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I discovered this picture from a photo shoot with my nice splendid friend Samantha. Isn't it cool?

I was talking to a local photo group about some places I like going to take photos around my neck of the world, Tulsa, Oklahoma....

Naturey places:

Oxley Nature Center is near the zoo. That place is brimming with winderful wildlife and swampy bits. Turkey Mountain is great and the path to the right takes you down to train tracks, but you should go with a friend. Use tick spray!

City dwellings
Downtown Broken Arrow has some great backdrops in their crusty old urban area and it's not too far away. Downtown Tulsa near the fountains (around 4th and boulder) has some great places to be just out of sunlight while being well-lit. Downtown at night is one of my favorite subject, mostly because D-Town Tulsa is a ghost town at night. The churches glow and long-exposure is a blast with someone who can stand very, very still.

Go on a tour of the underground tunnels with the Tulsa Historical Society (free) or wander around the downtown edge of riverside at it's end for some brilliant train track photos and retro-twenties buildings, like the Spotlight Theatre.

Tulsa has tons of really beautiful, old graveyards. I use my Infrared Filter with my DSLR Pentax K100 and I can't get a better picture than a graveyard IR pic with a pretty girl or solemn boy. If older buildings are your thing travel down Route66 (11th st) and find some ancient treasures for your backdrop.

I've taken some great headshots of all places next to a billiard bar down near 31st and Sheridan! It's got a nice white texture that's covered enough to kill any harsh light.

If you've got a camera and live near Tulsa, just go for a drive and use your imagination.

I've got a board meeting tonight, so I get to work late. Boo!

That's ok, I had a grrreat weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were just really too good for a boy of my circumstances. It was warm outside, I got to paint, have a bonfire with friends, play, see a play, be in a play, hug, throw my spirit out into the bright world, and other increeedible kinesthetic stuff. Aand my Mom's birthday was yesterday, so i got to hang out with my fam. Happy birthday MOM.

I also did the chicken dance.

I thank everyone who made the weekend so special. Here's to a million more of those brilliant moments, yea?



Phillip Sumner said…
You must be talking about the Q-spot at 31st and Sheridan. It's a mile from my house. I am definitely going to ride my scooter over there and take a look. Always looking for another great place to shoot!

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