Euro Snow puts on a show

Mayfest was a blast. I'm very, very busy but I'm loving this silly life right now. It's really a blessing to be asked to paint and play in such a festival, much less appear on TV to promote the event. Several dancers gracefully moved around me as I played my instrument. It was beautiful!

Next month I'm going to Seattle for a bit, to play in a parade, maybe run around like a crazy and just enjoy the NW American lifestyle.

Other things this month. Quick Draw Derick is in need of kids for the 28th shoot! There is simply no funding to bus any kids from anywhere and I may even have to change the format of the show if something doesn't change in the next day or two!

Other stuff...I got to see Indiana Jones at a midnight show last night! It was just what I expected and I'm a total Indiana Jones lover. I had a whip when I was a kid, trying to swing across chasms of my design...I'm checking out Eve 6 for a free concert at a casino tonight...

I'm sure there's more I've done and am working on but I'm really hot in my car using some free internet so I'm done!



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