A couple of things from me to YOU

Three things, actually!

I'm selling some art for the band Autumn Shade who is attempting to afford a freaking plane ticket to some brilliant shows in the Netherlands.
My site, www. snoweyes. com has info by clicking on the paintings section. I've got three works for sale, with one sold.
www. autumn-shade. com or check my friends list to listen to my favorite band.

Secondly, if you wake up Saturday at 10 you'll see a fresh, zesty new Quick Draw Derick. Also 2 pm. I'll try to get the show uploaded sometime soon.

Third, I'm painting with a Cellist this Friday the 13th at this new place called Cafe' Momo right down the way from Circle Cinema, around 7. ADMIRAL AND LEWIS come one and all. This should be interesting.

I leave for Seattle on the 14th for Northwest brilliance but hope to make thousands of dollars from my paintings before then so I can live on coffee and bread.
Wouldn't that be nice? www. snoweyes. com hehe

Have a great day you wonderful freaks


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