Random Anal Retentive Fun!

Anal Retentive? Not so much. Random? Yea! Fun? Heck Yes.

I'll start off with upcoming news.

You know Mayfest here in Tulsa? Well, there's a local flavor just a few blocks down called The Blue Dome Tulsa Arts Festival.
Guess who's got a gig at one of the booths? PLAYING MY ACCORDION? I've somehow lined up for myself a music gig. ME. Playing the fabulous accordion stylings of...myself. I'll sen more details here very soon. The festival begins May 16.

I was playing at the Open MIC at Gypsy last Tuesday. I performed a song and some Improv Poetry underscored by my accordion. I impressed someone who is now giving the the interesting opportunity next week.

And now, my little story time...

I have written a massive amount on my old SnowEyes blog. I decided to look back and I'm amazed at some of the stories I've gone through!

I say Jeeves, journaling is very important. Everyone should keep track of their lives by journaling. I keep several journals, poetry books, notebooks, a dream journal, scraps of napkin, tufts of flotsam... I write and write and draw and doodle in the fine methods inspired by DaVinci. I make notes about the world, take photographs of form and wax lyrical about the finer things in life....

Like DaVinci, I hardly ever keep them in their rightful places but at least I do date them so I can tell which days I went off the deep end. I enjoy looking and taking a measure of what I've done, comparing my life and preparing myself for greater opportunities. I'd like to say I'm balanced but I'm more right brained in my actions. I'm pretty random, in a - dignified way.

I usually misplace my journals and tend to forget the little things, gracefully leaning toward a holistic lifestyle. Controlled, beautiful chaos!

Rounding out the chaos; I'm a Virgo. Retentive? Sometimes. But I'm also a Libra moon you dang hippies. Regardless of star signs, I'm quite the oddball and sometimes throw that whole "Left Brain" theory out the window for the good of my psyche! Like I said in my last blog, I hit this wall over seven years ago and many of those traditional life supports left me when I decided I could flap my wings and fly wherever I wanted. Oh yes it gets to be a balancing act but it keeps me on my toes. It keeps me satisfied. Writing about what happened to me helps me remember how satisfied I truly was.

When it comes to writing, some of my best, most well-preserved works end up on my computer because I know how I work best. I add things chaotically and the computer takes care of the order. The easiest way for me to go back and review my writings is with my blog; I like this blogger thing. I lay out many of my life's tribulations out and I get a fine response from wonderful people. Many blogs exist now. The community of friends brings power to the people. POWER!

With great power comes great responsibilities.

One thing I've learned is to keep your really private goodies away from the internet. I've seen people kick themselves in the bum when a gentle tongue-biting would suffice but they never learn! And the private data that I see given out, wow! It amazes me at what details (and pictures) people allow in their Myspace profiles. Don't they realize their grandmother, or boss, or even an identity thief might find it?! The Internet Archive will keep it even after you delete that address or phone number. I write what I'm comfortable giving away to this "internets" , like my pant size. That's right ladies, and gentlemen, 30x30. Take it and use it with respect.

...aaaand back to my website. So I was looking at my old archives on SnowEyes. It's pretty interesting what brilliant blog posts come up when you type the word "Love" into it. I found a poem about teeth.

Narla Teeth, oh my!
they be so mean!
Makin' neck an my head
an mah ears shoot steam!

Sent off fuh mah dentures
but they aint' comena yet
this apain that beeshootin
suckas! it'dbetta get!

I waiven my finger atche
and stick a pickn in my gums!
people - listen at me
hurt teeths ain't no funs!


Classic! If I hadn't written that who knows what the future may have missed out on.

I'm glad I'm not interested in being a politician...now turn off your PC and go outside, thanks!

p.s. If you use a computer like I do, BACK UP YOUR STUFF OFTEN


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