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Oh hi friends. I’ve been up to more than art in the weeks I’ve gotten back from moving all my good things from Branson. Time seems to have flown but I’ve been doing my best to keep track.

The weeks since I've come to LA have been a bit of a blur. I haven't had any particular thing draw me about in one definite direction yet. I feel like I've been a massive bit of preparation for something larger than where I'm at now. I don't know where I'm exactly going and I need to continue to find motivational forces so I can be at my creative peak. I've painted two paintings since I've gotten here, which I'm happy with. I've worked my way into a gallery showing in a month's time. I'm very excited about opportunities but want to make sure I follow through all the way. I felt like I'm in vacation mode but need to allow myself to transition into worker bee mode.

I've got to give love and attention to all that need it, including loved ones and even people I don't know all that well. What do I want with myself? What do I want to do for God and the universe?

I have other desires. I desire to meet interesting artistic people and I must be sure to open my heart and not be afraid of putting myself openly to others. I want to stay comfortable, confident and sincere for others. I must understand that I don't know the answers and I cannot solve the problems of the world; I can only change myself and others hopefully follow.

Friday Sam and I were at the Bourgios Pic in West Hollywood and it's a lovely little environment. I've been here a few times five years ago and it makes me want to be more outgoing and spiritual. I mustn't forget my spiritual side. I want more art on my walls and  place in the universe. I want beauty and desire the same. I want to unlock my heart at all times.

In the past week I've been to Disneyland (Sam is Mickey and friends), Pasadena for setting up that art show, a park near my house. I've taken to cooking at home and trying to stay out and about, where I can get proper work done. When I'm at home time tends to fly by without me noticing as I get easily distracted.

Feb 14th was Valentine's Day. We went to Venice Beach and the weather was so intensely perfect! I got a sunburn I was out so much. Sam and I walked a mile just to park for free and ended walking miles more by the end of the day. We had Pizza on the beach and strolled and relaxed on warm sands for hours. It was very nice to sit by the powerful ocean, laying in Sam's arms. Later we walked down to the Venice Canals and basked in the setting sunlight and took some pictures. That evening we had yummy Sushi.

This week I also decided that I wanted to grow myself here in Los Angeles and give myself to one cause. I tend to skip about so much as an actor I started to forget about my artists side. So I decided to get an art show. I've put myself out as a painter on Craigslist this week and I've got a few responses from bands who want a live painter. I would love to get in on that scene. I miss it!

Other things I want to do
Paint at an art walk
Put up flyers for our photography biz
Put up flyers for the March 13 art show
Create a photography website
Work on a Sam website
Sam headshots
Derick resume send-outs

More poetry writing
More painting
More acting, Love, smile, feel the world.


I wrote a poem in the midst of ideas. Here you go, a poem that has a line that rhymes with Orange:

Oh tree inside me
Crawl out your branches
Untumble your leaves
Crackle leaping
Your furrowed hinges
Dustied oranges
In deep dark daylight goes

We've been napping here
Oh the good comfort
Floating ripe sublime
Kick old shoelaces
Worked away slow red old eyes
In tea grown fresh to stale
As withered vines touch toes

Drink from her teacup
This fine mellow day
Oh the taste warms above
Arouse senses about
In this tiny house
New in the treetops
Where endless forest grows.




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