Seattle Times

So I'm leaving for Seattle for two weeks from the 14th to the 28th. Nobody break in my house, thanks.

I got the ok from my work so I got the tickets today! I found a pretty good deal and even after all taxes and everything I'm out about $270. Not too bad, considering the crappy prices I've seen in the last week. I'm packing light and if it doesn't completely tip the scales of expenses I'm going to even bring my accordion! I found a person willing to give me lessons and he is helping me to get an inexpensive strap for it. My current strap is pretty old and crumbly, but it gets the job done. Once I'm in the city where Frazier Crane lives, I'll be painting at Fae's gig and maybe even partaking in a Summer Solstice parade (maybe even playing my instrument)! That would be incredible. It's getting a little warm so it will be nice to visit the northern shores of the lower 48 :)

Other than travel, I'm just cruising along, having a little too much fun along the way.

What is everyone doing for Memorial Day? Shopping? Swimming? Shopping for swimming?



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