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A little on this weekend

So things are finally starting to get rolling. I put in my imagery for some promotional material for the March 13th art show so I can spread the good news about the gallery opening. That’s good news, I’m putting more good energy out there to book some more art shows. This weekend also looks like it’s shaping up for some other fine adventures. We’ve both got auditions for two shows this Saturday. One for a developing show that will be growing into a full-fledged musical in June, and one for some private-party theatrical shows we hope to get our acting selves onto. Both wouldn’t require too much of a commitment and would allow for us to make other opportunities in the area. I’m interested in both productions, but that’s not all that’s happening!Sunday both Sam and I are involved with the Los Angeles travel site “Discover Los Angeles” all day this Sunday. We’re going on an all-expense-paid tour of LA and the nearby sights to take photographs of landmarks (Gruman’s Chinese Theatre, Disney…

Aye more than art, life

Oh hi friends. I’ve been up to more than art in the weeks I’ve gotten back from moving all my good things from Branson. Time seems to have flown but I’ve been doing my best to keep track.The weeks since I've come to LA have been a bit of a blur. I haven't had any particular thing draw me about in one definite direction yet. I feel like I've been a massive bit of preparation for something larger than where I'm at now. I don't know where I'm exactly going and I need to continue to find motivational forces so I can be at my creative peak. I've painted two paintings since I've gotten here, which I'm happy with. I've worked my way into a gallery showing in a month's time. I'm very excited about opportunities but want to make sure I follow through all the way. I felt like I'm in vacation mode but need to allow myself to transition into worker bee mode.I've got to give love and attention to all that need it, including loved ones and eve…

Art Show March 13th

Put the above date in your little itouches or what have you!I’m putting together a few pieces of my work for an upcoming art show on March 13, 2010. If you’d like to see the works up close, feel free to come by Nova Picture Framing and gallery in Pasadena. The show starts at 7pm and there is complementary wine and treats. I’ll also be creating little tiny works throughout the night. I invite everyone in the LA area to come and play with me!I’m also gearing up to paint and perform on stage with a few bands over the next month in the LA area. I’ll give more info, but the first music show will be on March 11.The works for the 13th are what you see below. I’ve got various painterly effects that really shine in person. Some literally glow in the dark, while others shimmer as you adjust your view, thanks to gold leaf and other tricks.Nova Picture Framing and gallery
1003 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91106Titles and info after the images:

Old Man on X
Acrylic on Canvas���…

The Art of SnowEyes: Trepidation

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Click Here to Purchase on EtsyThere are many stories that have gone into this painting as well as emotional themes planted piece by piece in the three years it took to complete. The imagery pushes the eye to see more then the thoughtful Moon's face looking away from the shore of this living island, more than a little girl in restful pose beneath the layered tree. The place is moving, living out in earnest hope that fear cannot control the human spirit, high on the hill where a shadow's tree grows strong. The work began on a wild night at Tulsa's Diversafest (Dfest) in late July 2007. I was personally going through my own trepidation that night. On stage to an audience I literally threw paint on the canvas in the dark bar to the marvelous music of Autumn Shade. The room was so loud, the venue so small, and the fans were plentiful and emotional that night for the paint to find itself easily. I originally painted a…

The Art of SnowEyes: Guitar Nero

I’m beginning my art new series online promoting some of my choice pieces of artwork. I previously posted my art on Facebook, but I wanted to do more than just a simple gallery. I’m going to be doing this at least once a week into the near future. If you have a request please let me know. I thought I would begin with one of my more unique works.Guitar Nero
Acrylic and guitar string on guitar
Click here to purchaseI bought this guitar with the express purpose of painting it. The mysterious being stands on a transformative green hill, glossy and textured. The adjacent tree winds up the neck past the orange and blue sunset towards a spectral space.I hope you enjoy the melancholy scene that contains glowing elements perfect for intimate performance settings. Moon and stars glow when the lights go down.
This is a regular student-size guitar with slight wear and tear. It's character inspired the one-of-a-kind work.Available.You may find more information and purchase this work on …