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3D Girl in 3D

3D Girl in 3D
by snoweyes. I'm having too much fun with photography this week. Check out my flickr for more cool stuff, and if you have 3D specs use them for the aboce picture!

Have a great day

Seattle Times

Intensified Snow
by snoweyes. So I'm leaving for Seattle for two weeks from the 14th to the 28th. Nobody break in my house, thanks.

I got the ok from my work so I got the tickets today! I found a pretty good deal and even after all taxes and everything I'm out about $270. Not too bad, considering the crappy prices I've seen in the last week. I'm packing light and if it doesn't completely tip the scales of expenses I'm going to even bring my accordion! I found a person willing to give me lessons and he is helping me to get an inexpensive strap for it. My current strap is pretty old and crumbly, but it gets the job done. Once I'm in the city where Frazier Crane lives, I'll be painting at Fae's gig and maybe even partaking in a Summer Solstice parade (maybe even playing my instrument)! That would be incredible. It's getting a little warm so it will be nice to visit the northern shores of the lower 48 :)

Other than travel, I'm just cruising along…

Euro Snow puts on a show

Euro Snow puts on a show
by snoweyes. Mayfest was a blast. I'm very, very busy but I'm loving this silly life right now. It's really a blessing to be asked to paint and play in such a festival, much less appear on TV to promote the event. Several dancers gracefully moved around me as I played my instrument. It was beautiful!

Next month I'm going to Seattle for a bit, to play in a parade, maybe run around like a crazy and just enjoy the NW American lifestyle.

Other things this month. Quick Draw Derick is in need of kids for the 28th shoot! There is simply no funding to bus any kids from anywhere and I may even have to change the format of the show if something doesn't change in the next day or two!

Other stuff...I got to see Indiana Jones at a midnight show last night! It was just what I expected and I'm a total Indiana Jones lover. I had a whip when I was a kid, trying to swing across chasms of my design...I'm checking out Eve 6 for a free concert at a casino…

Upcoming Snoweyes goodness

by snoweyes. I've got to get going but I wanted to let you know of some events I'm partaking in...

Saturday 8:30 I'm on the News. Maybe the Fox Affiliate? I'm talking about Mayfest:


Samson Plaza 3rd and Main

Saturday 2pm for more info.
I'll be playing my Accordion and Painting up a storm.
That night I'm taking my mommy to see Midsummer Night's Dream!

I'll also be painting with Leon Rollerson on Sunday @ 2.
Sunday Evening I'm going to see my good friend do some ballet at the PAC. This weekend I'm basically living downtown.

Oh and I painted a little bit, you can see my flickr stuff by clicking on the image up top. I uploaded a ton of stuff and I'm sure you'll have fun perusing my imagery..

Lastly, I added a new link to the painting section and my acting resume on the right side. If you don't see it, clear your webcache and try again! I think I like it.


Later I'm …

Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual Per..pffft!

Perpetual Derick
by snoweyes. And now, for something completely different, kids!

I've been interested in odd things before. But now I've done it and written a blog about one of my most fascinating musings. I've been doing a little bit of research; reading up about something kind of controversial. You know, law breaking.

Breaking the Law, Breakin' The Law...s...of Thermodynamics
Here's a lovely history of "Perpetual motion Machines". It's a good warm up to the ancient history of failed attempts at creating free energy for the masses.

Free, ever-replenishing energy is a noble cause. Somehow creating an engine or motor that never needed gasoline. That kind of thing could mean tons of money for the inventor. Lots of fame, notoriety...Do you think someone might try to fool people into believing in such a great thing? Oh, it woudn't be used to scam people, would it?

Oh, no doubt. It's easier to scam than come up with a real invention. But let's re…

Artsy Fart Mart Cart

by snoweyes. This is my pal Chris Mantle, painter and crazy kid. Taken at Gypsy...

I've been painting a bit lately, in addition to my other duties of Television fun and accordion practice. I've neglected to upload the pictures since I've not had much online time lately. If I ever get my laptop near an internet connection soon you'll see...I've attempted to get myself into a few painting gigs, and I'll be painting at Mayfest with not only Leon Rollerson:

Leon Rollerson's Gospel Organization
Sunday May 18th, 2:00 p.m.
David Cameron Community Stage - 4th & Boston

In addition I'll be painting live during some other time with a peace organization, in conjunction with the marvelous "Rainbow Girl" but that's pending.

Next 16th and 17th I'm playing accordion for a few hours during the Blue Dome Festival at booth 104, or so it seems for now :)

I'm trying to have a relaxing day off but I always seem to find some weird adventure. I'm h…

Quick Draw SAGA

Downtown collage
by snoweyes. Well I just got interviewed about Quick Draw Derick for the news. I wasn't expecting the interview today and I think I ended up sounding like a rambling idiot talking about ALASKA, but I did get the actor's names out. I hope more people discover the show.

This was for OETA, the local PBS affiliate. I'll see if I can snag a copy someime soon.

"Local Idiot Derick Snow has a show he can't describe. Back to you Jane!"

About photography

The Monster Behind the Door
by willowforlife. I discovered this picture from a photo shoot with my nice splendid friend Samantha. Isn't it cool?

I was talking to a local photo group about some places I like going to take photos around my neck of the world, Tulsa, Oklahoma....

Naturey places:

Oxley Nature Center is near the zoo. That place is brimming with winderful wildlife and swampy bits. Turkey Mountain is great and the path to the right takes you down to train tracks, but you should go with a friend. Use tick spray!

City dwellings
Downtown Broken Arrow has some great backdrops in their crusty old urban area and it's not too far away. Downtown Tulsa near the fountains (around 4th and boulder) has some great places to be just out of sunlight while being well-lit. Downtown at night is one of my favorite subject, mostly because D-Town Tulsa is a ghost town at night. The churches glow and long-exposure is a blast with someone who can stand very, very still.

Go on a tour of the under…

Random Anal Retentive Fun!

My House
by snoweyes. Anal Retentive? Not so much. Random? Yea! Fun? Heck Yes.

I'll start off with upcoming news.

You know Mayfest here in Tulsa? Well, there's a local flavor just a few blocks down called The Blue Dome Tulsa Arts Festival.
Guess who's got a gig at one of the booths? PLAYING MY ACCORDION? I've somehow lined up for myself a music gig. ME. Playing the fabulous accordion stylings of...myself. I'll sen more details here very soon. The festival begins May 16.

I was playing at the Open MIC at Gypsy last Tuesday. I performed a song and some Improv Poetry underscored by my accordion. I impressed someone who is now giving the the interesting opportunity next week.

And now, my little story time...

I have written a massive amount on my old SnowEyes blog. I decided to look back and I'm amazed at some of the stories I've gone through!

I say Jeeves, journaling is very important. Everyone should keep track of their lives by journaling. I keep several journals, p…