. Who knows? I sure don't :)

I painted the picture yesterday in the University District while sipping a Chai in a fantastic Tea room. It had good energy and by the time I caught my bus for home I finished what you see. I also put up a funny sleeping sketch I made a few days ago.

No matter what I do today I promise to make the most of it!


It Never Stops

Groovy Art Car
by snoweyes. So I can't stop trying to see everything every day until I simply melt. I visited the coolest part of Seattle I've found two days in a row. Yesterday Fremont held the Summer Solstice Parade and today they wrap up the Art Festival. I love this part of town simply for the crazy artists i've found and talked to. Also, on my way back I drew some sleeping guy on the bus. It was precious! Tomorrow I'm off to the University District.

Take care kids!

Summer Solstice in Seattle

by snoweyes. So tonight I look back on the Summer Solstice Parade with glee. It was a fun day and I love when things like this happen. I met groovy people, danced and played a harmonica, and just had fun. You should check out the new pictures, but remember that the Seattle Summer Solstice Parade is also known for it's naked folks :)

Yes, the Flying Spaghetti Monster made an appearance. In fact, every group (even Zombies) was included in the parade. Actually Ninjas were missing from the parade, as far as I could see. Or maybe they hid in shadows?

What will I be doing in the next couple of days? Seeing nature, mountains and figuring out what to do the next week in the region. Will I stay, go camping, or even take a train??? Good question :)

Seattle Pics

by snoweyes. I've put just a few pictures up for you. Take a look by clicking on the photo above :)


Wave on the Train
by snoweyes. Hey kids it's Quickdraw! Woowowowowoooo. The sound is very odd in this new episode but I can't do anything about that until I get back...

Ok, so I'm in Seattle.I'm looking for cool people and events for the last ten days I'm here. If you can hook me up with a gallery or photographer or some other thing I can work with that would be marvelous. Currently I'm painting with Fae at the Green Bean on friday and then I'm playing around (and hopefully playing accordion) at the Summer Solctice Fest on Saturday.



I'm having some issues uploading pictures but I'll get that sorted out today so you can see some of the sights I've experienced.

So now I'm off to go swim in a heated pool. Wish you were here!

Hello from Washington

Mr. Rainforest says:
by snoweyes. I'm just popping by to say hello from WASHINTGN! I'll be in the Seattle region for a couple of weeks staying with my lovely friends Captain and Fae. I'm looking for groovy artists to work with while I'm here. I've already worked on a fabulous film with my friend Captain. I ended up completely drenched and happy, with a bit of sunburn. I'll try to upload some pictures while I'm here. Feel free to send me money :)


or find my mom or something and give it to her, haha

The place is ridiculously beautiful.



jes lenee'...
by oh_the_weasel. To all of the fans of Autumn Shade, a new live album has been released. Apparently there was a mastering error on the first batch. I was unable to work on the album with the group, but since I love their music I wanted to help out. So I took the liberty of completely remastering the album so I'm happy to say COME AND GET IT.

Visit for the album and if you already got one please get in contact with Autumn Shade for a fresh new copy.

This album was released with the specific goal of getting Autumn Shade to the Netherlands. Please help with a purchase if you can, as SOON as you can! Her tour starts at the end of the month!

And yes, now you can hear every track without any issues :)

Tell others, yes? Thanks

Those wacky changes

Stop and look
by snoweyes. I've been listening to a new music sound called FLOBOTS. Whoa it makes me feel all funny. Yea the main guy kind of sounds like Emenem with a brain but it's actually smart and violins! Horns! It's like slam poetry and I love that.

Transitional sentence:
I'm eating a silly breakfast. Eggs and hotsauce!

Who knows what magic that will happen today. I've been kind of fighting against just a bit of anxiety the last few days (weeks off and on) but I basically refuse to let it control me. I think everyone has anxiety sometimes, but sometimes the stress can control and bring a good heart down.

Just thought I'd get that out there so I don't keep it inside. I try to stay proactive about being healthy. I eat well and stay active. And I bring good things to myself.

My therapy includes friends, my accordion, painting, actual group therapy and a ridiculously useful rubber band. It literally snaps me into the real world when my brain takes me into …

Do you enjoy art? LIVE ART WITH SNOWEYES

by snoweyes. Friday, June 13 I'm painting with Cellist Amanda Hardy at a lovely place called Alisee MoMo this Friday. Admiral and Memorial, right on the corner. It's just a skip away from Circle Cinema. They have great coffee and the tea is free with your food! How about that!

So if you have a bit of free time, I'd love to sell you a painting that's inspired by the marvelous Cello of the evening.

Secondly, I'm traveling to Seattle the very next day so I'll take tips, you marvelous rich friends of mine. Even better if you simply bring yourselves cause I love seeing people that appreciate art.

7PM 7PM come and get one free hug.

Shadows Are For Feeling The Light

Leah Dances
by snoweyes. A poem:
Between us and the fog
Where the willows live
Someone forgot how
How to give ****

Mirror cracked soaked
Simplicitly we shall all believe
Nobly as actors
Until we cease to grieve
Slow down and dance

Poetry! *Snap Snap snap*

So I misnamed the Cafe/Restaurant I'm playing at. It's called Alisee MoMo and I'm sitting here right now and the ambiance seems very nice with great wrap-around windows and wide-open space. My compadre Corey works here, and he helped me get the gig. I'm very grateful for the showing. I like the fact that one of the owners met me and then went outside to skateboard. That's cool folk.

Alisee MoMo, Admiral and Lewis, right down from Circle Cinema. Be there at Seven on Friday the 13th.

I'm very funny. I bought three more hats with a new paycheck. All used, and all very groovy. One of them looks like Insp. Jacques Clouseau from the Pink Panther, and another one resembles a very fuzzy muppet. It's crazy but they we…

A couple of things from me to YOU

Ink Tree - Detail
by snoweyes. Three things, actually!

I'm selling some art for the band Autumn Shade who is attempting to afford a freaking plane ticket to some brilliant shows in the Netherlands.
My site, www. snoweyes. com has info by clicking on the paintings section. I've got three works for sale, with one sold.
www. autumn-shade. com or check my friends list to listen to my favorite band.

Secondly, if you wake up Saturday at 10 you'll see a fresh, zesty new Quick Draw Derick. Also 2 pm. I'll try to get the show uploaded sometime soon.

Third, I'm painting with a Cellist this Friday the 13th at this new place called Cafe' Momo right down the way from Circle Cinema, around 7. ADMIRAL AND LEWIS come one and all. This should be interesting.

I leave for Seattle on the 14th for Northwest brilliance but hope to make thousands of dollars from my paintings before then so I can live on coffee and bread.
Wouldn't that be nice? www. snoweyes. com hehe

Have a great day yo…

Crazy day

by snoweyes. I painted this today during the power outage and I loved every minute of it. I was listening to this heartbreaking song my lovely friend Fae wrote, called NeigeLeNee'. I listened to it probably 20 times. But hey, today was filled with all kinds of interesting emotions. I talked to Jes for the first time in about two months and that was pretty intense to say the least. I'd say positive things came from it. Sure, I'm a big cry bag but sometimes that's just very very necessary. I ended up catching Jes' show, with Brian and Sharla opening. More emotional fun there but I had a good time, I got to see so many people I haven't seen in months! I refuse to let my emotions stop me from finding positive experiences for myself. It was difficult. Hell yes. Worth it? Yup.

I'm quite happy with the painting. Try and see what imagery I've slipped into the work :)

I'm actually selling this painting, with proceeds going to Autumn Shade in the effort …