Crazy day

I painted this today during the power outage and I loved every minute of it. I was listening to this heartbreaking song my lovely friend Fae wrote, called NeigeLeNee'. I listened to it probably 20 times. But hey, today was filled with all kinds of interesting emotions. I talked to Jes for the first time in about two months and that was pretty intense to say the least. I'd say positive things came from it. Sure, I'm a big cry bag but sometimes that's just very very necessary. I ended up catching Jes' show, with Brian and Sharla opening. More emotional fun there but I had a good time, I got to see so many people I haven't seen in months! I refuse to let my emotions stop me from finding positive experiences for myself. It was difficult. Hell yes. Worth it? Yup.

I'm quite happy with the painting. Try and see what imagery I've slipped into the work :)

I'm actually selling this painting, with proceeds going to Autumn Shade in the effort of getting Jes to the Netherlands shows already scheduled. With airline tickets sky high she'll need all she can get. So bid high and help out with music history!

I've got to get to bed very soon so I'll just say hello to everyone out there, have a good week! My power at home is still out! Crud. Oh and I left my sun roof open with my accordion in my car this morning which was ridiculously soaked from a deluge of rain. Some keys on the accordion kind of aren't working, and my strap broke again :( I'll try to get it fixed though!



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